Park Jin-hee TV-program

i thought that they will continue the love story of PARK JIN HEE and PARK SHIN YANG during the last 4 bonus episodes..but instead they introduce new characters like the one who replaced PARK JIN HEE as PARK SHIN YANG’s girlfriend…it makes the story complicated… Memory (Korean: 기억; Hanja: 記憶; RR: Gi-eok) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Sung-min, Kim Ji-soo and Park Jin-hee. It replaced Signal and aired on cable network tvN on Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 (KST) from March 18, 2016 to May 7, 2016 for 16 episodes. With Park Jin-hee, Lee Jin-wook, Shin Sung-rok, Bong Tae-gyu, Park Ki-woong, Jung Eun-chae,... 34 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 (2x35min) Synopsis A poor lawyer who is the host of a legal TV show called 'Return' gets involved with a case, a murder for which children of high class families have been identified as culprits. Park Jin-hee (left) and Song Il-gook pose at a press event for their new TV drama 'Fermented Family' in Seoul on Monday. /Newsis. Park Jin-hee (left) and Song Il-gook. Park Jin-hee. Lee Dae-geun, director Park Chan-hong, Song Il-gook, Park Jin-hee, Lee Min-young, Choi Jae-sung and Kim Young-hoon Actress Park Jin-hee is starring in the MBC drama 'Triangle - Drama'. Her role of the profiler is a connection to Jang Dong-soo, the first detective of the three brothers acted out by Lee Beom-soo. She was specially employed by the police department. As important as any male in the drama, Park Jin-hee has many ties with the staff on this drama. Desc: I Have a Lover is a 2015-2016 South Korean television series starring Kim Hyun-joo, Ji Jin-hee, Park Han-byul and Lee Kyu-han. It aired on SBS's Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 time slot from August 22, 2015 to February 28, 2016 for 50 episodes. Park Hae Jin decided to not participate in a Chinese New Year special TV program called 'Star Avenue (星光大道).' Actor Park Hae Jin received an official invitation from the production team of channel CCTV's 'Star Avenue (星光大道),' which is one of the most representative of Chinese New Year special TV program.

Premiere Week: "18 Again", "The Zombie Detective", "The School Nurse Files", "More Than Friends" & "SF8: Love Virtually"

2020.09.20 14:45 masbond84 Premiere Week: "18 Again", "The Zombie Detective", "The School Nurse Files", "More Than Friends" & "SF8: Love Virtually"

JTBC' 18 Again
KBS2' The Zombie Detective
Netflix' The School Nurse Files
JTBC' More Than Friends
MBC' SF8: Love Virtually
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2020.06.05 03:20 ThatMidoriTachibana The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards Megathread

Today is finally the day! The ultimate showdown between Korea's best—both in film and television—has finally dawned upon us!

Welcome to the Baeksang Arts Awards megathread!

The Baeksang Arts Awards is the most prestigious awards show in Korea held annually by Ilgan Sports publisher IS PLUS Corp. since 1965. It honors outstanding achievements in the South Korean entertainment industry and to garner public attention upon the best in Korean films, television, and theater. It was established by Chang Key-young, founder of the Hankook Ilbo newspaper, whose pen name was "Baeksang."
The 56th edition on June 5 will be aired live on JTBC, JTBC2 and JTBC4, as well as streamed worldwide via VLIVE. It will be hosted by Shin Dong-yup, Bae Suzy and Park Bo-gum for the third consecutive year. It will also be held without an audience. The red carpet will be live-streamed here via Tiktok on 3:30pm KST.
The presenter lineup has been announced. (Full article here) Last year's Grand Prize winners Jung Woo-sung (Film, Innocent Witness) and Kim Hye-ja (Television, The Light in Your Eyes) will present this year's Grand Prize. Upcoming tvN drama It's Okay Not to be Okay co-stars Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji will present the awards for Best Drama and Best Film. Upcoming OCN drama Train co-stars Yoon Shi-yoon and Kyung Soo-jin will present the Technical Awards, while Girls' Generation's Seohyun and Go Kyung-pyo (Her Private Life) will present the Best Screenplay awards. Kim Yoo-jung and Im Si-wan will present the Tiktok Popularity Award; while Jang Ki-yong, Kim Hye-yoon, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Jae-in will present the Best New Actor and Best New Actress award for both television and film. Other presenters include Lee Byung-hoon, Yum Jung-ah, Han Ji-min, Lee Sung-min, Go Soo, Ahn So-hee, Park Hae-joon, Kwon So-hyun, Lee Jung-eun, Kim Byung-chul, Jang Seung-jo, Lee Elijah, Jin Sun-kyu, Seo Yi-sook, Sung Soo-yeon, and Jun Hyun-moo.
This is where I'll be live blogging what's happening on the ground. Good luck to all the nominees.
It's showtime.
Best Entertainment Program: Mister Trot (TV Chosun)
Best Variety Performer (Male): Yoo Jae-suk (How Do You Play?)
Best Variety Performer (Female): Park Na-rae (I Live Alone)
Technical Award: Jang Yeon-wook (Great Escape 3)
Award count:

