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Blurryturtle's US Open Round 3 Men's & Women's Writeup

2020.09.04 05:51 sofarimhere Blurryturtle's US Open Round 3 Men's & Women's Writeup

Couple unfinished matches, but here's a look at Friday's action. Blurry asked me to post this for him, and assured me he'll be back for the next round. <3
Djokovic Struff : Pretty standard post-apocalypse win for Novak. Opponent plays their best tennis, seems like they might have a chance, then Novak elevates his game and the outcome seems inevitable even while he’s down a set. Internet bettors curse his name because they all took him to win 3 sets to 0, but for the Djokovic camp it was a good day. Edmund was crushing the ball for a while and Novak was still able to move him around while holding until the last moment and really challenging his opponent’s movement. That ability not to telegraph swings makes for a lot of extra fatigue for an opponent. Struff had a fairly easy 2nd round in local American challenger Mmoh. Too defensive to really hurt Struff, the rallies in this one last as long as it took for Struff to find a winner or force an error. Last week these two played and Struff sprayed errors almost nonstop. Nerves played a role, and I would expect him to play a bit better (less reckless) here, but I think we’ll see a similar result. The quality of play Djokovic is showing is the kind that requires a mercurial performance to win a complete match against. Struff thrives on having an advantage in power and forehand to forehand rallies and Novak’s ability to cover the court and hit with depth negates this a bit. Djokovic in 3-4.
Carreno Busta Berankis : After a struggle fest with Uchiyama, Carreno Busta seemed to compose himself and made quick work of Krueger. Berankis benefitted somewhat from fatigue with Johnson, being able to play a more secure game and outlast Johnson, who had bright spots but never really found a moment to breathe. This is a bad matchup for Berankis because they play a very similar game. Good solid baseline tennis. Where they differ, is PCB has a slightly better serve by virtue of being a bit taller, and in court coverage as PCB again is just a bit more naturally gifted of an athlete. PCB will need to avoid lapses as he did against Uchiyama here, because Berankis has been in very good shape in the past two weeks. He won’t beat himself, so this will likely have some tiebreaker sets involved. PCB has not actually blinked his eyes in 14 years, always alert and focused on the ball or any other sphere that’s available. The man loves spheres, and the man loves tennis. I’m not sure Berankis is used to playing this much tennis, and PCB does his best work at this event. PCB in 4-5.
Krajinovic Goffin : This should be excellent, as Krajinovic has been doing to the tour what Goffin used to do. When you have a badass moustache and someone else shows up with a badass moustache, it’s showtime. Goffin wasn’t at his best at all against Harris but didn’t really need to be. Kraj, who spends most of his freetime sweating, has been the dominant player between these two for the past season, and he’s playing the best he ever has at the same time as he has appeared fitter than he ever has been. Goffin will make this last a while, but I expect Krajinovic to come through here, and with Fritz/Shap waiting the consistent baseliner could have a chance to grind his way through to the quarters. Krajinovic in 4.
Tsitsipas Coric : Maxime Cressy is just a ton of fun to watch. He serve and volleys 100% of the time, even if he’s already too late to get to net. He has great timing/reads and is fairly inscrutable even when the pressure or score is against him. The result seemed inevitable, but Tsitsipas still seemed stressed and frustrated by Cressy’s style. The next match is annoying for entirely different reasons. Local tryhard Borna Coric outlasted Londero in a very fastpaced contest. These guys covered the court extremely well and Coric’s defense ultimately proved to be too much. A good showing for Londero, who’ll be frustrated not to have held the break in the first set as he could have had that sweet sweet third round moneybucks. Tsitsipas hasn’t really played a match like this yet since the return of the tour, pretty much facing the tours best servers and passing those tests. This will be a tiring event, which is good because Tsitsipas should advance and will want to get some good baseline hitting in. Coric lacks the weapons to shut Tsitsipas out of this match, and Big Pas, as he’s known in the greek streets, has a great serving rhythm that should carry him through when he does the hard work to break Coric. Fun fact, Tsitsipas used to cover himself in dinosaur spikes and chase his father around screaming Stefosaurus Rex! This was recently. Tsitsipas in 4.
Thompson Kukushkin : Fun fact, Thompson’s moustache is made of Toppik, and it’s stability is going in their next set of commercials. Thompson had a very one-sided affair with Gerasimov whose shots found the net a very high percentage of the time. Part of this was Thompson applying pressure and hitting to the open court, part of this was fatigue for the big man. Kukushkin completely robbed Garin of a comfortable exit, racking up errors after playing perfect tennis for two straight sets. Garin became the miniwall that he can, and it looked like Kukushkin was on his way out. A ton of long rallies has to have taken it’s toll on Kukushkin, but with a day or rest he should be somewhat recovered. It will be tough for Thompson to earn the same type of cheap errors that he did in his last match, and this is a stylisti test the same as Tsitsipas is encountering. I expect a close match with Kukushkin fading in the later sets. Thompson in 4.
Norrie Davidovich Fokina : Norrie fans are loving these matchups. Coria put up an okay fight but never hurt Norrie, who got the job done nicely when expected to. ADF continues to benefit from long matches, getting a red-hot Hurkacz to succumb to a leg injury late in the match. While Hurkacz started off well, his “swing for the fences” fastpaced game gave too many opportunities to Fokina, who made excellent use of the dropshot again and again. He is exposing the lack of variety of some of these tour players, and his change of pace leads a lot of them to force offense to try to hit through him. Norrie is favored here and although he’s not a dominant player, he did defeat Schwartzman and I don’t think anyone would blink if he beat ADF. The problem here will be pressure. This is a great opportunity for Cam to make a deep run and get a boost up the rankings and he “should” win. Those shoulds are classic for causing the demise of a player. Fokina has a lot of power, a very solid return game, and his savvy around the net is a cut above most hardcourt players. Good enough to pull the upset, but I think Norrie will hang in rallies longer and in a more determined manner than Hurkacz did, and fatigue will be less of a factor. Fokina in fivekina.
Mannarino Zverev : Mannarino and Sock had a really great back and forth in each set except the third one, but Jack forgot to win any of them. Zverev played one of the tour’s newest secrets in Nakashima. Nakashima struggled a bit with his forehand return but smoked his backhand and took advantage any time he was in a rally and had a chance for offense. He will be in the top 50 by this time next season, and given how well Zverev served for the majority of the match (lots of doubles but lots of unreturned offerings) he would have had to be relatively perfect to steal this match this early in his career. Mannarino has yet to win a set against Zverev and these fast courts will make it very tough for him to win the combo of breaking serve and holding his own. Zverev’s backhand and willingness to roll it in as many times as it takes negates Mannarino’s crosscourt forehand. Zverev is an idiot parade, but this is a simple match for him. Zverev in 3-4.
Berretini Ruud : The line on Humbert and Berretini was very cheap, but the beating was thorough. Humbert never really won a rally, and never really got a look at breaking the Berretini serve. Competent and consistent throughout, Berretini is shrugging off the slump of last week where he experienced some mental exhaustion against the strong serving of Ruusuvori and Opelka. Ruud is a surprise appearance in the third round but he’s played solid throughout. Never overdoing it, and always serving with good power and direction. Ruusuvuori was 0/9 on break points midway through the 2nd set, with Ruud 1/1, and this was really the tale of the match. Ruud was outclassed but showed up on every one of the big points and this can happen on tour. Ruusuvuori apparently was also racing against the clock, as he was forced to retire in the third set. Great hardcourt run for Ruud, and he’ll be competitive early, but this is match I don’t think he’s ready to win yet. Berretini in 3 or 4 if he loses the first.
Caruso Rublev : CARUBLEV. Man that dude would hit the ball hard. Oddsmakers slated Escobedo and Caruso as a pickem. Ha ha ha. A quick start looked nice but Escobedo seems like he’s playing at a pace that he can’t control. The power is there and he can play some tennis but he is frantic out there. The USTA would be well served to get him a few wildcards in a row next year so that he can be a bit more composed. Caruso faced some break points but never panicked and made good use of the outwide serve. Rublev is quietly one of the best players in this draw. He’s absolutely decimating France and is one of the few guys who hits the forehand harder than Caruso. This will be a step up from Chardy and Barrere but he’ll be up to it and should win a tight couple of sets. Rublev in 3.
Fucsovics Tiafoe : Dimitrov and Fucsovics was just an amazing match. Both guys played great artistic tennis and the gets were unreal at times. A year as practice partners would have both of these guys in the top 20 and competing for titles. As it stands, a good performance for Dimitrov to almost turn this result around in less than a week, but Fucsovics advances and now stumbles upon the gold at the end of the rainbow that is Tiafoe in the 3rd round after a 5 setter with the tour’s best pusha. Tiafoe showed a lot of grit and hit his forehand very well en route to a well-deserve with against John Millman. He has the tools to win, and as he slowly realizes that he enjoys winning, I think he’ll turn around his slump and do some hard work in smaller events. Tiafoe’s speed will frustrate Fucs for a while, and the forehand to forehand rallies can favor Tiafoe if he’s taking a full swing, but at this point Fucsovics is beating better competition and further along in his career. Fucsovics in 3.
Wolf Medvedev : Wolf proved himself nicely with a quick and aggressive beating of RCB. Even when he went down a break after overdoing it on some big cuts, he continued to play aggressive. I have to give him credit, he knew he would have control of this match and never seemed to struggle with belief. Also, he has a mullet, and no one else in this tournament has a mullet, so what is that? Up next is Medvedev, who will get a chance to show off his defense against the aggressive american. Medvedev is cooler, and better at tennis, but Wolf has more mullets. Medvedev in 3, with maybe one tiebreak.
Bautista is gut Porpoise : Kecmanovic is a smaller and less consistent version of RBA. There were a number of breaks, but this one was somewhat decided going in. Principal proved anything is pospisil, as he overcome the redhot Raonic in a high octane battle of Canadian boyos. Barbasol was a heavy underdog prematch, but the line moved consistently towards him, and whatever they knew, I kinda didn’t. He played solid against Kohlschreiber, and he’s had some past success against Raonic, but woof I didn’t think he’d be able to minimize the errors enough to win. This is a much different offering for him, and I’m interested to see how this one plays out. RBA could suffer some fatigue issues, and it’ll be tough to break the Pastafull serve so tiebreakers could make this one wild. I think RBA’s returning, and the emotional letdown of a huge victory against his countryman will give a small edge to the Spaniard. RBA in 5.
De Minaur Khachanov : De Minaur looked very good against Gasquet, and held off a late push which featured the French veteran redlining his game. It’s rare you see him swinging for the fences on both wings and employing dropshots from poor positions, but it’s wildly entertaining. Khachanov had a pretty simple victory against Kuznetsov. ADM is listed as a small favorite in this one, and I will admit I did not expect that. Khachanov has a great serve, and hits the ball heavy, which are two things that have traditionally hurt Alex in the past. I am a big fan of ADM’s timing and I think he’ll have some great runs on tour, but this is going to be a real tough test, and might be the best match of the 3rd round. Khachanov in 5.
Cilic Thiem : Finally, some guys not playing their absolute best tennis ever. Cilic tried to lose his first two rounds, but simply is too good to do so. Even while throwing in errors and giving up early breaks, Cilic’s ballstriking is so effective on these fast courts that he has an overwhelming effect, and his opponents have been unable to defend. Thiem seemed much better in a mundane win against Nagal, who disappointed many fans who showed up hoping he would play in an unbuttoned shirt. Cilic has been bad, but his pace will target the one thing that Thiem has struggled with on fast hardcourts, which is being strapped for time. Cilic had some bright serving moments, and Thiem is likely to have the more consistent offerings on that stage. This is a very juicy section of the draw, and whoever is able to find their top gear for this one will likely make a run to the semis. Someone in 5.
Garcia Brady : Garcia played strong and Pliskova made error after error. Garcia’s serve has improved and she is really hitting the ball solid with her forehand. Brady and Bellis was slated to be a tight clash, and Bellis played well, but from start to finish Brady’s forehand was the best offering of anyone in the WTA draw today. Her arm is lighting fast, and she was able to hit clean winners over and over, while also leaning into her backhand. It is a shame for Garcia to run into Brady in this form, as she’s made improvements over the break. I don’t think anyone stops Brady before the semifinals. Brady in 2.
Kerber Li : Kerber kerbered all over the place. She looked comfortable against Friedsam, and isn’t at her best form, but is such a good defender that it will take a great effort to beat her. Li probably had the quickest victory of anyone, running through Alison Riske like she left her stove on or something else that makes you beat Alison Riske quick. Li is hitting with good depth and returning serve well. Riske is one of the weaker defenders though, and Kerber’s movement is on another level. Li will have a tougher time earning cheap points, and will see her serve returned with a bit more emphasis. I don’t think that Kerber is sharp enough yet as far as matches under her belt that she’ll win this easily, but she should have opportunities. Kerber in 3 (would not be surprised if errors cost her this one though, Li is moving the ball quickly).
Sasnovich Putintseva : Sasnovich balled and Voudrousova never got started, landing a number of balls in the net and spending much of this match behind the baseline. Putintseva had a fairly easy match, and these two are an interesting matchup. Sasnovich has better wins, and bigger offense, but Putintseva is a more stable defender and goes for less. Sasnovich will have to hit a number of winners to win this one, and while I disagree with the pickem line offered by books, I think she may struggle in stretches. Sasnovich in 2.
Gracheva Martic : Mladenovic is ours now, you cannot have her back. Sorry. Kidnappppppas! Gracheva staved off match points and Mladenovic did her best by silently protesting receiving any points in the third set. Back to prison with you, as per lemongrab. Martic was as she always is, and will be a good favorite here to get to the next round. Some mental fatigue on Gracheva may be a factor, and I think she’ll struggle to hold serve against Martic’s aggressive returns. Martic in 2.
Osaka Kostyuk : Osaka looked very tough to score on against Giorgi, and I got a number of texts about how well she was playing. I watched a different match, as I saw Giorgi make error after error after error trying to finish rallies. Osaka never made errors of her own though, and so I am impressed with her form. Kostyuk served so well against Sevastova, and her second shots were hit with accuracy and power. If Osaka were playing her in her first match or after a poor performance, I’d actually think Kostyuk had a good chance. As it stands, I think she will be a very good viewing opportunity for where Osaka’s level is going to rise to in this event. She likely won’t see a better serve unless she plays Keys, and I do think Kostyuk can see her way to at least one tiebreaker, if not steal a set. Serving out a full match against Osaka will be extremely difficult though. Osaka in 3.
Linette Kontaveit : As usual Magda Linette is dominant in the first set. From there it was all stress as Kovinic stretched this one the full distance. She’ll need to get an early start against Kontaveit, whose level stays about the same throughout her matches. If Linette serves well and is able to get an early break, she can take this to three. It seems that the Kontaveit Osaka rematch is going to happen though. Kontaveit in 3.
Rogers Brengle : Shelbert Shelbinski Rogerts, or Shelby Rogers as she’s known on tour, is best known for her win against Serena Williams, but it seems she’s not done. A comprehensive performance against the struggling Rybakina sees her earn one of the easier matchups. Brengle really excelled in earning errors and pushing the pace against Yastremska, but will be on the defensive for much of this next contest. Rogers hits the ball big and although Brengle just dealt with that, Rogers tends to keep it in the court more than Yastremska. Rogers in 3.
Pegula Kvitova : Pegula has a good chance here with her recent surge. Kvitova has been somewhat suspect and thus far in the draw hasn’t really played a top level opponent. If Kvitova serves well, this goes three and she wins. If not, I actually think Pegula is a favorite here. Pegula in 2.
Keys Cornet : Madison looked like one of a few players who can win this tournament in her last two rounds. She’s not make many careless errors, she’s covering the court well, and I guess most importantly she’s serving well. Cornet struggled with Bonaventure, and will struggle here as well. The skillgame and placement is usually a good threat to Keys, but I am starting to see this as one of those events where Keys doesn’t drop a set until she plays my new hero Pironkova. Keys in 2.
Vekic Pironkova : Vekic had a real nice matchup against Tig in the 2nd round. Not much danger, and an opponent struggling to find wins on tour. Pironkova played a former grand slam champion and was down a break almost immediately and from there she never looked anything less than excellent. She hits her serve well, has great variety on the backhand, and her footwork and shot selection is a real treat to watch. She doesn’t look anxious to win the points, and that helped against Muguruza, and will as well against Vekic. Vekic serves well and is always going on deep runs, but isn’t the best mover. I think Pironkova will find her run continuing, as Vekic rolled last round but was really on the ropes against Pliskova first round. Pironkova in 3.
Sakkari Anisimova : Sakkari was in big trouble early in her match with Pera, struggling to hold serve and spraying the ball wide on her backhand often. These fast courts sometimes produce these kinds of errors, but Sakkari settled well and once her shots landed in she was able to move into the court more and take control. Anisimova played a player I am an instant fan of. Scott moves and defends extremely well, hits the ball with great length, hits her serve solid, in good position, and with a good percentage. Add in that she has one of the purest swings I’ve seen off the backhand and I think she’ll be a contender for major titles in a few years. Anisimova actually stole the show, as Scott was playing so well Anisimova basically redlined her game. The winners were nonstop and the aggression was overwhelming in the end. I think despite Sakkari’s recent run and solid defending, that Anisimova will find herself in control of a lot of this match, and although a 16 year old phenom and Maria Sakkari are wildly different, the backhand to backhand matchup here will be more in Anisimova’s favor. Anisimova in 3, I would say two but she is very prone to stretches of errors and Sakkari’s in that good groove of finding ways to win sets.
Stephens Williams : Classy matchup of two great champions. Sloane played pretty well today, and the fast courts are making it easy for her to win rallies without hitting angles. She’s pretty much driving the ball down the center of the court, and each successive shot is finding her able to move further and further in until her opponent is forced to pick a side. Serena struggled a little to close out but Gasparyans forehand found the net too often and there were fewer unforced errors than we’ve seen in recent times from Serena. Normally, I would say Sloane has no shot in this matchup, but she appears in good shape and committed to winning matches at this event, and Serena has not been producing the kind of dominant offense that would put Sloane away. I think Sloane’s power and athleticism will provide a slight edge here. Upset alert. Stephens in 3.
Muchova Cirstea : Muchova with clean hitting and another solid win. Cirstea with the performance of her career. Konta was running away with this one but Cirstea redlined at the perfect time. She hit her forehand incredibly hard every time and just didn’t make errors when she normally does. She found shots while serving at 0-40 4-3 in the final set that were highlight reel quality, and while Konta didn’t play poorly at all, she seemed a bit frustrated not to earn the break when she was working so hard. Muchova is the better all around player, but Cirstea’s form in the second and third set is good enough to win this match. If she slumps, we’ll see Muchova through. If she continues her good play, Cirstea in 3.
Jabeur Kenin : Great first set of tennis from both players in the first matchup, and fatigue kinda levelled Kanepi’s chances after the 10-8 breaker. Jabeur will be happy with a quick second, as this match will be a long one. Kenin looked dominant against Fernandez, who served well and fought hard, but just couldn’t find a way to put the ball past Kenin. It was a similar defensive counterpunching to the style that saw her win the AO, and this match against Jabeur will be a good indicator or whether she’s going to maintain that form for the rest of the event. I think it’ll be tough for Jabeur to hit past Kenin for a full match, and the footspeed/composure moving forward of Kenin is going to negate a lot of the dropshots. Jabeur is one of the hottest players on tour, but I think we’ll see defense win out here. Kenin in 3.
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2018.10.21 07:20 Kakamile Transparent Voter Suppression by GOP