Live blog:

Thank you to all who read through and enjoyed the megathread. Till next year!
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2020.03.22 15:12 masbond84 Premiere Week: "365: Repeat the Year", "A Piece of Your Mind", "Meow the Secret Boy", "A World of Married Couple", "Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon"", "Rugal", "Once Again", "Somehow Family"

MBC' 365: Repeat the Year
tvN' A Piece of Your Mind
KBS2' Meow the Secret Boy
JTBC' A World of Married Couple
Channel A' Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon
OCN' Rugal
KBS2' Once Again
TV Chosun' Somehow Family
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2019.12.28 01:27 angellove_rm Watch: PD Na Young Suk’s New Variety Show Drops 1st Teaser Starring Lee Seung Gi, WINNER’s Song Mino, And More

PD Na Young Suk’s new tvN variety show has released its first teaser!
tvN’s upcoming show “Friday Night” (literal title) is an omnibus-style program with six short-form segments that focus on different themes like sports, science, art, travel, cooking, and factories. Each segment will feature different cast members, including Lee Seung Gi, WINNER’s Song Mino, Lee Seo Jin, Jang Do Yeon, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, announcer Park Ji Yoon, soccer commentator Han Joon Hee, and professors Kim Sang Wook and Yang Jung Moo.
The teaser begins with the members introducing the title of the show. Lee Seo Jin adds, “I don’t really know what kind of program it is, but many other people will be appearing on it besides me.” Jang Do Yeon asks in surprise, “10 people will be on the show?” Meanwhile, Song Mino comments, “I’m curious to find out what will happen on Friday night.”
Hong Jin Kyung lays out the format of the show, explaining, “‘Friday Night’ will follow an omnibus format. Aren’t you so curious about it? In one program, there will be six special and secretive segments.”
Finally, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin announce that the show premieres on January 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST. Na Young Suk then tells Lee Seo Jin to say, “To our beloved audience, please receive my kneeling bow.” Lee Seo Jin jokingly responds, “You do the kneeling bow.”
tvN’s “Friday Night” premieres on January 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!
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2019.12.26 10:16 skyjungle Lee Seung Gi, Song Mino, Eun Ji Won, And More Join PD Na Young Suk’s New Variety Show

PD Na Young Suk’s new tvN variety show has announced its star-studded cast lineup!
Titled “Friday Night,” (literal title) the new program will consist of six short-form segments with different themes like sports, science, art, travel, cooking, and factories.
It will be co-directed by PD Na Young Suk and PD Jang Eun Jung of “Three Meals a Day: Seaside Ranch” and “Korean Hostel in Spain.”
Different cast members will appear in each segment. The members were revealed to be WINNER’s Song Mino, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Do Yeon, announcer Park Ji Yoon, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, Lee Seo Jin, soccer commentator Han Joon Hee, professor Kim Sang Wook, and professor Yang Jung Moo.
PD Jang Eun Jung shared, “Short content, or the so-called short-form content, is rising as the hottest trend in mobile content. In line with this trend, ‘Friday Night’ will tie together several different short segments that are around 10 minutes long. We have gathered people who specialize in different fields like sports, science, art, travel, cooking, and more. They will provide lots of entertainment, so please look forward to it.”
“Friday Night” premieres on January 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST.
Source: Soompi
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2019.12.15 06:02 MyIifeisG Knowing Bros E209 19.12.14 Ji Suk Jin, Park Jung-ah

Knowing Bros is a school-themed variety program that invites guests (or "transfer students") into their class for a day. The transfer students asks the class questions about themselves and challenge the class to compete in something they're confident in. The cast members joke about everything and does not hold back much.
The second part of the show is filled with either a improv skit, some form of competition or a physical education class.



SNS: Instagrams
Bonus Clip: BTS/Selfcam
Quality Release Magnet
720p 720p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:AFE85AFE49100BBB0EFDA203B5EEAD5E0C7BF1A9
Stream Subs
VIU Subscene Zippy
VIU is a licensed free-to-stream website, which locks their newest content for 72 hours for premium users. All their content is available for free after 72 hours. VIU is available in Singapore, with some of its content also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & India.

Upcoming Episodes

December 21, 2019 E210 Lee Dong-gook, Sian (A.K.A Daebak) Preview

Older Episodes & More @ Knowing Bros Wiki

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2019.12.08 10:07 MyIifeisG Knowing Bros E208 19.08.07 EXO (Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun)

Knowing Bros is a school-themed variety program that invites guests (or "transfer students") into their class for a day. The transfer students asks the class questions about themselves and challenge the class to compete in something they're confident in. The cast members joke about everything and does not hold back much.
The second part of the show is filled with either a improv skit, some form of competition or a physical education class.



SNS: Instagrams
Bonus Clip: BTS/Selfcam
Quality Release Magnet
720p 720p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EF86B1CBF69EC52612D1501AE1A0A7F8EB65354B
Stream Subs
VIU Subscene Zippy
VIU is a licensed free-to-stream website, which locks their newest content for 72 hours for premium users. All their content is available for free after 72 hours. VIU is available in Singapore, with some of its content also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & India.

Upcoming Episodes

December 14, 2019 E209 Ji Seok-jin, Park Jung Ah Preview

Older Episodes & More @ Knowing Bros Wiki

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2019.10.29 11:19 masbond84 Kim Heechul And Kim Dong Jun To Star In Cooking Variety Show With Baek Jong Won And Yang Se Hyung

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Kim Dong Jun will be joining Baek Jong Won and Yang Se Hyung in SBS’s cooking variety show “Delicious Rest Stop” (literal title)!
“Delicious Rest Stop” originally aired in September as a Chuseok special pilot starring Jay Park, Baek Jin Hee, Yang Se Hyung, and Baek Jong Won. The show recorded high viewership ratings of 6 percent and was turned into a regular program.
The show stars the original cast members Baek Jong Won and Yang Se Hyung from the pilot as well as newly added members Kim Heechul and Kim Dong Jun. Kim Heechul previously appeared in “Mystery Kitchen” (literal title) with Baek Jong Won.
The show will follow Baek Jong Won and the cast members as they use local specialties to develop new dishes and cook them up for passerby at places like rest stops, train stations, and airports where large numbers of people come and go.
Like “Little Forest,” “Delicious Rest Stop” will air in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama slot. The premiere is scheduled for December.
Source: Soompi
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2019.09.29 08:35 MyIifeisG Knowing Bros E198 19.09.28 Lee Man-ki, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-ran, Shin Bong-sun, Lee Yi-kyung, Jin Ah-reum, NCT (Taeyong, Jaehyun)

Knowing Bros is a school-themed variety program that invites guests (or "transfer students") into their class for a day. The transfer students asks the class questions about themselves and challenge the class to compete in something they're confident in. The cast members joke about everything and does not hold back much.
The second part of the show is filled with either a improv skit, some form of competition or a physical education class.



Special Guest

SNS: Instagrams
Bonus Clip: BTS/Selfcam
Quality Release Magnet
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VIU Here
VIU is a licensed free-to-stream website, which locks their newest content for 72 hours for premium users. All their content is available for free after 72 hours. VIU is available in Singapore, with some of its content also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & India.

Upcoming Episodes

October 5, 2019 E199 Baek Ji-young, Son Ho-young, Kim Tae-woo Preview

Older Episodes & More @ Knowing Bros Wiki

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2019.09.29 08:23 MyIifeisG Knowing Bros E197 19.09.21 Pak Se-ri, Lee Sang-hwa

Knowing Bros is a school-themed variety program that invites guests (or "transfer students") into their class for a day. The transfer students asks the class questions about themselves and challenge the class to compete in something they're confident in. The cast members joke about everything and does not hold back much.
The second part of the show is filled with either a improv skit, some form of competition or a physical education class.



SNS: Instagrams
Bonus Clip: BTS/Selfcam
Quality Release Magnet
720p 720p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:32EF43638C8885CADA54374FE1DE1E99B56BF5C9
Stream Subs
VIU Here
VIU is a licensed free-to-stream website, which locks their newest content for 72 hours for premium users. All their content is available for free after 72 hours. VIU is available in Singapore, with some of its content also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & India.

Upcoming Episodes

September 28, 2019 E198 Lee Man-ki, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-ran, Shin Bong-sun, Lee Yi-kyung, Jin Ah-reum, NCT (Taeyong, Jaehyun) Preview

Older Episodes & More @ Knowing Bros Wiki

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2019.05.01 06:38 Rokefre Subbed TV appearances and other videos (update from an archived thread)

Update 1: Someone pointed me in the direction of a very excellent resource right here on Reddit that is better organized and has pretty much everything I have and some things I don't. You can find it here.
Update 2: OMG! My first and second silver. As the ladies would say, thank you for loving me so much. :-D Uh...finger-thumbs? <3 And a platinum. I'm honored!