New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
"I don't want everybody to vote... As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."
-Paul Weyrich, co-founder of Heritage Foundation and ALEC, 1980
“Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was,” Wrenn said. “It wasn’t about discriminating against African Americans. They just ended up in the middle of it because they vote Democrat.”
-Carter Wrenn, Republican consultant in North Carolina
“There's a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who that maybe we don't want to vote. Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that's a great idea.”
-Cindy Hyde-Smith, Republican Senator of Mississippi, 2003
Seeking more examples, if you have them.
Get out and vote.
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2018.10.04 20:06 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE EVENTS 10/4 – 10/11

This isn't finished, but here you go. Still trying to get back in the swing.
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: The Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House is starting back up for the season! I believe this is their 20th year, and they are definitely local favorites. Lots of spooky frights and plenty of fun. It starts this Friday, skips Saturday, and then it’ll run Friday and Saturday nights from 8-10 for the rest of the month. They have extended nighttime hours as we get closer to Halloween, so check that link above for details. Boo!
ALSO THIS WEEK: FAMU Homing Parade! Look, if you like marching bands, this is the one. Not only do you get the world famous, absolutely legendary best college marching band in the world, The Marching 100, you also get pretty much every school marching band in North Florida. It’s amazing. Go Rattlers! Here’s the route this year. 10/6/8am-11am
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • Museum of Florida Histoty: Not Even the Devil Could Read This. “Join us for a presentation by Dr. J. Michael Francis who will introduce a new initiative to create an interactive digital archive dedicated to Florida’s rich and diverse colonial past. The project, La Florida: The Interactive Digital Archive of the Americas, is designed to make Florida’s colonial history accessible to a global audience. Dr. Francis will share exciting new details of the archival work he and his research team recently conducted in Spain.” 5:30pm/free
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Drag Me To Hell & Pumpkinhead. “Join us for an evening of human darkness, Hellish evil, monstrous beasts from the blackest depths of our hearts, and seeing how many putrid fluids we can pour into Alison Lohman's mouth. We hope you will join us!” 7:30pm
  • Blue Tavern: Eli Cook Plays the Blues. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Ronan Cowan Hosts Thursday Jazz Session. 8:35/21+
  • The Wilbury: Smoke Mountain w/ Dreadship & Unico. 9pm/$7/18+
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke with Paul. 8pm-Midnight/all ages
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Island Wing Company: Friday Night Unwind. “End your work week on the island with live music on the patio at 9pm. Come enjoy some great food, drinks with your friends, and unwind.” 9pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Devin Cywinski. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Hobbit West: Friday Night Comedy. “Friday night at the Hobbit we will be having a variety of comedy! From stand Up to Improv where the whole crowd can participate. 2 fro 1 drink specials all night with some of the best food in the city. All hosted by Big Hou!!” 10pm
  • Privé: Havana Nights. “Latin-Caribbean Vibes All Night Long.” 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: The Hot Friday Night Party. “Tallahassee's premier LGBTQA Hot Friday Night Party!” 10pm
  • Geo's Pub & Pool (both locations): Karaoke. 10pm-1am
  • LeMoyne: Opening Reception - Flats and Forms. “The abstract mixed media landscapes of Donalee Pond-Koenig represent the vast assortment of vistas that Florida provides. Inspired by her view from her studio she creates her mixed media works in a powerful linear fashion. Mika Fowler will present his photographs and collage works incorporating the human figure.” 5pm
  • Rewski Photography: Horror Themed First Friday at the Studio! “October First Friday will be the best opportunity for fast, fun, and affordable photos to celebrate everyone's favorite month of the year! Since I am expecting a big turnout, I will be organizing time slots upon arrival! Each costume will be allowed 15 minutes in front of the camera. When you show up costume ready, you will be put on the 'waiting list' and given a time to come back for your debut (if someone is already in a session)! The photos you pick will be $5 each upon your very own selection!” 5pm-10pm
  • 621 Gallery: The Art of Resistance Exposition First Friday Event. 6pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Scary Movie Night at the Museum. “Come and enjoy a feature presentation of the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead on the lawn of the Bellevue Plantation House. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair. (Included with $5 admission)” 7:30pm/18+
  • Blue Tavern: Joël Johnson. 8pm
  • 621 Gallery: Laptop Sock Hop featuring langwidj, Hunter Heerema, and Witchbrew. 8:30pm
  • The Wilbury: Clever Girl w/ The One Thing. 9pm/$7/18+
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Shaken not Stirred Burlesque: Fundraising Boo-lesque Show. “Get into the spooky spirit and help Shaken not Stirred Burlesque raise funds for our troupe photographer JoJo Photo. We have a full event schedule filled with devilish delights like our Spooktacular Boo-lesque show, some scary movies, a haunted photo booth, a spooky spanking booth, and MORE!” 9pm/$10 ($5 extra per person for BYOB 21+)/VIP: $25 : front row seating, BYOB, 1 haunted photobooth picture, and a raffle ticket/18+, duh
  • Market Square: Tallahassee Farmer's Market. 8am-3pm
  • Downtown: Tallahassee Downtown Market. “Fresh from the garden local produce for fixing up that cool melon bowl. Fresh baked bread with jams and jellies just like granny made. Unique arts and craft gifts for you and yours all hand made by the artist in the booth. Come relax under the majestic oak on Park Ave at Monroe street as you listen to our own singer song writer Paul Harbin across the street from the Doubletree by Hilton. Want to be a vendor please join us! Information is available at or call the office at 850-224-3252. Thanks.” 10am-2pm
  • Corner of MLK and Georgia: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 10am – 2pm.
  • Gamescape: Game Tally Saturday Board Gaming. “Meeting weekly in Tallahassee, Florida, we seek to promote and offer public opportunities to learn new games and make new friends in a relaxed, fun environment.” Noon
  • The Plant: Open Mike Jam Session. “Come to the plant and jam! Singing, music, spoken word, dance, all are welcome at this weekly open mic jam session.” 4pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary: Tallahassee’s Longest Running Goth Night. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Mission San Luis: Blessing of Animals. “Pet owners, animal lovers, and furry, feathered, or other friends are invited to the fourteenth annual Blessing of Animals. The Blessing of Animals originated in the 13th century in remembrance of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals and the environment, who believed that all animals should be treated with dignity and respect. Includes: Individual blessings for animal companions in the reconstructed 17th-century Franciscan church. Crafts for children. Historic Cooking and Blacksmithing demos. Animal organization booths and adoptions. Marine touch tank exhibit (FSU's Sea–to–See Program). Butterfly & caterpillar display (Florida Master Gardener Program UF/IFAS Extension). And a Paso Fino horse will be coming again to demonstrate the breed's "fine step"! These horses are descendants of those preferred by Spanish colonists because of their smooth gait. Please bring pet food & supply donations for area animal shelters. Animals must be on leashes or in carriers.” 10am-3pm/free
  • The Mqarketplace in RR Sq: Creative Kid's Class - Intro To Batik. 10:30am
  • Challenger Center: Free Planetarium Show - "October Skies Over Tallahassee". “Visit the Downtown Digital Dome Theater and Planetarium at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee and enjoy a free planetarium show on Saturday, October 6 at 10 a.m. “October Skies Over Tallahassee” is presented by the Tallahassee Astronomical Society and will review prominent constellations, stars and planet positions in the October morning and evening sky.” 10am/free
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Hotel Transylvania Trilogy. Noon-5pm
  • Blue Tavern: Frank Lindamood. 7pm
  • Waterworks: Longineu Live! “Dr. Parsons, his trumpet, recorders, cornet, and flute are back for his monthly Saturday performance on our stage! He’ll have four other fine backing musicians to bring Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, and World Music to entertain us all!” 7:05/21+
  • Birds: Trick Or Treat (1986): Trash Cinema Night. “The Trash Cinema Collective is digging deep into the gnarly, brutal, hilarious and alarmist world of 1980's Satanic Metal hysteria! Which, thanks to Evangelical preachers and liberal blowhards getting everyone's easily led Mom and Pop into believing listening to a little Slayer was going to make you Satan's bitch hog, also spawned an entire subgenre of supernatural slasher in the mid to late 80's featuring Metal bands in league with Satan coming back to corrupt and slaughter the impressionable flannel clad kids of small town America.” 9pm
  • Blue Tavern: Langtry. 10pm
  • Athena’s Garden: Herb Class. 2pm
  • 926: Sunday Matinee. “Every Sunday we will be showing a movie of interest to the LGBTQ++ community - come join us for happy hour prices and a great film.” 3pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Sunday Afternoon Bingo. “This isn't your grandma's bingo! We have a blast with some very cool folks. Cash prizes.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Cancuns: Reggae Sunday. 6pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Irish Music Session. 7pm
  • 926: Sunday Rewind. “Your favorite songs and videos are back again this Sunday at 926 with no cover before midnight!!! 926 is proud to present another addition of the Sunday Rewind - join us as we revisit some of the best music and videos from the last 40 years. Start your night with happy hour featuring Trivia Rewind with Erik from 7 to 9 in the pub. The club side opens up at 10 when DJ Matthew East and VJ Carben will be spinning all your favorite hits and videos from the 80s, 90s and 2000s even throwing in a few from the 70s as well. Rebecca and Branden will be serving up all your favorite drinks along with our amazing 926 food.” 7pm/No cover if you are in line before 12. After 12, cover is just $5 for 18+
  • Birds: Sunday Funnies Free Comedy Show. 7:30pm
  • Birds: Burlesque Bingo & Tantalizing Trivia. “You'll have a chance to win some free beers for bingo & trivia and of course our dancers will be shimmying and shaking too.” 9pm/no cover but tip!
  • Cap City Video Lounge: The Pretty Pretty Princess Show. “Featuring Nicole Ortiz, Heather Upchurch, Elise Berry, Madi Yovino, Sarah Lamb, Lori Finkel, Jess Zephyr and more! Warning: This is not a safe space show. We will be talking about our bodies and our experiences and it will be graphic. $10 cover allows you to bring in food and drink (or dranks) and hear our filthy jokes. Each cover also gives you a raffle ticket to a special prize we are putting together! Donuts and coffees will also be available for purchase as well as CCVLs selection of retro snacks and popcorn!” Noon/$10
  • The Other Side in RR Sq: Funky FLEA Market. Noon-5pm
  • Indianhead Factory: Three Way Mirror with RoboCromp and guitar virtuoso Rob Rushin. 7pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Lofty Pursuits: Game Night. 7pm
  • Hobbit American Grill West: Quiz Night from Bar Trivia With Hank. This week’s topic: FOOD! Get an extra point if you work in a restaurant! “They got wings, they got beer, and now they have great trivia. Come on out!” 7:30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater showing Ed Wood. “The most well known worst director in Hollywood also has a penchant for cashmere. From 1994, Tim Burton’s biographical comedy-drama stars Johnny Depp as the cross dressing director and Martin Landau with an Academy Award winning portrayal of Bela Lugosi. A great film about a bad director and we get to watch it under the moon and stars at Patio Theater!” 7:35pm/21+
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays hosted by Belmont & Jones. “Antique blues played acoustical.” 8pm/$2
  • 926: Trivia. 9pm
  • Finnegan’s Irish Pub: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish and Hospitality Night. “If you're a hospitality worker, don't forget to bring your most recent paystub or work schedule to receive that sweet 25% discount!” 10pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies now on Tuesdays! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. The market opens at 3pm and we're here until 7pm, so come after you pick the kids up from school or on your way home from work. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 3pm-7pm.
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Trivia. 7pm
  • Tally Cat Café: Trivia. “Join us every Tuesday for Trivia in the Cat Room! $7 for an hour with adoptable cats and trivia, fun for everyone! Play alone or in teams. Check our Facebook for each week's theme.” 7pm/$7
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Food! Beer! Something random in a bag! 8pm/free
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Blue Tavern: Grant Peeples & Danny Goddard. 8pm/$5
  • Bannerman Crossing: Tallahassee Farmers Market. “So excited to have Tallahassee Farmers Market at Bannerman Crossings for a weekly night time market. Join us every Wednesday from 3-7pm and enjoy dozens of vendors in our pavilion.” 3pm-7pm
  • Bird's Oyster Shack: Jim Crozier with Daryl Steele in the Lab. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Trivia. 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Dave’s Pizza Garage: Trivia. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Dungeons & Dragons. “Different adventures every week. Beginners welcome.” 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night, Bingo, and Karaoke. 7pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Settlers of Catan Game Night. 7pm
  • Tally Cat Café: On Wednesdays We Play Bingo. “The cat room doubles as our bingo room for 7:00 pm! Entry to the cat room includes entry into bingo where you can win a free cat pass! The $7 fee for an hour in the cat room is unchanged, just includes this added bonus.” 7pm
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. “Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. They now have the MoBi food truck every week! Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams.” 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • Cancuns: Singo (like Bingo but with music). 8pm
  • Island Wings: Wine Down Wednesday featuring Steve Johnson. 8pm
  • All Saints Club: The Warehouse Open Mic Lives! 8pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Waxy Wednesdays. “Feelin' waxy, Tallahassee? That's probably just because it's Wednesday. At Finnegan's Wake, Waxy Wednesday means DJ Ryze will be hitting our floor again to spin some vinyl and get your feet moving tonight. Feeling a bit sour, girls? Not to worry- we'll also have some fantastic $5 drink specials going for all those Tallahassee ladies looking for a bit of fun. Come out and help us get the party started!” 8pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • Krewe de Gras: DÉJÀ VU Latin Wednesdays. “FREE Salsa/Mambo classes by Barry C. Williams. The duration of the class is 9-10 and having a partner is not necessary. If you've never danced Salsa/Mambo before then don't worry about it. The classes are made to be easy and fun so you can come learn some moves and then stay and dance until 2am to the sounds of DJ Jimmy Suave.” 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Corner Pocket: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • The Bark on All Saints: Karaoke with Nathan. “Nathan has all the songs you could ever want, The Bark is a great space, and there’s a very friendly crowd. If you’re not really into the fratty or country karaoke scene, this may be your spot. They have mixed drinks, bountiful beer options, and amazing vegan/vegetarian food until 2 am – and I say that as a staunch omnivore.” 9:30pm
  • Fire Betty’s: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish. 10pm
  • 926: Dragged Out Wednesday. “We have Twice the Show! Twice the the DJ and Twice the Fun! Start the night with Cole during The Hours Of Happy and then finish the evening with Rebecca as they sling the magic behind the Bar. Hungry? Well Chris NoChill has you covered! He'll be rocking the kitchen all night! Then join the KingzKru for Showtime at 10:30 and Midnight while our DJ and She-J's Garion Djgg Grant and Izzy B (Isabella Berrios) keep the Dance Deck moving and you enjoying the party!” 10pm
  • Blue Tavern: Tallahassee Writers Association reading. 7pm/free
  • Blue Tavern: Abe Patridge. 9pm
  • Walker-Ford Community Center Annex: Southside Farmers Market. “Welcome to the Southside Farmers Market! Focused on serving the nearby community, this market provides easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and seafood from local farmers. Nestled within the Greater Bond Community, the Southside Farmers Market is creating a sense of place with live music, arts & crafts, cooking demonstrations and free health and wellness screenings.” 3pm-7pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday. 5:30pm
  • Hurricane Wings: Double Take. 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Hurricane: Ballistic Bingo. 7pm
  • Skybox: $10 Cornhole Tourney. 7:30pm
  • La Fiesta: Trivia. 7:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Karaoke and Dance Party. 8pm
  • Warhorse: Quiz Night from Bar Trivia With Hank. . “Sometimes dirty, always nerdy. Come on down and do 5 rounds of awesome, hand crafted trivia. Plus pizza and whiskey!” 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Open Mic Night. “Sign-ups will begin at 7:30pm and be on a first come, first serve basis. Each getting around 12-15 minutes to perform. The first artist will begin at 8:30pm. Each artist will receive a FREE beer for their performance.” 8:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. “General Knowledge, 20 questions + Wager Final. $35/$25/$15, and Best Team Name gets a round of shots.” 8pm
  • Island Wings: Bike Night. “A night dedicated just to you! We have a special menu just for those who ride their motorcycles to the restaurant, there is designated up front parking for your bikes, and live music on the patio from 8pm-11pm. There's no better place to eat, hang out with your friends, and show off your ride.” 8pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Comedy Zone: Frank Del Pizzo & Mark Evans. 9pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Brass Tap Midtown: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-Midnight
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke with Nathan. All the songs. $1 Pabst drafts. 10pm
  • 621 Gallery: Art of Resistance Public Reception with Diane Roberts. 6pm
  • The Wilbury: Electric Six/Jeremy&TheHarlequins/GTFS/PatPuckett. 8pm/$14
  • Blue Tavern: JazzEtcetera. 8pm
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2018.09.30 00:45 GeetarEnthusiast85 Trudy: The most interesting character to me

Before I joined Reddit, the Mad Men community has always been one of my favorites to lurk. So many amazing conversations and insights. During my perusing, I've noticed that Trudy gets brought up a lot. I have to admit, I'm intrigued by her too. Despite being a secondary character, she's well written enough and Alison Brie's portrayal adds nuance that another actress may not. She's seemingly one of the few "good" characters who dotes on her husband, desires the suburban life, and wants the best for her family. However, I think she's only perceived as one of the truly "decent" ones because we only see two sides of the character - Trudy the "great" wife and Trudy, the intelligent and confident woman who takes no crap. From anyone. Well, that and because she's played by Alison Brie and really, who doesn't like her?
A big part of what makes Trudy engrossing is her mannerisms. I don't know if it's because she grew up at upper-class charm/private schools and country clubs but I often feel like everything we see from her is an act. She's always so...perfect. Always polite, well spoken and perfectly mannered. She knows what to say, how to say it and what to do in any situation. Don transmits a persona of the confident ad man whose always in control and people admire him for it. However, we know this is simply a mask he uses to conceal a broken fraud. People seem to admire Trudy as well for the persona she puts forth. However, we never spend enough time with Trudy to see what's fully beyond her facade (or is it?). It makes me wonder what truths she's hiding about herself.
Remember, one of the main themes of Mad Men is that everyone wears a mask or several; trying to sell an idea that doesn't really exist. We get to see past the masks of the main characters and witness their aspirations, disappointments and flaws along with their positive traits. Except Trudy. Though, we do catch glimpses of what's going on behind the curtain and we know she's not someone to trifle with. This causes me to ponder about her more than any other character. What's really behind the idea Trudy is trying to sell? It's been noted that Trudy was intended to become a full-time character. I wonder what they had planned for her?
What's her reason for marrying Pete and leading the life she's chosen? We see her so infrequently and save for a few moments when she's pushed to her limit always plays the faithful, submissive wife. You'd think she'd be depth-less. Yet we know this isn't who Trudy is thanks to the instances where she asserts herself ("You don't speak to me that way!", "You are forbidden to give anything more to that company!"). We've observed her acumen on several occasions. Every woman on Mad Men sacrifices aspects of herself to placate the men in their lives. We see how this affects Betty, Joan and Peggy but never Trudy. I'm curious to know what she's sacrificed (if anything at all). While she obviously wants to be a homemaker, did she have other aspirations besides being a wife and mother? If she did, what were they and why did she give them up?
One of my favorite books that deals with the superficial nature of appearances, the lies we tell each other and the false images woman project to please men is Gone Girl. The book's female protagonist Amy delivers this monologue:
Nick loved a girl I was pretending to be. "Cool girl". Men always use that, don't they? As their defining compliment: "She's a cool girl". Cool girl is hot. Cool girl is game. Cool girl is fun. Cool girl never gets angry at her man. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner. And then presents her mouth for fucking. She likes what he likes, so evidently he's a vinyl hipster who loves fetish Manga. If he likes girls gone wild, she's a mall babe who talks for football and endures buffalo wings at Hooters. When I met Nick Dunne I knew he wanted "Cool girl". And for him, I'll admit: I was willing to try. I wax-stripped my pussy raw. I drank canned beer watching Adam Sandler movies. I ate cold pizza and remained a size two. I blew him, semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game.
Despite all of the women (save for Helen Bishop and Faye Miller) conforming to the ideals of men, so much of this statement reminds me of Trudy. In "The Suitcase" she brags she's "been watching boxing since she was a little girl." "I want a rare steak and to see those men pound each other," she boasts to Pete's colleagues. Does Trudy really like combat sports and being one of the guys or is she being "cool girl"? Every time she's on screen with other characters besides Pete, Trudy's agreeable and subordinate; the perfect hostess and wife. Everyone is taken with her. Even Don. In "Signal 30" he reminds Pete to appreciate what's at home instead of seeking greener pastures. I have no doubts that's part of who she is. She thrives in her existence as a homemaker. But how much of that comprises the real Trudy?
She's not one of the main characters so should it matter? Maybe not but as I wrote, Brie provides details with her performance that otherwise might not be there. That makes Trudy fascinating. She's around the same age as Peggy, yet she begins the series already knowing who she is and what she wants; confident in her place. Whereas Peggy is initially awkward and out of her element; very normal for a 20-something.
Trudy is shown to not only be settling down already but she knows without a shadow of a doubt it's what she wants. Or does she? Perhaps it's just the assumed role she's playing. What if, like everyone else Trudy second-guesses her decisions and wonders what else there is? I'd love to see a fully realized Trudy to know what the other facets of this character are. I'd love to know what she's forsaken during her quest to be the perfect wife. Every other character has made decisions that didn't pan out or led to disastrous results. What are Trudy's?
I'd love to know how she and Pete met or why they began dating. We know how Don and Betty met. We also know why Betty started dating and married Don (good looking, charming and was working at a big advertising firm). From what we know of Trudy and what we see of Pete at the beginning of the show, I can't fathom why a girl like her would go for him. He's a toad. An entitled, insecure toad with no redeeming qualities; save one. His family name and the supposed connections that holds.
Is Trudy honestly that shallow, only wanting to be seen as part of the upper crust and willing to do whatever it takes to obtain that (such as marrying someone like Pete)? Does she only care about how other people see her? Maybe she's afraid of growing into an "old maid" so she settles for the first "decent" choice that came along? A guy around her age that comes from a well-known lineage and has a promising career. After all, she refuses to be a "failure."
What if, like the other women Trudy bought into the hype of the "American Dream?" Only unlike Betty, Joan and Peggy she's too timid to leave the bubble and see what else is out there?
As a couple she and Pete are meant to parallel Don and Betty in a sense. Unlike the Drapers, Pete and Trudy are seemingly well-suited for each other and Trudy relishes her role as the housewife of a Madison Avenue professional. Unlike Betty who puts on the brave face of the content homemaker while actually being miserable in her role.
Given the era's expectations, was Trudy pressured into dating/marrying Pete? It's implied in "New Amsterdam" and "5G" the two did not know each other very well and may have rushed into marriage. What did she see in him? She acts so lovingly towards him only to have him not appreciate her or use her as an emotional punching bag. This makes me question why she's tender with him and if she really does love him. Maybe she doesn't see love as a feeling at all, just as a choice. We know her father is a serial philanderer himself. It wouldn't surprise me if Trudy, like the rest of the characters wasn't reared to know what a healthy, loving relationship actually is. Maybe she sees "love" as choosing to dedicate herself to her husband despite what she may really feel. As we know, the women were brought up to believe their station was wife/mothehomemaker. It was the dream to marry a man who'd be a good provider. And on paper, Pete fits the bill. Regardless of him being a shitty person (initially), Trudy (or her parents) thought he'd be a wise match. So, when he loses his temper (Hell's Bells, Trudy!), does something thoughtless (the rifle, cheap Valentine chocolates) or cheats on her (the au pair, prostitutes) she buckles down and performs her duty of "loving" him. How else could a wife soldier on if her husband suggested she sleep with an ex just so he can have his work published, then later reprimand her when she doesn't follow through?
We see a kindred dynamic play out with another couple - Joan and Greg. Joan doesn't really love Greg but she's desperate to find a husband who will provide the life she thinks she wants. So she plays the part even though Greg doesn't treat her well but he looks good on paper. Sound familiar? Even though we never see Pete assault Trudy in the manner Greg does to Joan, Pete does coerce a young neighbor into sex. Has he done the same to Trudy with her complying because it's part of the "job"?
When Pete does mistreat her she usually storms off, locking herself in another room. Pete's boorishness obviously hurts her. Yet, unlike Betty Trudy doesn't grow bitter and disillusioned. Or does she and just hides it well? Behind closed doors I imagine her breaking down questioning why Pete's not holding up his end of the agreement - "loving" her. I wonder if in those early days of their marriage she'd phone her mom or someone close (did she even have any real friends?) and they'd excuse it as "boys being boys" and advise her to strengthen her resolve. She's also emotionally mature, able to rationalize Pete's transgressions better than Betty can with Don's.
This is why she allows him to get an apartment in the city. When he came home in "The Phantom" with a battered face, I believe Trudy suspected he'd gotten caught by a lover's husband/boyfriend, etc. Does she grow angry? No, she carries on her wifely duties, choosing to follow the deception he feeds her. However, Brie plays that scene as Trudy saying yes while her vocal tone and body language suggests she knows better. Having Pete conduct his affairs in the city allows her to compartmentalize the different truths and lies she chooses to live with (kinda like Don, no?). She moves forward like it's not happening ("It will shock you how much it never happened").
That being said I wonder if she, like Betty went through Pete's belongings looking for signs of infidelity; an emotional wreck only to emerge the dutiful wife as Pete returned home. In "Souvenir" after Pete tearfully confesses his misdeed, Trudy leaves the room perturbed. We next see her when Pete returns home from work and she's prepared dinner, still shaken by the disclosure though determined to carry on as though nothing happened. We know she later agrees to him get an apartment in the city so he can be discreet. Despite tolerating it, I wonder how it really made her feel. A big aspect of Betty's story her wondering why she wasn't good enough to keep Don from straying. Did Trudy feel similar with Pete?
Sometimes I think (and this may be a stretch) there's a darker truth beyond a woman simply living in accordance with the outlook of her society. The characteristic that makes me question this is Trudy's shrewdness. She knows how to facilitate the circumstances that will get her what she desires. Early in the series while apartment hunting Trudy goes behind Pete's back and gets the money for it from her parents. When they're introduced to their neighbor she gushes about Pete's family name as if that social qualifier is what's important to her. What's really important to Trudy? This goes back to my question. Does she really love Pete for the person he is or does she "love" him because of the social status his heritage brings? However, this may not be true. Pete is one of the primary characters (not Trudy) so we view the world through his lens. One of the motifs for Pete's story is dealing with feelings of inadequacy and having no control over his life. But what would it look like if we saw the world through Trudy's eyes? It could have been more along the lines of she's proud of her husband and just bragging? Could it be she sees traits we don't?
What also makes me reflect on the nature of Trudy's astuteness is some of the verbal phrases she employs. In "The Rejected" Pete is instructed by Roger and Lane to inform his father-in-law that SCDP is dropping his business. Trudy offers to deliver the news "Why don't you let my father hear this from me. He'll never feel the knife go in." What startles me about this line is how cold it is. Who speaks that way about their father? Perhaps I'm reading too much into the expression but it's almost dare I say sociopathic?
Let's also not for get about the time in "Signal 30" when she out-Drapered Don, giving him no room to wiggle out of her dinner party. She even adds an exclamation point to their discussion with a simple, yet effective "We both know he's doing fine" when Don slags Pete's ability to close with clients. She won't allow another person diminish what she's built.
What makes these instances peculiar to me is that Trudy communicates them with her normal gracious disposition. Yet, it's easy to read between the lines to see what's really being said and there's no missing it. Just as when Trudy shoots down the flirtations of her male neighbors at the beginning of "Collaborators." She's perfectly courteous in her delivery, not saying a word that could be construed as being offended by their dalliances while firmly stating "not going to happen, now drop it." The woman marvelously navigates any social situation with ease while pulling strings to achieve her desired outcome. She's almost conniving.
Her actions in these scenarios are so calculated it only furthers my curiosity about her. There are multiple gears turning in her brain, it's like she considers situations from every possible angle. What's really going on there?