There was a thread on this sub a while back with links to various television appearances by members of Blackpink. It's now archived, so I couldn't add to it, and it seems to be inactive in general, so I thought I'd build off the old post for the benefit of any new Blinks (like me)!
I've included filmed appearances on radio programs and web exclusive content, but not subbed VLives because I've only seen a handful and I'm not sure where the best place would be to start trying to collate which ones are and aren't subbed.
If you know of any others, please add them in the comments with a link and I'll try to keep this updated as well as I'm able.
Note: If you have difficulty getting vids to load on KShow, try looking at the full episode list and clicking on the episode you want from there. Alternately, a Google search might take you to landing pages on YGUnited or other sites that might work better for you.

Weekly Idol, episode 277 (subbed) - BP's first appearance on a Korean variety show
Running Man, episode 330 (subbed) - BP play games for prizes (they are introduced around 15 minutes in, but the intro gives you a good sense of what fun this show is)
Radio Star, episode 509 (subbed) - Jisoo and Rose on a radio chat-style show
Get It Beauty, episode 2 (subbed) - BP share their make-up preferences and tips
King of Masked Signer, episodes 103-104 - Rose competes against other singers, all hidden by masks
My Little Television, episode 97 (subbed) - BP competes with other groups by giving a presentation about the dangers of fine dust
My Little Television, episode 98 (subbed) - BP continues to compete with the other groups by giving a follow-up presentation on foods that can cleanse fine dust from your system (and other stuff!)
MBC Section TV Idol Men - I'm not sure if this is part of a bigger episode of something, but this is the longest version I could find
Night of Real Entertainment, episode 26 - a brief interview with BP
Weekly Idol, episode 310 (subbed) - BP returns to Weekly Idol
Fantastic Duo 2, episodes 15-16 (subbed) - Jisoo and Lisa are on the panel of a competition between two established singers
OnStyle's Attraction TV, episodes 56-58 (subbed) - Lisa takes a camera and goes where she wants!
Style Follow, Episode 13 (subbed) - BP give style and beauty tips
King of Masked Singer, episodes 121-122 (subbed) - Jisoo is on the panel of this game show
Knowing Brothers, episode 87 (subbed) - BP teaches class, are hilarious, and then things take a turn for the hilariously spooky - Note: This episode (and many others) is actually available on Netflix (in the US) under the show name, Men on a Mission. It is in the 2017 season, episode 17.
Fantastic Duo 2, episode 19-20 (subbed) - Rose is a contestant, then a panel member
JYP's Party People, episode 4 (subbed) - BP goes on a very trendy variety show to perform, chat, and more
Get It Beauty 2017, episode 23 (subbed) - Lisa
MIXNINE, episode 4 (subbed) - Jennie is a guest judge on a reality show where people compete to be the next group to debut - She doesn't show up until more than an hour into this nearly two hour long episode and then only for about a minute, but it's a pretty interesting show and I suggest people give it a watch from the start (even if there was some scandal in the aftermath of the series)
Get It Beauty (subbed) - Jisoo is going to be a cover model, so the Get It Beauty gals compete with different make-up styles to see who can do it best
Note: These are cut really weird to focus almost exclusively on when Jisoo is on screen, so they're a little disjointed as opposed to being full episodes.
Blackpink House, playlist (subbed, playlist) - BP has their own reality-style show
Idol Room, episode 7 (subbed) - BP joins the former hosts of Weekly Idol on their new show
Unexpected Q, episode 11 (subbed) - Jisoo is a surprise guest on a variety show than includes games and quizzes
Night of Real Entertainment, episode 71
Running Man, episode 409 (subbed) - Jisoo and Jennie return to Running Man (this is the source infamous Jennie gets scared in a haunted house; trust me, it's even funnier if you see what Jennie was like before going into the haunted house)
Running Man, episode 413 (subbed) - Jennie returns to Running Man all on her own!
Wednesday Food Talk, episode 132 (auto-subbed, playlist) - Jisoo talks food with a panel of expert (I could not find a vid of this with actual subs, only the YouTube playlist that will attempt to automatically provide English subtitles, which aren't great)
Amazing Saturday, episode 21 (subbed) - Jisoo and Rose
Real Men 300, episodes 1-6 (subbed) - Lisa and other Korean celebrities go through military training
Village Survival, the Eight, episodes 1-6 - Jennie is a cast member on a mystery variety show
We Will Channel You, episodes 5 (subbed) - BP are introduced around one hour eight minutes in
We Will Channel You, episode 6 (subbed) - BP reacts to segments, then show off their pets (BP pets starts around one hour five minutes in)
We Will Channel You, episode 7 - Jennie shows up for a couple minutes to be wooed with an acrostic poem (I haven't found a subbed version of this episode yet)
We Will Channel You, episode 10 - haven't found a subbed version of this yet
We Will Channel You, episode 14 (subbed) - BP watch some dudes eat some foods, then go in search of "golden hands"
Blackpink Diaries (subbed, playlist) - a current semi-vlog of Blackpink's latest activities
Star Road, episode 1 (subbed, playlist) - BP are tested on knowledge of each other, give brief language lessons, and more
Stage K (subbed) - BP watch and react to dance performance covers of their music
Other Subbed Videos
SBS Youngstreet Radio (subbed) - BP goes on a radio interview with a Korean comedienne
Arirang Radio (in English)
SBS Youngstreet Radio (subbed) - BP returns to Youngstreet with Lee Gukjoo
Cultwo Radio Show (subbed) - BP on a radio interview with another guest, Heize
Kiss the Radio (subbed) - BP does another radio interview
Cool FM Park Myungsoo's Radio Show (subbed, audio only)
Square Up V-Live Broadcast (subbed)
Cool FM Volume Up with Lee Suhyun (subbed) - BP's first radio interview after the release of Ddu-du Ddu-du - the girls are particularly adorable singing along to the songs in this video
Suk Jin radio interview (subbed) - BP promotes Ddu-du Ddu-du comeback and talks a bit about themselves - audio isn't in sync with video, but the subtitles keep pace and it's only about a second off
Boom Boom Power by DJ Boom (subbed) - BP promoting Ddu-du Ddu-du once more, with some pretty great questions from DJ Boom
Cool FM Music Show with Moon Hee Jun (subbed) - BP still promoting Ddu-du Ddu-du
Love Game (subbed) - BP promoting Ddu-du Ddu-du
Line Live (subbed) - BP in Japan after the release of the Japanese version of Ddu-du Ddu-du
Cool FM Myungsoo Radio Show (subbed) - BP on the radio, audio only
1000th Day VLive (subbed) - BP eat a late dinner in their hotel room after one of their last concerts in the US
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2019.04.04 17:00 alleybetwixt The Who's Who of Burning Molka: A comprehensive list of the names involved