And of course, there's the infamous moment in "Collaborators" when she finally has enough of Pete's unfaithfulness and delivers the much beloved "I will destroy you!" line. What's interesting about Trudy's declaration is that it wasn't brought on by the fact that her husband strayed, it's that he strayed too close to home. "Couldn't you at least pretend?" she asks him. To me it sounds like she's admitting her marriage was more show than substance. She's admitting her entire relationship is not two people loving each other but the requirement needed to occupy a certain role in society that had been laid out for her. Yet despite that front being exposed to the point where she can no longer deny it, Trudy rejects divorce. "I refuse to be a failure." She tells Pete. Why stay in a marriage that's obviously a sham if not to maintain the position it affords?
Trudy's outrage at Pete's carelessness recalls another passage from Gone Girl:
But I made him smarter. Sharper. I inspired him to rise to my level. I forged the man of my dreams. We were happy pretending to be other people. We were the happiest couple we knew. And what's the point of being together if you're not the happiest? But Nick got lazy. He became someone I did not agree to marry. He actually expected me to love him unconditionally. Then he dragged me, penniless, to the navel of this great country and found himself a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl. You think I'd let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? No fucking way. He doesn't get to win. My cute, charming, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy. He needed to learn. Grown-ups work for things. Grown-ups pay. Grown-ups suffer consequences.
Is this not Pete and Trudy? She's the brains of their marriage that is able to reign in and channel his emotions in a positive direction. There's an opening montage in an early episode (couldn't find which one it is) showing Trudy assisting Pete in dressing for work, a morning ritual they evidently share. In "Shut The Door. Have a Seat" Don and Roger meet with Pete to discuss joining them in starting the new firm. Pete, already feeling underappreciated is letting his emotions get the better of him. Listening to the conversation from another room, Trudy reminds him to be pragmatic with one simple line "Peter, may I speak to you for a moment?" It wouldn't surprise me if it was Trudy's idea to rehearse the Charleston for Roger's party in "My Old Kentucky Home." Let's not forget she arranges for Don, the senior partner Pete most admires to come to dinner. Anything to make her husband shine and possibly lead to career advancement. Alison Brie has stated in interviews that Trudy wants to be the one steering the ship behind the scenes; the one in charge.
How does Pete repay her for her efforts? He cheats on her because he wants something else and just expected her to go along with it. And she did for the most part, holding up the pretense of being a happy couple. Until Pete got lazy, that is. Does Trudy let him get away with it? No, she teaches him grown-ups suffer consequences.
Posters here laud Trudy for standing up for herself but why is she choosing to stay married? Though it's obvious she has an inner strength a lot of her contemporaries don't, she might lack the fortitude to make it on her own. What if regardless of appearing strong enough to kick Pete out, Trudy's secretly frightened of having to go it completely alone?
While Trudy has numerous great moments throughout the series, some of my favorites take place between "Time & Life" and "The Milk and Honey Route." They aren't as awesome as calling out Pete on his deceptions or cornering Don, but I like them because we finally see the character's vulnerability. In "Time & Life" she voices her struggle as a single mother and her fears of winding up alone because "no one will want her" as she ages. Her final interactions with Pete in "The Milk and Honey Route" reveal even more. At the beginning of the episode, Pete is dropping off Tammy just as Trudy and her friend, Sherri return home. Pete and Trudy have maintained an amicable relationship to which Sherri admires since she's not sure she could do the same with her ex-husband. Trudy reminds her that she and Pete stay civil for their daughter's benefit, it also helps to "forget things" (there's the theme of forgetting the past and moving forward, again).
I love the way Alison plays this scene during Trudy's conversation with Sherri. While maintaining her normal cheery demeanor, I detect touches of pain and sadness. Especially when she tells Sherri she didn't expect her "friends" to remind her of old wounds. Something to note is that Sherri is one of the female neighbors that was openly flirting with Pete in "Collaborators." When she enters the house with Trudy, there's an uncomfortable tension between her and Pete. Though she's not the one he had an affair with, I'm surprised Trudy would continue to be friends with her. Given what she said about her life in "Time & Life" I wonder if she's more like Betty than meets the eye. Even though she has acquaintances she sees regularly, Trudy's isolated with no real friends she's able to confide in. This could be part of why she accepts Pete's offer later in the episode.
Speaking of which, I find Trudy and Pete's late-night discussion to be interesting because Pete tells her he knows he could lose her love. Trudy responds by telling him he never lost it, she's just fearful of being hurt again. Up until this point, I was convinced Pete and Trudy were playing the part because it's what their society demanded of them. Maybe they are and this late-night reconciliation is them choosing to believe in the lie once more? Or does she really love him after all? Or is she sticking with the beaten path, because it's the only one she's ever known and fears alternatives? Hoping Pete will be a sure thing this time around? Reuniting with Pete will also help to give their daughter a more promising upbringing.
Perhaps another truth regarding Trudy is that while she has demonstrable strengths, she's actually not as tough as Joan or Peggy (or even Betty to a lesser extent). At the beginning of Mad Men, Joan who was raised to be admired, relies on her looks to get what she wants despite being competent at almost every thing she does while possessing a sharp wit. She buys into the idea that a well-to-do husband and family life in the country is the answer. She learns that's not true for her. She finds happiness as a mother but it's not until she branches out as a self-made business woman that she discovers fulfillment. As the series concludes, she's single because she refuses to compromise what she wants for her career or love life. As for Peggy, she was raised in a Catholic family that expected her to settle down and make babies. Instead, she goes against the societal norms of the day and helps to break the glass ceiling for women in the advertising world. Her story ends with her working at one of the biggest advertising firms, supported by a man who loves her (and vise versa). Heck, even Betty chose to pursue a new frontier while confronting her own demise.
Where is Trudy at the series' end? A single mother with no apparent job skills, leading an unhappy life in Cos Cobb with few options for advancement. In a supposedly reformed Pete shows up, declaring his love and promising a fresh start in Wichita. Even though she's taken aback and hesitant, she agrees. As I inquired above, does Trudy really love Pete in her own way, wanting to give him another chance or is she returning to the familiar out of fear and lack of options? It's been stated on this subreddit that Betty's death symbolizes the end of the 50s housewife as society changes. If that's true, maybe Trudy's decision to take Pete back symbolizes the 50s housewife following the same old script for fear of change.
In a 2015 interview, Matthew Weiner stated if he could pick one Mad Men character to follow up with decades later, it would be Trudy. He said he could see her being a "dynamite old lady" and would love to see what she does with the rest of her life. I agree. More than any other character I wonder how it goes for her once she boards that Learjet to Kansas. Though Pete swears it'll be different this time, Vincent Kartheiser has said he believes Pete'll screw it up again. I could see that happening but I can also see the two of them having a happy marriage. I can also see Trudy going back to school, taking up a cause or joining the workforce as Tammy grows older. If Pete does cheat again, would she continue to write it off so long as it's not right in front of her or tell him to get lost for good? Would she learn to be happy without a man and forge her own path? I suppose it's pointless to speculate as it's completely up to the imagination at this point.
Either way, Trudy's the character I think about the most.
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2017.06.10 08:46 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2002 (out of the 4,027 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Grand Champion (Director: Barry Tubb)
  2. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (Directors: Mike Nawrocki + Phil Vischer)
  3. Joshua (Director: Jon Purdy)
  4. Jumping For Joy (Director: Timothy J. Nelson)
  5. Little Dreams (Director: Jeff Rigler)
  6. Octave (Director: Shaji N. Karun)
  7. Noro (Director: Radu Gabrea)
  8. Pinocchio (Director: Roberto Benigni)
  9. Pokémon Heroes (Directors: Jim Malone + Kunihiko Yuyama)
  10. Return To Neverland (Directors: Robin Budd + Donovan Cook)
  11. Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Directors: Kelly Asbury + Lorna Cook)
  12. Tarzan + Jane (Directors: Steve Loter, Lisa Schaffer, Victor Cook + Don MacKinnon)
  13. The Cat Returns (Director: Hiroyuki Morita)
  14. The Country Bears (Director: Peter Hastings)
  15. The Princess + The Pea (Director: Mark Swan)
  16. The Rookie (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  17. The Santa Clause II (Director: Michael Lembeck)
  18. Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (Directors: Gary Katona, Ed Wexler + Jamie Mitchell)
  1. A Walk To Remember (Director: Adam Shankman)
  2. Ali Baba + The Forty Thieves (Director: Usha Ganesarajah)
  3. Asterix + Obelix Meet Cleopatra (Director: Alain Chabat)
  4. Big Fat Liar (Director: Shawn Levy)
  5. Charly (Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg)
  6. Children On Their Birthdays (Director: Mark Medoff)
  7. Clockstoppers (Director: Jonathan Frakes)
  8. Duct Tape Forever (Director: Eric Till)
  9. Evelyn (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  10. Foolish The Wise (Director: Jim Menza)
  11. Handcart (Director: Kels Goodman)
  12. Hansel + Gretel (Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe)
  13. Harry Potter + The Chamber Of Secrets (Director: Chris Columbus)
  14. Hey Arnold! The Movie (Director: Tuck Tucker)
  15. Hometown Legend (Director: James Anderson)
  16. I Not Stupid (Director: Jack Neo)
  17. Ice Age (Directors: Chris Wedge + Carlos Saldanha)
  18. Inferno (Director: Dusty Nelson)
  19. Lamb To The Slaughter (Director: Nicole Barnette)
  20. Like Mike (Director: John Schultz)
  21. Lilo + Stitch (Directors: Dean DeBlois + Chris Sanders)
  22. Made-Up (Director: Tony Shalhoub)
  23. Manna From Heaven (Directors: Gabrielle Burton + Maria Burton)
  24. Mary + Joe (Director: John R. Hamilton)
  25. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Director: Joel Zwick)
  26. Mystery At Sam’s (Director: John Comrie)
  27. Nicholas Nickleby (Director: Douglas McGrath)
  28. No Longer My Twin (Director: Robert G. Christie)
  29. O’key (Director: Oleg Fomin)
  30. Only In Hollywood (Director: Michael J. Holland)
  31. Out Of Step (Director: Ryan Little)
  32. Rabbit-Proof Fence (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  33. Saint Monica (Director: Terrance Odette)
  34. Scooby-Doo (Director: Raja Gosnell)
  35. Snow Dogs (Director: Brian Levant)
  36. Spooky House (Director: William Sachs)
  37. Springtime In A Small Town (Director: Zhuangzhuang Tian)
  38. Spy Kids II: Island Of Lost Dreams (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  39. Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (Director: George Lucas)
  40. Stolen Summer (Director: Pete Jones)
  41. Stuart Little II (Director: Rob Minkoff)
  42. The Angel Doll (Director: Alexander Johnston)
  43. The Calling (Director: Damian Chapa)
  44. The Calling (Director: Michael C. Brown)
  45. The Climb (Director: John Schmidt)
  46. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (Director: John Stainton)
  47. The Guys (Director: Jim Simpson)
  48. The Importance Of Being Earnest (Director: Oliver Parker)
  49. The Master Of Disguise (Director: Perry Andelin Blake)
  50. The Powerpuff Girls Movie (Director: Craig McCracken)
  51. The Singles Ward (Director: Kurt Hale)
  52. The Way Home (Director: Jeong-hyang Lee)
  53. The Wild Thornberrys Movie (Directors: Cathy Malkasian + Jeff McGrath)
  54. Thunderpants (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  55. Time Changer (Director: Rich Christiano)
  56. Together With You (Director: Kaige Chen)
  57. Tom + Thomas (Director: Esmé Lammers)
  58. Touching Wild Horses (Director: Eleanor Lindo)
  59. Treasure Planet (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  60. Tuck Everlasting (Director: Jay Russell)
  61. Two Men Went To War (Director: John Henderson)
  62. Virginia’s Run (Director: Peter Markle)
  63. Warriors Of Virtue II: Return To Tao (Director: Michael Vickerman)
  1. A Time For Dancing (Director: Peter Gilbert)
  2. Abandon (Director: Stephen Gaghan)
  3. About A Boy (Directors: Chris Weitz + Paul Weitz)
  4. Trilogy: Two (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  5. And Now...Ladies + Gentlemen... (Director: Claude Lelouch)
  6. Antwone Fisher (Director: Denzel Washington)
  7. Anything But Love (Director: Robert Cary)
  8. Austin Powers in “Goldmember” (Director: Jay Roach)
  9. Awara Paagal Deewana (Director: Vikram Bhatt)
  10. Bad Company (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  11. Barbershop (Director: Tim Story)
  12. Bend It Like Beckham (Director: Gurinder Chadha)
  13. Big Trouble (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  14. Blue Crush (Director: John Stockwell)
  15. Bollywood/Hollywood (Director: Deepa Mehta)
  16. Boo! The Movie (Director: Michael Lansu)
  17. Brown Sugar (Director: Rick Famuyiwa)
  18. Callas Forever (Director: Franco Zeffirelli)
  19. Catch Me If You Can (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  20. Cheats (Director: Andrew Gurland)
  21. Chicago (Director: Rob Marshall)
  22. Contagion (Director: John Murlowski)
  23. Crossroads (Director: Tamra Davis)
  24. Dark Water (Director: Hideo Nakata)
  25. Darkness (Director: Jaume Balagueró)
  26. Dead Weight (Directors: Alain Berbérian + Frédéric Forestier)
  27. Die Another Day (Director: Lee Tamahori)
  28. Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Director: Callie Khouri)
  29. Dragonfly (Director: Tom Shadyac)
  30. Drumline (Director: Charles Stone III)
  31. Eight Crazy Nights (Director: Seth Kearsley)
  32. Eight Legged Freaks (Director: Ellory Elkayem)
  33. Enough (Director: Michael Apted)
  34. Extreme Ops (Director: Christian Duguay)
  35. Fangs (Director: Kelly Sandefur)
  36. Far From Heaven (Director: Todd Haynes)
  37. Far From Home (Director: Zhong Yu)
  38. Fizzy Bizness (Director: Carl Goldstein)
  39. Frank McKlusky, C.I. (Director: Arlene Sanford)
  40. Full Ride (Director: Mark Hoeger)
  41. Half Past Dead (Director: Don Michael Paul)
  42. He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not (Director: Laetitia Colombani)
  43. Heartlands (Director: Damien O’Donnell)
  44. Hero (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  45. High Crimes (Director: Carl Franklin)
  46. Hollywood Ending (Director: Woody Allen)
  47. I Spy (Director: Betty Thomas)
  48. In America (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  49. In Your Face (Director: Tim Tommasino)
  50. In The Wrong Hands (Directors: Chris Johnston + James A. Seale)
  51. John Q (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  52. Juwanna Mann (Director: Jesse Vaughan)
  53. K-19: The Widowmaker (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  54. Kung Pow: Enter The Fist (Director: Steve Oedekerk)
  55. L’amore imperfetto (Director: Giovanni Davide Maderna)
  56. Landspeed (Director: Christian McIntire)
  57. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  58. Life Or Something Like It (Director: Stephen Herek)
  59. Local Boys (Director: Ron Moler)
  60. Lone Star State Of Mind (Director: David Semel)
  61. Maid In Manhattan (Director: Wayne Wang)
  62. Men In Black II (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  63. Mi Amigo (Director: Milton Brown)
  64. Minority Report (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  65. Moonlight Mile (Director: Brad Silberling)
  66. Mr. Deeds (Director: Steven Brill)
  67. My Name Is Tanino (Director: Paolo Virzi)
  68. Nobody’s Life (Director: Eduard Cortés)
  69. Orange County (Director: Jake Kasdan)
  70. Passionada (Director Dan Ireland)
  71. Possession (Director: Neil LaBute)
  72. Real Women Have Curves (Director: Patricia Cardoso)
  73. Reign Of Fire (Director: Rob Bowman)
  74. Respiro (Director: Emanuele Crialese)
  75. Returning Mickey Stern (Director: Michael Prywes)
  76. S1m0ne (Director: Andrew Niccol)
  77. Sam + Janet (Director: Rick Walker)
  78. Serving Sara (Director: Reginald Hudlin)
  79. Shoot Or Be Shot (Director: J. Randall Argue)
  80. Showtime (Director: Tom Dey)
  81. Signs (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  82. Silence (The Only Witness) (Director: Tom Whitus)
  83. Slap Her, She’s French! (Director: Melanie Mayron)
  84. Solaris (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  85. Speakeasy (Director: Brendan Murphy)
  86. Spider-Man (Director: Sam Raimi)
  87. Star Trek: Nemesis (Director: Stuart Baird)
  88. Stealing Harvard (Director: Bruce McCulloch)
  89. Sunshine State (Director: John Sayles)
  90. Sweet Home Alabama (Director: Andy Tennant)
  91. Swimfan (Director: John Polson)
  92. Swimming Upstream (Director: Robert J. Emery)
  93. Terminal Error (Director: John Murlowski)
  94. The 4th Tenor (Director: Harry Basil)
  95. The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (Director: Ron Underwood)
  96. The Bourne Identity (Director: Doug Liman)
  97. The Code Conspiracy (Director: Hank Whetstone)
  98. The Count Of Monte Cristo (Director: Kevin Reynolds)
  99. The Emperor’s Club (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  100. The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest (Director: Mick Jackson)
  101. The Four Feathers (Director: Shekhar Kapur)
  102. The Hot Chick (Director: Tom Brady)
  103. The Hours (Director: Stephen Daldry)
  104. The Last Place On Earth (Director: James Slocum)
  105. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (Director: Peter Jackson)
  106. The Man Without A Past (Director: Aki Kaurismäki)
  107. The Missing Gun (Director: Chuan Lu)
  108. The Mothman Prophecies (Director: Mark Pellington)
  109. The New Guy (Director: Ed Decter)
  110. The Ring (Director: Gore Verbinski)
  111. The Scorpion King (Director: Chuck Russell)
  112. The Sum Of All Fears (Director: Phil Alden Robinson)
  113. The Third Wheel (Director: Jordan Brady)
  114. The Time Machine (Director: Simon Wells)
  115. The Touch (Director: Peter Pau)
  116. The Transporter (Directors: Louis Leterrier + Corey Yuen)
  117. The Truth About Charlie (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  118. The Tuxedo (Director: Kevin Donovan)
  119. They (Director: Robert Harmon)
  120. Two Weeks Notice (Director: Marc Lawrence)
  121. Unconditional Love (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  122. Undercover Brother (Director: Malcolm D. Lee)
  123. Undertaking Betty (Director: Nick Hurran)
  124. Valentin (Director: Alejandro Agresti)
  125. Villa des roses (Director: Frank Van Passel)
  126. Whale Rider (Director: Niki Caro)
  127. Wheelies (Director: Drew Umland)
  128. White Oleander (Director: Peter Kosminsky)
  129. Wicked Game (Director: Koichi Sakamoto + Makoto Yokoyama)
  130. Wicked Spring (Director: Kevin R. Hershberger)
  131. Wounded Hearts (Director: J.D. Hawkins)
  132. Zhou Yu de huo che (Director: Zhou Sun)
  133. xXx (Director: Rob Cohen)
  1. 100 Mile Ride (Director: Bren Huff)
  2. 13 Moons (Director: Alexandre Rockwell)
  3. 13th Child (Directors: Thomas Ashley + Steven Stockage)
  4. 10 Months (Director: Randall Cole)
  5. 2009: Lost Memories (Director: Si-myung Lee)
  6. 24 Hour Party People (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  7. 25th Hour (Director: Spike Lee)
  8. 28 Days Later... (Director: Danny Boyle)
  9. 29 Palms (Director: Leonardo Ricagni)
  10. 3 Extremes II (Directors: Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Jee-woon Kim + Nonzee Nimibutr)
  11. 40 Days + 40 Nights (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  12. 8 Mile (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  13. 8 Women (Director: François Ozon)
  14. 800 Bullets (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  15. 9 Dead Gay Guys (Director: Lab Ky Mo)
  16. A Gentleman’s Game (Director: J. Mills Goodloe)
  17. A Housekeeper (Director: Claude Berri)
  18. A Light In The Darkness (Director: Marshall E. Uzzle)
  19. A Midsummer Night’s Rave (Director: Gil Cates, Jr.)
  20. A Snake Of June (Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto)
  21. AKA (Director: Duncan Roy)
  22. About Schmidt (Director: Alexander Payne)
  23. Adam + Eve (Director: Izidore K. Musallam)
  24. Adaptation (Director: Spike Jonze)
  25. Three (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  26. Ali G Indahouse (Director: Mark Mylod)
  27. All About The Benjamins (Director: Kevin Bray)
  28. All Or Nothing (Director: Mike Leigh)
  29. Alone (Director: Phil Claydon)
  30. Amar te duele (Director: Fernando Sariñana)
  31. American Girl (Director: Jordan Brady)
  32. American Gun (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  33. Analyze That (Director: Harold Ramis)
  34. Angel Blade (Director: David Heavener)
  35. Angel Of Death (Director: Pepe Danquart)
  36. Angela (Director: Roberta Torre)
  37. Angels Crest (Director: J. Michael Couto)
  38. Ararat (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  39. Archangel (Director: Sandy Collora)
  40. Ash Wednesday (Director: Edward Burns)
  41. Assassination Tango (Director: Robert Duvall)
  42. Auto Focus (Director: Paul Schrader)
  43. Avenging Angelo (Director: Martyn Burke)
  44. Bad Boy (Director: Victoria Hochberg)
  45. Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (Director: Wych Kaosayananda)
  46. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Director: Guy Ferland)
  47. Bark! (Director: Kasia Adamik)
  48. Barrio Wars (Director: Paul Wynne)
  49. Beauty Betrayed (Director: John Quinn)
  50. Beeper (Director: Jack Sholder)
  51. Below (Director: David Twohy)
  52. Bending All The Rules (Directors: Morgan Klein + Peter Knight)
  53. Better Luck Tomorrow (Director: Justin Lin)
  54. Between Strangers (Director: Edoardo Ponti)
  55. Big Ain’t Bad (Director: Ray Culpepper)
  56. Big Girls Don’t Cry (Director: Maria von Heland)
  57. Black Mask II: City Of Masks (Director: Hark Tsui)
  58. Black Point (Director: David Mackay)
  59. Blade II (Director: Guillermo del Toro)
  60. Blood Feast II: All U Can Eat (Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis)
  61. Blood Work (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  62. Bloody Crisis (Director: Gerald Barclay)
  63. Bloody Mallory (Director: Julien Magnat)
  64. Bloody Sunday (Director: Paul Greengrass)
  65. Blue Car (Director: Karen Moncrieff)
  66. Boat Trip (Director: Mort Nathan)
  67. Bolivar Is Me (Director: Jorge Ali Triana)
  68. Bomb The System (Director: Adam Bhala Lough)
  69. Broken Wings (Director: Nir Bergman)
  70. Brother’s Keeper (Director: John Badham)
  71. Bubba Ho-Tep (Director: Dan Coscarelli)
  72. Burning Desires (Director: J. Edie Martin)
  73. Buying The Cow (Director: Walt Becker)
  74. Cabin Fever (Director: Eli Roth)
  75. Capone’s Boys (Director: Richard Standeven)
  76. Castle Eros (Director: Madison Monroe)
  77. Changing Lanes (Director: Roger Michell)
  78. Chaos (Director: Geraldine Creed)
  79. Charlotte Sometimes (Director: Eric Byler)
  80. Cheerleader Ninjas (Director: Kevin Campbell)
  81. Cherish (Director: Finn Taylor)
  82. Chopin. Pragnienie milosci (Director: Jerzy Antczak)
  83. Ciao America (Director: Frank Ciota)
  84. City By The Sea (Director: Michael Caton-Jones)
  85. City Of Ghosts (Director: Matt Dillon)
  86. City Of God (Directors: Fernando Meirelles + Kátia Lund)
  87. Civil Brand (Director: Neema Barnette)
  88. Close Enough To Touch (Director: Jamie Scabbert)
  89. Close Your Eyes (Director: Nick Willing)
  90. Coastlines (Director: Victor Nunez)
  91. Collateral Damage (Director: Andrew Davis)
  92. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (Director: George Clooney)
  93. Correct Change (Director: Mike Lilly)
  94. Cottonmouth (Director: James Dalthorp)
  95. Cover Story (Director: Eric Weston)
  96. Crazy As Hell (Director: Eriq La Salle)
  97. Crocodile II: Death Swamp (Director: Gary Jones)
  98. Cruel Game (Director: Masashi Nagadoi)
  99. Cube²: Hypercube (Director: Andrzej Sekula)
  100. Curse Of The Forty-Niner (Director: John Carl Beuchler)
  101. Cutting Horse (Director: Larry Clark)
  102. Cypher (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  103. Dahmer (Director: David Jacobson)
  104. Dark Blue (Director; Ron Shelton)
  105. Dark Heaven (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  106. De la mano de un ángel (Director: David Aponte)
  107. Dead Above Ground (Director: Chuck Bowman)
  108. Dead Heat (Director: Mark Malone)
  109. Dead In The Water (Director: Gustavo Lipsztein)
  110. Deadly Little Secrets (Director: Fiona Mackenzie)
  111. Death To Smoochy (Director: Danny DeVito)
  112. Deathwatch (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  113. Deep Freeze (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  114. Defiance (Director: Doveed Linder)
  115. Dreamlover (Director: Olivier Assayas)
  116. Derailed (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  117. Descent Into Darkness (Director: Daniel Knauf)
  118. Desert Saints (Director: Richard Greenberg)
  119. Deuces Wild (Director: Scott Kalvert)
  120. Devious Beings (Director: Chris Mazzei)
  121. Dirty Deeds (Director: David Caesar)
  122. Dirty Pretty Things (Director: Stephen Frears)
  123. Dog Soldiers (Director: Neil Marshall)
  124. Don’t Let Go (Director: Max Myers)
  125. Double Vision (Director: Kuo-Fu Chen)
  126. Dummy (Director: Greg Pritikin)
  127. Edge Of Madness (Director: Anne Wheeler)
  128. El crimen del padre Amaro (director: Carlos Carrera)
  129. Emmett’s Mark (Director: Keith Snyder)
  130. Empire (Director: Franc.Ryes)
  131. Endangered Species (Director: Kevin S. Tenney)
  132. Engine Trouble (Director: Marc Ickx)
  133. Equilibrium (Director: Kurt Wimmer)
  134. Essence Of Echoes (Director: Dustin Rikert)
  135. Eternal Blood (Director: Jorge Olguín)
  136. EvenHand (Director: Joseph Pierson)
  137. Eye See You (D-Tox) (Director: Jim Gillespie)
  138. Fabled (Director: Ari Kirshenbaum)
  139. Face (Director: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan)
  140. Fallen Angels (Director: Ian David Diaz)
  141. Feardotcom (Director: William Malone)
  142. Feedback (Director: Teo Konuralp)
  143. Femme Fatale (Director: Brian De Palma)
  144. Fish Don’t Blink (Director: Chuck DeBus)
  145. Food Of Love (Director: Ventura Pons)
  146. For Da Love Of Money (Director: Pierre Edwards + Mike Williams)
  147. Frida (Director: Julie Taymor)
  148. Friday After Next (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  149. Frogmen Operation Stormbringer (Director: Franklin A. Vallett)
  150. Fubar (Director: Michael Dowse)
  151. Full Frontal (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  152. G (Director: Christopher Scott Cherot)
  153. Gangs Of New York (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  154. Garage Days (Director: Alex Proyas)
  155. Gerry (Diector: Gus Van Sant)
  156. Ghetto Dawg (Director: Brian Averill)
  157. Ghost Ship (Director: Steve Beck)
  158. GhostWatcher (Director: David A. Cross)
  159. Ginostra (Director: Manuel Pradal)
  160. Girl Fever (100 Women) (Director: Michael Davis)
  161. Global Effect (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  162. Rock My World (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  163. Hooded Angels (Director: Paul Matthews)
  164. Go For Broke (Director: Jean-Claude La Marre)
  165. God Is On Air (Director: Jordi Mollà)
  166. H (Director: Jong-hyeok Lee)