BURNING MOLKA ARCHIVE WIKI will contain all future updates for this listing.
This post was last updated on 190915 at 6:55PM KST
This is a compiled list of all the significant figures involved in the Burning Molka scandals. It is our attempt to make an easier-to-read breakdown that focuses on the Who's Who of these cases and what they did.

⚠ TRIGGER WARNING: This will be the only warning in this post. The contents of many of these stories and notes may be triggering. If you are sensitive to straightforward mentions of criminal activity, especially regarding sexual assault/rape, do not continue. ⚠

There are two primary threads to follow in this story. One thread is Burning Sun and the general club culture of Gangnam. This includes illegal activities (drug use and dealing, gambling, entry of minors, sexual assault, illegal hidden cameras set up to film sexual abuse, tax evasion, embezzlement) and police colluding to cover up and/or participate in these activities. The other is the celebrity members of chatrooms sharing molka (illegally filmed videos, especially sexually exploitative in nature). They are intertwined as they involve some of the same people.
The ever-growing web of these stories are happening concurrently with a widespread spy-cam (molka) epidemic (hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public restrooms, etc) as well as a feminist movement (#MeToo) where awareness is being raised of the patriarchal culture of South Korea, which has facilitated sexual harassment and abuse of women as a 'norm'.
Throughout all cases, there are authority figures (police, politicians, celebrities, chaebols) committing crimes. Due to their wealth, power, and the entrenched corruption of those that could bring them justice--they get away with it.
(190503 Expansion) The two primary threads of Burning Sun and molka-sharing chatrooms have split into a few further threads through the investigations. As it stands now, there are essentially five threads.
CedarBough T. Saeji wrote an excellent piece introducing these threads and the ways they are connected within the larger cultural context of South Korea. Highly recommended reading!
KOREA EXPOSÉ - South Korea’s Corruption, Exposed by the Burning Sun
(see footnote in comments about all the Kims and repetitious names)

Directly involved:

  • Seungri/Lee Seung Hyun (BIGBANG and executive director of Burning Sun):
    • Admitted to charge of sharing illegal/pornographic imagery (it's unknown if this was molka he was re-sharing from somewhere else or just a random image).
    • Laughed in reaction to seeing illegal photos being shared in chatroom.
    • Admitted to tax evasion at Monkey Museum.
    • Embezzled funds from Monkey Museum and Burning Sun (tens of thousands of dollars). Charged for occupational embezzlement.
    • Alleged to have facilitated escorts for foreign investors at an event in Seoul in July 2016, at Club Arena in 2015, a Christmas party in 2015, and his Philippines birthday party in 2017.
    • During his pre-trial detention hearing, Seungri confirmed he had personally solicited prostitution.
    • Seungri left BIGBANG. Was released from his contract with YG Ent. Retired from the industry. Was largely removed from YG Ent. website and BIGBANG merchandise.
    • Will be sent a draft notice after June 25th at which point he will decide to enlist or postpone. If Seungri's case goes to prosecution, it will not have any affect on his enlistment unless he is arrested/detained at some point.
    • Forwarded to prosecution on 7 charges including: prostitution solicitation, prostitution mediation, embezzlement (from Burning Sun), embezzlement of attorney fees, instigating destruction of evidence, violation of the Food and Sanitation Act, and violation of the 'Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes'. (190625)
  • Jung Joon Young (singesongwriter, band Drug Restaurant, TV personality):
    • Charged with 11 counts of filming and sharing molka of him having sex with women. Arrested. Trial begins May 10th, 2019.
    • Suspected of soliciting prostitution while filming abroad in Germany (2016).
    • Jung Joon Young had 23 chat rooms, with 16 people involved.
    • Make Us Ent. terminated his contract.
    • In 2016, he was accused of illegally filming a sexual encounter with a woman without consent, but the charges had been dropped. With the present investigation, it was discovered that police who had been investigating that case in 2016 went to the forensic company working on Jung Joon Young's phone, asking for them to announce that the phone's files could not be restored. The files were never turned over for further investigation.
    • Jung joon Young admitted to all 11 charges of filming or distributing molka at his pre-trial hearing (190510).
  • Yoo In Suk/Mr. Yoo (Yuri Holdings CEO):
    • Resigned from his position as CEO of Yuri Holdings, which is the company founded by both him and Seungri in 2016. It operated multiple businesses, including the Burning Sun club.
    • Embezzled funds from Monkey Museum and Burning Sun (tens of thousands of dollars). Charged for occupational embezzlement.
    • Facilitated prostitution
    • Helped to cover up Choi Jong Hoon's DUI
    • Implicated Superintendent Yoon during investigations.
    • His wife, Park Han Byul (actress/model), also claimed she received K-Pop concert tickets from Choi Jong Hoon
    • Provided details about soliciting prostitution with Seungri in 2015. They paid for two prostitutes at Seungri's apartment. Yoo In Suk stated their intention was to 'test their quality' ahead of Japanese investors they would be entertaining the following day. The two women confirmed they had been sent to the apartment by their madame.
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FTISLAND):
    • Bribed police for assistance in covering-up DUI (offered $9,000). Charged with 5 counts of distributing molka and one charge of filming molka himself.
    • Departed from FTISLAND. FNC Entertainment officially terminated his exclusive contract. Retired from industry.
    • Arrested.
    • Forwarded to prosecution with a recommendation of indictment for group sexual assault on two occasions in January and March of 2016 (190516).
    • Indicted on charges of sexual assault (190603). (The previous week he had filed a habeas corpus petition in objection to his detainment, requesting the courts re-review his case. Judge Lee Il Yeom rejected his petition.)
  • Yong Jun Hyung (HIGHLIGHT): Was in a 1-on-1 chatroom with Jung Joon Young. Admitted to participating in inappropriate conversations about molka. Departed from HIGHLIGHT. Enlisted for military service (190402).
  • Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE): Confirmed to be in chatroom where molka was shared. Admitted to participating in inappropriate sexual conversations degrading women. Currently in military service. He's 'deeply reflecting' and still supported by his agency, FNC Ent. He announced his departure from CNBLUE through FNC Entertainment, apologizing for bringing harm to the members and disappointment to fans. (This came after a strange private interaction with a YouTuber Park Min Jung on Instagram while serving in the military, which she made public. She apologized and removed the post after it hit the news.) (190828)
  • Mr. Kim (Burning Sun merchandiser): Employee at Burning Sun. Known as Jung Joon Young's "hidden camera mate". Set up hidden spy cams to film illegally in the club over 10 months. Uploaded molka of himself raping a woman to the group chatroom. Arrested. Indicted for sexual assault while overseas.
  • Eddy Kim (singesongwriter): Was in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young where molka was shared. He admitted to uploading one sexual photo from the internet.
  • Roy Kim (singesongwriter): Was in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young. Booked for sharing a photo (unconfirmed if molka). Graduated from Georgetown University, but did not participate in the ceremony.
  • Jung Joon Young participated in a temporary group chat along with cast-mates for JTBC's 'Hitmaker' (variety show). Reportedly, he took photos of a flight attendant's body (nature unknown) and shared them in the chat. Other cast members present in the chat were Kangin (Super Junior), Jeong Jin Woon (2AM), and Lee Chul Woo (model). Investigation determined these three did not share molka themselves and police stated they had no plans to investigate them further, referencing them only as witnesses present in the chat.