  167. Halloween: Resurrection (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  168. Happy Here + Now (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  169. Hard Cash (Director: Predrag Antonijevic)
  170. Hart’s War (Director: Gregory Hoblit)
  171. Heart Of America (Director: Uwe Boll)
  172. Heaven (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  173. High Times Potluck (Director: Alison Thomson)
  174. Highway (Director: James Cox)
  175. Hollywood Vampyr (Director: Steve Akahoshi)
  176. Home Room (Director: Paul F. Ryan)
  177. House Of Fools (Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy)
  178. Hustlas (Director: Gabriel Avina)
  179. I’m With Lucy (Director: Jon Sherman)
  180. Igby Goes Down (Director: Burr Steers)
  181. In This World (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  182. Infernal Affairs (Directors: Wai-Keung Lau + Alan Mak)
  183. Infested (Director: Josh Olson)
  184. Insomnia (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  185. Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road (Director: Bob Gale)
  186. Interview With The Assassin (Director: Neil Burger)
  187. Jane White Is Sick + Twisted (Director: David Michael Latt)
  188. Japón (Director: Carlos Reygadas)
  189. Jet Lag (Director: Danièle Thompson)
  190. Ju-on: The Grudge (Director: Takashi Shimizu)
  191. Julie Walking Home (The Healer) (Director: Agnieszka Holland)
  192. Junk (Director: Stephanie Meurer)
  193. Just A Kiss (Director: Fisher Stevens)
  194. Kaante (Director: Sanjay Gupta)
  195. Killing Me Softly (Director: Kaige Chen)
  196. King Rikki (Director: James Gavin Bedford)
  197. Kingston High (Director: Stephen Townsend)
  198. Kiss The Bride (Director: Vanessa Parise)
  199. L’auberge espagnole (Director: Cédric Klapisch)
  200. Lana’s Rain (Director: Michael S. Ojeda)
  201. Las Vegas Warrior (Director: Natasha Baron)
  202. Laurel Canyon (Director: Lisa Cholodenko)
  203. Leather + Iron (Director: James Archer)
  204. Legend Of The Phantom Rider (Director: Alex Erkiletian)
  205. Leo (Director: Mehdi Norowzian)
  206. Liberty Stands Still (Director: Kari Skogland)
  207. Lilya 4-Ever (Director: Lukas Moodysson)
  208. Lone Hero (Director: Ken Sanzel)
  209. Long Time Dead (Director: Marcus Adams)
  210. Love Liza (Director: Todd Louiso)
  211. Love Relations (Directors: Michael Hoffman + Delvin Molden)
  212. Love + A Bullet (Directors: Ben Ramsey + Kantz)
  213. Love In The Time Of Money (Director: Peter Mattei)
  214. (Director: Sherwood Ball)
  215. Makin’ Baby (Director: Paul Wynn)
  216. Making A Killing (Director: Ryan Lee Driscoll)
  217. Malevolent (Director: John Terlesky)
  218. Man On The Train (Director: Patrice Leconte)
  219. Married People, Single Sex: The Return (Director: Chanda Fuller)
  220. Master Of The Game (Director: Jeff Stolhand)
  221. Max (Director: Menno Meyjes)
  222. May (Director: Lucky McKee)
  223. Men With Brooms (Director: Paul Gross)
  224. Merci Dr. Rey! (Director: Andrew Litvack)
  225. Minimal Knowledge (Director: Gregory J. Corrado)
  226. Miranda (Director: Marc Munden)
  227. Mondays In The Sun (Director: Fernando León de Aranoa)
  228. Monkey Love (Director: Mark Stratton)
  229. Morvern Callar (Director: Lynne Ramsay)
  230. Mr. Smith Gets A Hustler (Director: Ian McCrudden)
  231. Mulletville (Director: Tony Leahy)
  232. Murder By Numbers (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  233. My Little Eye (Director: Marc Evans)
  234. Naked Weapon (Director: Siu-Tung Ching)
  235. Narc (Director: Joe Carnahan)
  236. Never Get Outta The Boat (Director: Paul Quinn)
  237. New Best Friend (Director: Zoe Clarke-Williams)
  238. New Suit (Director: François Velle)
  239. New World (Director: Peter John Ross)
  240. Nightstalker (Director: Chris Fisher)
  241. No Good Deed (Director: Bob Rafelson)
  242. No Manners (Conduct Zero) (Director: Geun-shik Jo)
  243. Novo (Director: Jean-Pierre Limosin)
  244. Now + Forever (Director: Bob Clark)
  245. Now You Know (Director: Jeff Anderson)
  246. On The Edge (Director: Fred Williamson)
  247. One (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  248. On_Line (Director: Jed Weintrob)
  249. Once Upon A Time In The Midlands (Director: Shane Meadows)
  250. One Hell Of A Christmas (Director: Shaky Gonzalezz)
  251. One Hour Photo (Director: Mark Romanek)
  252. Open Hearts (Director: Susanne Bier)
  253. Outside The Law (Director: Jorge Montesi)
  254. Outta Time (Director: Lorena David)
  255. P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! (Director: Steve Guttenberg)
  256. Paid In Full (Director: Charles Stone III)
  257. Pandora’s Box (Director: Rob Hardy)
  258. Panic (Air Panic) (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  259. Panic Room (Director: David Fincher)
  260. Paper Soldiers (Directors: David Daniel + Damon Dash)
  261. Partners In Action (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  262. People I Know (Director: Daniel Algrant)
  263. Personal Velocity (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  264. Phase IV (Director: Bryan Goeres)
  265. Phone (Director: Byeong-ki Ahn)
  266. Phone Booth (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  267. Pipe Dream (Director: John Walsh)
  268. Poolhall Junkies (Director: Mars Callahan)
  269. Pressure (Director: Richard Gale)
  270. Pumpkin (Directors: Anthony Abrams + Adam Larson Broder)
  271. Punch (Director: Guy Bennett)
  272. Punch-Drunk Love (Director: Paul Thomas Anderson)
  273. Punto y aparte (Director: Paco del Toro)
  274. Pure (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  275. Purpose (Director: Alan Ari Lazar)
  276. Queen Of The Damned (Director: Michael Rymer)
  277. Quicksand (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  278. R.I.C.C.O. (Director: Shawn Woodard)
  279. R.S.V.P. (Director: Mark Anthony Galluzzo)
  280. Rachel’s Attic (Director: David Tybor)
  281. Raising Victor Vargas (Director: Peter Sollett)
  282. Reality Check (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  283. Reckoning (Director: Jason Rodriguez)
  284. Red Dragon (Director: Brett Ratner)
  285. Repli-Kate (Director: Frank Longo)
  286. Resident Evil (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  287. Returner (Director: Takashi Yamazaki)
  288. Revenge Of The Unhappy Campers (Director: Shawnee Mercer)
  289. Steal (Director: Gérard Pirès)
  290. Ripley’s Game (Director: Liliana Cavani)
  291. Ritual (Tales From The Crypt presents) (Director: Avi Nesher)
  292. Road To Perdition (Director: Sam Mendes)
  293. Roger Dodger (Director: Dylan Kidd)
  294. Rollerball (Director: John McTiernan)
  295. Ronnie (Director: Christopher Haifley)
  296. Rub + Tug (Director: Soo Lyu)
  297. Run Ronnie Run (Director: Troy Miller)
  298. Samurai (Director: Giordano Gederlini)
  299. Savage Messiah (Director: Mario Azzopardi)
  300. Savage Roses (Director: James Tucker)
  301. Scorcher (Director: James Seale)
  302. Searching For Paradise (Director: Myra Paci)
  303. Second To Die (Director: Brad Marlowe)
  304. Secret Pleasures (Director: Michael Paul Girard)
  305. Secretary (Director: Steven Shainberg)
  306. Sex Is Comedy (Director: Catherine Breillat)
  307. Sex + The Teenage Mind (Director: Donald L. Gold)
  308. Shattered Lies (Director: Gerry Lively)
  309. Shooters (Directors: Glenn Durfort + Colin Teague)
  310. Shottas (Director: Cess Silvera)
  311. Skins (Director: Chris Eyre)
  312. Slackers (Director: Dewey Nicks)
  313. Slash (Director: Neal Sundstrom)
  314. Snake Island (Director: Wayne Crawford)
  315. Snapshots (Director: Rudolf van den Berg)
  316. So Close (Director: Corey Yuen)
  317. Sonny (Director: Nicholas Cage)
  318. Sorority Boys (Director: Wallace Wolodarsky)
  319. Speck (Director: Keith Walley)
  320. Spider (Director: David Cronenberg)
  321. Spider’s Web (Director: Paul Levine)
  322. Spun (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  323. Stark Raving Mad (Directors: Drew Daywalt + David Schneider)
  324. State Property (Director: Abdul Malik Abbott)
  325. Storm Watch (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  326. Strange Hearts (Director: Michelle Gallagher)
  327. Super Sucker (Director: Jeff Daniels)
  328. Survival Island (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  329. Sweet Sixteen (Director: Ken Loach)
  330. Swept Away (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  331. Swindle (Director: K.C. Bascombe)
  332. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  333. Taboo (Director: Max Makowski)
  334. Talk To Her (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  335. Tattoo, A Love Story (Director: Richard W. Bean)
  336. Bundy (Director: Matthew Bright)
  337. Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Director: Harry Shearer)
  338. Teknolust (Director: Lynn Hershman-Leeson)
  339. Ten Tiny Love Stories (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  340. The Anarchist Cookbook (Director: Jordan Susman)
  341. The Badge (Director: Robby Henson)
  342. The Banger Sisters (Director: Bob Dolman)
  343. The Barber (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  344. The Black Magic (Director: Marc-Ivan O’Gorman)
  345. The Brooklyn Boys (Director: John Bianco)
  346. The Burial Society (Director: Nicholas Racz)
  347. The Circle (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  348. The Circuit (Director: Jalal Merhi)
  349. The Coast Guard (Director: Ki-duk Kim)
  350. The Code (Director: Manuel Boursinhac)
  351. The Cuckoo (Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin)
  352. The Dancer Upstairs (Director: John Malkovich)
  353. The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys (Director: Peter Care)
  354. The Escapist (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  355. The Eye (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  356. The Final Curtain(Director: Patrick Harkins)
  357. The Frightening (Director: David DeCoteau)
  358. The Gatekeeper (Director: John Carlos Frey)
  359. The Gathering (Director: Brian Gilbert)
  360. The Good Girl (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  361. The Good Thief (Director: Neil Jordan)
  362. The Good War (Director: Giorgia Serafini)
  363. The Greenskeeper (Directors: Kevin Greene, Adam Johnson+ Tripp Norton)
  364. The Guru (Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer)
  365. The Hard Word (Director: Scott Roberts)
  366. The Heart Of Me (Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
  367. The House Next Door (Director: Joey Travolta)
  368. The Hungry Woman (Director: Glenn Robert Smith)
  369. The Intended (Director: Kristian Levring)
  370. The M.O. Of M.I. (Director: Susan Turley)
  371. The Magdalene Sisters (Director: Peter Mullan)
  372. The Murder (Director: Greg Rempel)
  373. The Nest (Director: Florent-Emilio Siri)
  374. The Nugget (Director: Bill Bennett)
  375. The Other Brother (Director: Mandel Holland)
  376. The Other Side Of The Bed (Director: Emilio Martinez Lázaro)
  377. The Perfect You (Crazy Little Thing) (Director: Matthew Miller)
  378. The Pianist (Director: Roman Polanski)
  379. The Quiet American (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  380. The Reckoning (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  381. The Red Siren (Director: Olivier Megaton)
  382. The Round + Round (Director: Rod Slane)
  383. The Rules Of Attraction (Director: Roger Avery)
  384. The Salton Sea (Director: D.J. Caruso)
  385. The Scoundrel’s Wife (Director: Glen Pitre)
  386. The Sea Is Watching (Director: Kei Kumai)
  387. The Secret Lives Of Dentists (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  388. The Slaughter Rule (Directors: Alex Smith + Andrew J. Smith)
  389. The Source (Director: Steve Taylor)
  390. The Stickup (Director: Rowdy Harrington)
  391. The Streetsweeper (Director: James Hill)
  392. The Sweetest Thing (Director: Roger Kumble)
  393. The Third Society (Director: J.A. Steel)
  394. The Trip (Director: Miles Swain)
  395. The Wisher (Director: Gavin Wilding)
  396. The Year That Trembled (Director: Jay Craven)
  397. Threat Of Exposure (Director: Tom Whitus)
  398. Three Days Of Rain (Director: Michael Meredith)
  399. Till Human Voices Wake Us (Director: Michael Petroni)
  400. Trance (Director: Gary Dean Orona)
  401. Trapped (Director: Luis Mandoki)
  402. Triggermen (Director: John Bradshaw)
  403. Trojan Warrior (Director: Salik Silverstein)
  404. Try Seventeen (Director: Jeffrey Porter)
  405. Turnaround (Director: Jeffrey W. Byrd)
  406. Twin Sisters (Director: Ben Sombogaart)
  407. Unborn But Forgotten (Director: Chang-jae Lim)
  408. Undisputed (Director: Walter Hill)
  409. Unfaithful (Director: Adrian Lyne)
  410. Unspeakable (Director: Thomas J. Wright)
  411. Until Death (Director: Charles Buchanan)
  412. Vampire Clan (Director: John Webb)
  413. Vampires: Los Muertos (Director: Tommy Lee Wallace)
  414. Van Wilder (Van Wilder: Party Liaison) (National Lampoon’s “Van Wilder”) (Director: Walt Becker)
  415. Vatos (Director: Paul Wynne)
  416. WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3 (Directors: Takuji Endo + Fumihiko Takayama
  417. Waking Up In Reno (Director: Jordan Brady)
  418. War (Director: Aleksey Balabanov)
  419. Warrior (Director: Will Harper)
  420. Warrior Angels (Director: Byron W. Thompson)
  421. Washington Heights (Director: Alfredo Rodriguez de Villa)
  422. We Were Soldiers (Director: Randall Wallace)
  423. Welcome To Collinwood (Directors: Anthony Russo + Joe Russo)
  424. West Of Here (Director: Peter Masterson)
  425. Whacked! (Director: James Bruce)
  426. White Boy (Director: John Marino)
  427. Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  428. Windtalkers (Director: John Woo)
  429. WiseGirls (Director: David Anspaugh)
  430. Wishcraft (Directors: Danny Graves + Richard Wenk)
  431. Wolves Of Wall Street (Director: David DeCoteau)
  432. Wrong Number (Director: Richard Middleton)
  433. XX/XY (Director: Austin Chick)
  434. Yesterday (Director: Yun-su Chong)
  435. Yossi + Jagger (Director: Eytan Fox)
  436. You Got Nothin’ (Director: Philip Angelotti)
  437. Zig Zag (Director: David S. Goyer)
  1. In Our Garden (Director: Giuseppe Andrews)
  2. The Story Of O: Untold Pleasures (Director: Phil Leirness)
  3. Thirteen Chimes (13 Curses) (Director: Xavier Villaverde)
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2017.05.18 05:39 PM_ME_UR_FAVE_MOVIES Earmuff's Filmography Guide: Emma Roberts