  • Kwon Hyuk Joon (SNSD Yuri's brother): Kicked out of group chatroom after being caught doing drugs (marijuana?). Mr. Kim (Burning Sun employee) reportedly filmed Kwon raping victim B and shared the video to the chatroom. Arrested on sexual assault charges. Forwarded to prosecution with a recommendation of indictment for group sexual assault (190516).
  • T: Member of a Jung Joon Young chat where there was discussion about sexual exploits, women were degraded in a variety of vulgadehumanizing ways, and drugging and raping a woman was described in some detail. Two women were described as being like comfort women.
  • P: same as T
  • K: same as T
  • Senior Police Officer Superintendent Yoon: Booked for violating the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act for taking bribes/gifts in the form of BIGBANG concert tickets (from Seungri), a meal and a golf game (from Yoo In Suk). Removed from his position. Fowarded to prosecution for obstructing rights when providing confidential police information to Yoo In Suk about possible suspicious activity at Monkey Museum. Yoon was cleared of charges regarding receiving bribes from Seungri and Yoo In Suk because the total amount ($2,250) was less than the threshold ($2,518) of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act. But he will pay a fine and the Inspection Department will determine how he should be disciplined.
  • Senior Inspectors A and B: Both forwarded to prosecution. 'A' for helping to convey confidential information to Superintendent Yoon and 'B' for violating confidentiality for revealing police information.
  • Superintendent Kim (resident officer in Malaysia): Associated with Yoo In Suk and Park Han Byul. (Likely the figure who accepted bribe from Choi Jong Hoon to cover up his DUI.)
  • Mr. Kang (former Police Detective): Known as the 'Nighttime Troubleshooter' in Gangnam. Supposedly received regular bribes ($2,000/month or $5,000 for bigger issues). Allowed entry of a minor at Burning Sun. Received bribes through Choi, who was part of club Monkey Museum's crew.
  • Mr. Lim (Arena club's CEO): Arrested for tax evasion (evaded 16.2 billion won from 2014 to 2017).
  • Mr. Kang (Arena club's owner): Arrested for tax evasion (evaded 16.2 billion won from 2014 to 2017). Believed to have lobbied tax agencies during the tax investigation to Arena last year. He operated 16 clubs in Gangnam.
  • Mr. Jang (Burning Sun Director): Participated in the assault of Kim Sang Kyo along with security guards. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault.
  • Jang (Burning Sun security guard manager): Participated in the assault of Kim Sang Kyo along with security guards. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault.
  • Lee Moon Ho (Burning Sun co-CEO): Investigated as a suspect relating to drug use (more than 10 times) and distribution. Police seized his home and banned him from leaving the country. His initial arrest warrant was rejected despite testing positive for drugs. Arrested on suspicions of drug use, distribution, and destruction of evidence (190419). Transferred to prosecution. Sentenced to 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service. He would receive 1.5 years in prison if involved with any further criminal activity. (190822)
  • Lee Sung Hyun (Burning Sun co-CEO): Former board member in association with Le Méridien Seoul hotel. Testified in court that he bribed Mr. Kang (former Gangnam station police officer) to cover up the illegal entry of minors to the club (July 2018). Lee stated that he informed his co-CEO Lee Moon Ho of this, but not Seungri.
  • Anna (merchandisepromoter for Burning Sun): Interrogated by the police under suspicion of selling drugs to VIP clients at Burning Sun. Tested positive for methamphetamine, ecstasy, opium, marijuana, and ketamine. Request for arrest warrant regarding drug distribution, denied. Her case was transferred to prosecution.
  • Mr. Ji (Seungri's former manager): Was paid a salary of about $2,645 every month through Burning Sun, even though he was an employee of YG Entertainment. YG Ent. supposedly learned of this in February and fired Mr. Ji. This is still being investigated. It's not known if Mr. Ji was only getting salary from Burning Sun or he had double salary from both.
  • Yang Hyun Suk (Founder of YG Entertainment):
    • MBC's program 'Straight' aired with an in-depth report claiming that YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk mediated prostitution for foreign investors. A dinner he hosted in 2014 was specified where 8 men were being entertained. 25 women were present, allegedly most of which were prostitutes. Most of the guests and women moved on to Yang Hyun Suk's club NB, where later the investors selected from the women to be entertained privately. YG Entertainment made a statment confirming Yang Hyun Suk was at the dinner, but denied he mediated prostitution for VIPs. (Allegedly, Hwang Hana was also present at the dinner.)
    • JTBC's 'Spotlight' program included information about a staff member at YG Entertainment keeping a drug kit to test company artists for drugs so that they could take proactive steps to cover it up if anyone tested positive. Yang Hyun Suk responded to the program by stating he was directly involved in routinely monitoring the artists with drug tests himself every two months. He explained that, following G-Dragon's case, he took responsibility with testing as a preventative measure to keep artists fearful of using drugs at all. Yang Hyun Suk also claimed B.I's drug test had been negative.
    • Resigned from position in YG Entertainment as a result of his involvement in multiple scandals.
    • Booked for suspicions of prostitution mediation based on expense reports that indicated possible sexual services during the 2014 Europe trip (190717). The investigations into prostitution are ongoing.
  • Yang Min Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment/brother of Yang Hyun Suk): Resigned as CEO as a result of his brother's involvement in multiple scandals.
  • PSY: Called up for questioning on the 23rd regarding the prostitution mediation Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of providing for Jho Low and another Southeast Asian investor in July of 2014. The questioning reportedly took approximately 9 hours. Both PSY and Madam Jung's testimonies are being collected as a part of the ongoing investigation into Yang Hyun Suk's case.