In memoriam of Scream Queens, 2015-2016.
Hi, I'm Earmuffs, world-renowned starlet stanner and closeted Sam and Cat expert. This may be the start of a series I might do (and if I do, the next one will probably be Taissa Farmiga) where I run down everything I've seen of someone's filmography; obviously not all of it, as there's lots that are mostly irrelevant and I haven't seen, but if I've seen it, it's got a review down below.
First up, the filmography of Emma Rose Roberts!

Part One: The Straight-To-DVD Years

BigLove (2001)

An old-ass short that just... I don't know. Emma and no-name brother are going to school, guy from Moon and discount Harley Quinn have super powers and bring them a folder or something? Reviewers on IMDB call the thing a "role reversal dramedy where mum and dad struggle with their anxiety over the kids leaving each morning" so maybe it's actually 10/10 and I'm too unintelligent to comprehend it? Maybe. Oh yeah, and the Earth has rings around it in the end??
What I'm saying is that that actress looks like Harley Quinn, and this is still better than Suicide Squad.
Watch if... I wouldn't bother. But, if you must, it's on youtube in all its 360p glory.

Grand Champion (2002)

One of the few here I haven't actually watched but wanted to bring up anyway, and I think I'm justified in this one. Something about cow herding. Chances are you'll be able to get exactly what you expect from the trailer; underdog story, calfs, thinly-veiled patriotism, calfs, hats larger than this movie's production budget, calfs... The synopsis says it has a 'toe-tapping surprise ending' so I'm guessing it's a musical in the end. IDK, just go watch La La Land again or something.
Watch if... Uh... Don't.

Unfabulous (2004-2007)

Hey, something relevant! Through the hard work and dedication of Julia Robert's wallet Emma's incredible acting ability, she got her own show on Nickelodeon. Watching this just makes you realize that those stock Disney shows that are the same kind of thing every time are not in the slightest a new invention, as this show pretty much is just that same formula. This show also features the first ever case of the legendary 'mega-bitch Emma' which comes out in the episode The Rep. Which is, like, one of three episodes I remember.
Really, I should have more to talk about a four-season TV show, but it's so painfully run of the mill that there isn't really much I can even talk about that isn't obviously going to be in it.
This show does have its gimmick, as every one of these shows have (you know, something like a dog who runs a blog or something like that) and that's that Emma's character sings. And plays guitar. And that's why we have this monstrosity.
Give New Shoes your 11s.
Watch if... You want mid-2000s Nick nostalgia but are too cool for Lizzie McGuire or Clarissa Explains It All. Alternatively, just watch that Drake and Josh cameo she did. This is a Nick Verse show, after all.

Spymate (2006)

This movie's trailer begins with "from the creators of Air Bud and Most Valuable Primate and only on DVD". Brace yourselves.
Honestly, I love this thing. My simultaneously nostalgic and painfully ironic-humor-loving ass still regards this as a masterpiece. It belongs to that 'animal does things that animal does not normally do' mid-2000s slapstick kid’s movie that was extremely, EXTREMELY popular back in those days.
Emma plays Amelia, an unearthly intelligent ten year old who builds a giant fucking chemical drill and is kidnapped by some mad scientist or whatever so he can use the drill to destroy the world. Amelia's dad and the titular secret agent monkey team up and rescue her, you know the (giant chemical) drill. Think Dunston Checks in crossed with Secret Agent Cody Banks and Catch That Kid or something.
Watch if... You're nostalgic or ironic. Or really, really like monkeys and direct to DVD movies.

Aquamarine (2006)

It's a movie about young girls and mermaids. Just like Spymate, you know what you're getting going in. Interestingly starring Joanna Levesque (AKA JoJo for you popheads in the audience), two girls discover a mermaid in a swimming pool after a storm who promises them a wish each if they can get her hooked up with this life guard. Hijinks ensue. It's fine, I guess, but pretty skippable when it comes to this list thanks to Emma probably being the weakest link of the main cast. This one did actually get a theatrical release and grossed six million more than its budget, but I'll still lump it in here.
Watch if... You're a hardcore JoJo stan.

Era Ranking

  1. Unfabulous
  2. Spymate
  3. Aquamarine
  4. BigLove

Part Two: Relevancy and Halfway Decent Stuff

Nancy Drew (2007)

From what I know this thing doesn't even really have anything to do with Nancy Drew and is just vaguely similar, but I'd be lying if it wasn't pretty enjoyable, even to a cynical old codger like myself. The sets and costumes are pretty nice, if a bit confusing when it comes to figuring out when exactly this thing is set, and for all the holes the plot has it can still be enjoyable and occasionally witty, not even in a switch-your-brain-off kind of way. But really, you're better off watching it with younger siblings or something. Emma herself is Nancy probably the biggest draw the movie has, and this is probably the first movie role she's had where she's really had the ability and the script to be especially charming, making this her first truly 'iconic' role.
Watch if... You need to show something to a younger audience, or just down for some simplistic sleuthing.

Wild Child (2008)

A nostalgic favourite for a lot of people, at least from my experience, Wild Child is the true origin of Emma's reputation as always playing the bitch. Her character, Poppy, is a spoiled and antagonistic brat who can think she can get away with anything just because she's rich as hell. Because of this and a tumultuous relationship with her father, she gets sent off to an English boarding school to bed taught how to behave, where she just enlists a bunch of fellow students to try and get herself expelled. Think a fish out of water story like The Princess Diaries. Clearly a chick flick if there ever was one, it can be pretty fun at times, and an honest recommendation.
Interestingly, this movie was also written by Roald Dahl's daughter. That alone sparks some interest.
Watch if... You just want to watch more of Emma being a bitch.

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

It's Hotel for fuckin Dogs. Come on, you know this one already.
Emma plays a character I forget the name of in a pet-denying orphanage who rescues stray dogs off the street and houses them in an abandoned hotel, thus making it a hotel... For dogs. Wow, this movie is clever. It basically just ends up being Home Alone with dogs in the end, anyway.
Obviously this is a return to dud territory for a now eighteen year old Emma, which would have been run of the mill before her last two movies but just seems like a drop afterwards. Fine for kids, not so much for everyone else.
Watch if... Don't bother. (2010)

Wew lads. This one's a stinker.
Pretty much the entire movie functions as an excuse to push the '4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance.....' tagline and to show a bunch of upskirt shots and lesbian make-out scenes. Even just watching it on some base level for the 'sexy' stuff is barely rewarding. And the nonsensical plot involving a diamond heist or something isn't worth following either, so... Why bother?
Watch if... The answer is don't.

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

My favourite of this category, It's Kind of a Funny Story tells the story of suicidal teenager Craig checking himself into the mental wing of a hospital and, after finding he's stuck in there, befriends fellow patients Bobby and Noelle (played by Zach Galifianakis and, of course, Emma Roberts). Let's see, depressive and reclusive male main character, eccentric female love interest, both around high school age... This was based on a YA novel, wasn't it?
It was, and while this movie doesn't shy away from the overused trope and clichés John Green made so popular (to an almost detrimental degree) this one's still far from the worst that the genre has churned out and is still pretty enjoyable on its own.
Watch if... You enjoyed the likes of The Fault in our Stars, The Spectacular Now or Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

The Art of Getting By (2011)

Remember when I said It's Kind of a Funny Story was far from the worst of the boy meets girl YA genre? Yeah, well, this is that worst I was talking about. Freddie Highmore plays Depressed Boy #21 alongside Emma's Manic Pixie Dream Girl #6. Attempting to capture the slice-of-life kind of story that movies like (500) Days of Summer did so well and just coming out a cliché-ridden and ultimately pretty boring mess, The Art of Getting By does at least hit the same story beats as other movies of the genre, and excessively lazy people like myself can at least get a kick out of identifying with the main character's commitment to avoiding any and all work. Both these actors would go on to play better versions of these characters in Bates Motel and Palo Alto respectively, so there isn't much point to this one.
Watch if... Same as It's Kind of a Funny Story, but only if you've exhausted literally every other possibility.

Scream 4 (2011)

Certainly an interesting one for Emma and one I can't talk too much about without heading into spoiler territory, Scream 4 is (apparently) an improvement for the franchise compared to the other Scream sequels that are so infamously terrible, and even I as a complete newbie to horror movies found it pretty entertaining, mainly for the fun kills and star studded cast (Kristen Bell, Aimee Teegarden, Alison Brie and Courteney Cox all in this too?! Sign me up). It definitely knows what it is, that being Scream 4, with the meta humour and obviously played up kills, and for that I definitely hold a respect.
Watch if... You're a horror movie fan, or want to see Emma in a more non-conventional role.

Era Ranking

  1. It's Kind of a Funny Story
  2. Wild Child
  3. Nancy Drew
  4. Scream 4
  5. Hotel for Dogs
  6. The Art of Getting By

Part Three: The Golden Age

We're The Millers (2013)

You may or may not remember this comedy hitting the theatres four years ago, but more probably saw the advertising than actually saw the movie; it's one of those simply shot, somewhat crudely written mature-rated comedy, though I (and a lot of other people, as the much higher audience score on Rotten Tomatoes seems to indicate) believe this is actually a better one. The concept is awesome, being about a drug dealer who enlists a runaway, a stripper and a dorky teen in his apartment block to pretend to be his family for a drug smuggling job. Emma plays the runaway, another bitchy role for her, though with a much more redeemable and somewhat sympathetic side, and does it really well. The plot in this one's a bit uneven but if you don't mind a fair amount of crude humour you should like it.
Watch if... You're looking for a comedy, but don't want to sink time into Scream Queens.

Adult World (2013)

Fun fact, the set of this one was the first meeting between Evan Peters and Emma. Boy was that the start of something.
In this Emma plays Amy, a pretty naive and somewhat pretentious arts degree graduate convinced that she's going to be the next great poet, who takes a job in an adult shop to be under the tutelage of a successful but withdrawn writer (surprisingly not Evan's character, but John Cusack's). While touted as a comedy it's not exactly laugh-a-minute hilarious, but should be taken as an equal comedy/drama. Hell, it's got a pretty depressing tone, which you wouldn't expect for any traditional comedy.
Emma's character is of debatable quality in this one and could be seen as really great or just insufferable. Personally I see the struggle she obviously goes through trying to achieve this hopeless dream of hers pretty sweet, but at the same time her extreme naivety could easily be annoying. Overall, it's not great, but it's good.
Watch if... You've exhausted most of the other options and enjoy being a depressive wreck.

American Horror Story: Coven (2013)

I constantly find myself debating and being unable to decide whether Chanel Oberlin or Madison is Emma's best role, even if in a lot of ways they are just the same character. Guess Ryan Murphy just really brings out the best in her.
Coven is the third season of AHS, an anthology horror show and one of two that Emma was a main cast member in. While technically having a main character in the form of Taissa Farmiga's Zoe Benson, the season is much more of an ensemble with Emma's Madison definitely being a highlight. The season focuses on Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a secret school and coven for the last few witches in the world as they try to discover the next Supreme, the most powerful witch of this generation and leader of the coven. Madison was a former child star (yes, it's painfully meta) who went off the rails and eventually dropped off the map completely after finding out she was a witch.
I admit that Coven, especially when it comes to the people that would like AHS in the first place, is not to everyone's taste. It's by far the least scary season and pretty camp, but if you watch it in the right mindset the season can be insanely enjoyable.
Watch if... You're an AHS or Ryan Murphy fan, or just like campy stuff.

Palo Alto (2014)

Palo Alto may not actually be a James Franco movie, but if falls into the same category as a lot of the things that guy directs does; it's just meh. While looking nice and hitting all the beats it needs to find, it doesn't really do anything of worthy note or anything especially entertaining. While I think it is worth watching to see Emma in a more different role than usual (she plays a shy, virginal teenager in this one, so practically the exact opposite of her from someone like Madison) and the movie is good, I think there are others that might even by worse, but are more interesting to watch, like Adult World.
Watch if... You enjoy styled over substance, and don't mind a lingering plot.

Ashby (2015)

While less of an Emma vehicle than the advertising might have suggested, Ashby isn't one of the better but is probably one of my personal favourites of this era. Starring Nat Wolff, another favourite actor of mine, playing a high school student who attempts to do a report on the life story of his neighbour Ashby Holt, played by powerhouse Mickey Rourke, who turns out to actually be a retired CIA assassin.
Emma's role in this one is of the love interest Eloise, a bit of a departure from her usual roles as a girl obsessed with neurology and studying human behaviour, to the point where she has a CAT scanner in her house and routinely drags 'interesting' people over there to take a look inside their heads. She shows a lot of pitfalls I'd expect from such a nerdy character, like lack of normal social skills and quick attachment, which could be character traits or bad writing. Depends on the viewer.
Overall this one has the same kind of YA tone as something like It's Kind of a Funny Story, but shows off a lot less of the same tropes and clichés. Nat Wolff's character is a pretty interesting one as well.
Watch if... You're looking for a YA movie without the usual pitfalls.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (2015)

Freak Show remains one of the AHS seasons with a more hotly debated quality, and that's largely due to it being in my opinion one of the most unique seasons. It's one of the only two period seasons, set in 1952 Florida in, who would have thought, a freak show.
Emma in this one plays Maggie Esmerelda, the assistant of a conman wanting to procure body parts of the freaks to sell to museums and who joins the freak show as a fortune teller in order to win their trust. While her character has some bad intentions she's much less a villain than her partner, regularly fighting against his demands and being very obviously regretful of what she's doing.
This season is just depressing. All of the other ones at least try to be more scary in tone, and while the series does have one scary facet in the form of Twisty the Clown, for the most part everything that happens is really just sad. Not in the bawl-your-eyes-out sense, but in the sense that watching it is just draining and disheartening. Not that it's bad, and it's still got plenty of Ryan Murphy cheese, but it's got its moments.
It did, however, give us Dandy Mott, one of the greatest characters AHS has ever had. And that's a fact.
Watch if... You want AHS but something a little less melodramatic.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015)

Disclaimer: As a mega fan of both Emma and Kiernan Shipka, I'm legally required to like this movie. Note my bae bias.
Blackcoat's Daughter is another style over substance movie, but this time the style is pretty damn amazing. When I say style I include things like tone and atmosphere, and for a horror movie like this one style is half the substance anyway. A horror movie about two girls trapped in their boarding school over the winter break and having to survive a malevolent and mysterious supernatural force, the whole thing feels oppressive and bleak (helped a great deal by its cinematography) and features some pretty good performances from the leads. While it may not be deep in any way, it is an exceptionally good horror movie that I think should be at the least satisfying to horror fans.
Watch if... You want something horror, but without the cheese of Scream 4 or a Ryan Murphy production.

Scream Queens (2015-2016)

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am slightly obsessed with this show.
Starting off set in Kappa Kappa Tau, a prestigious sorority house at a university, Scream Queens revolves around new pledge Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) joining the sorority only for a killer known as the Red Devil to suddenly start murdering the girls inside, prompting Grace to begin an investigation.
I'll get it out of the way now; the mystery ranges from ok to plain bad. Hell, in the second season they even straight up abandon the mystery in the end just because it's pretty obvious nobody really cares about it anymore. To throw some other cons out there, Grace is a pretty boring protagonist; I get she's meant to be the everyman, but she's too straight-laced and bland for me. I like her, but not as much as some other characters.
Speaking of which, THE CHARACTERS. The true stars of this show are the Chanels, the head bitches of the sorority named after their leader Chanel Oberlin (played by, of course, Emma) the others only known at first as Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin). #4 died of meningitis. Later in season one also gives us the addition of Chanel #6, and Chanels #7 to 11 plus an extra are all recruited in the second season. Vapid, horrible, abusive and hilarious, the show makes them the protagonists in the second season and it's an obvious improvement. They're all very distinct as well, Chanel being the ultra-rich bitch, #2 being a ditzy alcoholic, #3 being my flair an apathetic cynic and #5 being a klutz and the somewhat most pathetic one yet often the only Chanel voice of reason.
The show also sports an amazing cast of side characters that for some fans even trump the Chanels; Dean Munsch, the quintessential scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis playing the proudly sarcastic and sometimes destructive head of the school, Chad Radwell, Chanel's boyfriend and the jockiest prettyboy you'll ever see, Denise Hemphill, the loud and erratic security guard who's simultaneously terrible and amazing at her job, Slayday Zayday Williams, Hester Ulrich Deaf Taylor Swift, Predatory Lez, Candle Girl... The number of hilarious characters here is almost stifling. And season two doesn't let up in the slightest.
It's not for everyone, I know; it's incredibly overblown and vapid, the plot is weak and the tone can frustratingly vary in tons of places, but if you can get really attached to the characters and get caught up in their relationships and iconic quotes, I think this one's a truly a gem.
Watch if... You are a human being.

Nerve (2016)

Nerve is Emma's most high-profile movie since We're The Millers, and thankfully this one showed her playing something other than a bitch; this time in the role of Vee, a somewhat level-headed teenage hipster who gets caught up in an underground online game where players are dared by people watching to perform dares steadily increasing in intensity for cash.
Vee is kind of bland but she's not bad, perfectly enjoyable as a protagonist. This movie is definitely style over substance, with the cinematography filled with lots of neon and other tech-inspired aesthetics; the movie definitely takes the fact this Nerve is an online game and runs with it visually. The plot gets a bit nonsensical at times and has some massive holes (personally, I think Sydney should have been the protagonist of this movie, but whatever) but if you can ignore those it's a fun concept executed decently.
Watch if... You're looking for something less niche.

Era Ranking

  1. Scream Queens
  2. American Horror Story: Coven
  3. The Blackcoat's Daughter
  4. Nerve
  5. We're The Millers
  6. Ashby
  7. American Horror Story: Freak Show
  8. Palo Alto
  9. Adult World

Part Four: The Future

Four Seasons (coming 2017) is a comedy/drama with Emma and Jane Levy of Don't Breathe and Evil Dead (2013) fame, about 'two siblings struggle to forge their own identities and rise above the chaos, when their parents file for a divorce'. That synopsis certainly sounds like something more dramatic than comedic, and could end up being like Adult World, but we'll probably know more about the tone when trailers and the like come out. The director-writer duo haven't done anything else of note and there's not too much info, so aside from the presence of Emma and Jane there isn't too much I'm hyped about.
Billionaire Boys Club (coming 2017), on the other hand, is by far the movie I'm most excited for; not just for Emma, but also Billie Lourd's cinematic debut (aside from Force Awakens, but that barely counts). Combined with a really stellar cast of Taron Egerton, Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort and Judd Nelson, a sophisticated and vintage 80's setting and a plotline about a get-rich-quick scheme turning deadly all combine to make this one a movie I'm definitely waiting for.
Who We Are Now (coming 2018) is probably the movie I have the second largest amount of hype for, mainly because of it being a unique role for Emma; that of a mother sentenced to ten years in jail for manslaughter and who enlists a public defines lawyer, I believe being played by Zachary Quinto, to help her children. We've never really seen Emma in an older, motherly role before so it should be interesting, plus even if they were in different seasons it's technically an AHS reunion. So hey, that's something.
In A Relationship (coming 2018) I know nothing about. I know that Emma's in it and that it's a romance, but the directowritecast isn't that notable and there's no plot anywhere. But hey. It's a thing.
Now I See You (coming whenever) is one I literally read about minutes before finishing this post, and actually does sound interesting. A drama based off a memoir written by Nicole Kear, the movie will revolve around a woman who finds out she'll lose her eyesight in a few years and goes about trying to make the most of her eyesight as it slowly fades away. I'd probably say I'm as hype for this as I am Who We Are Now; the premise is interesting, but aside from that don't really have anything else.
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