Victims speaking out:

  • Informant/whistleblower: Person (woman?) who gave Kakaotalk chats to Lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun.
  • Kim Sang Kyo (non-celebrity):
    • Filed the original assault case at Burning Sun, which triggered all of the media attention and investigations of Gangnam clubs.
    • Claimed he saw a woman being sexually harassed. Sought a security guard for help and then was beaten by Mr. Jang and security guards. When police came, they also beat him. He was arrested and beaten again at the police station.
    • Wrote about the incident on Bobaedream (online community) and sent a petition to the Blue House about it. Later requested anyone harmed at Burning Sun to contact him through Instagram. Posted multiple stories of victims sharing what happened to them (sexually assaulted, drugged with GHB).
    • Three women accused him of harassment at Burning Sun (includes Anna and a 'Kim', who were later revealed to have ties to Burning Sun staff.)
    • (Kim Sang Kyo Statement and background)
    • Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault, interference with business, and sexual harassment based on testimonies and CCTV footage.
  • A (informant): Two new chatrooms were discovered due to informant 'A, from her boyfriend, Mr. Kim. Participants of one include actors Shin and Han and a model Jung. The other includes the son of a former Samsung executive, a merchandiser for club Arena, and an entertainer. It contains more than 100 videos and pictures of shared molka and pornographic content. (Note: This is not the same 'A' as the 'A' below and we do not know if this 'Mr. Kim' is the same as any other Kim mentioned in this list.)
  • A (friends with members of the group chatrooms):
    • Testified she was sexually assaulted by five members of the group chatrooms. This includes Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon (may also include Heo and Mr. Kim (Burning Sun)).
    • 'A' contacted lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun when seeing everything in the news and suspected she may have been assaulted while she was part of the chatroom associated friend group.
    • Corroborating the date of her suspected assault with Bang Jeong Hyun and the chat logs resulted in seeing conversations, a voice recording, and six photos that indeed indicated she had been sexually assaulted while unconscious.
    • 'A' will file a lawsuit against those who assaulted her and an investigation will follow.
  • B: Last week, 'B' filed a complaint that Mr. Kim (Burning Sun employee) filmed Kwon (SNSD Yuri's brother) raping 'B' and shared the video to the chatroom. Her statement matches the content of the chat logs.
  • Lee: Came forward in relation to one of the first chatlogs that was made public. A 2016 gathering overseas included Seungri, Roy Kim, Mr. Kim, Yoo In Suk, and a group of women who had been invited. Lee was friends with one of the women. They all had dinner together, but Lee lost consciousness. She was left to rest in another room. She was found later in a different room, undressed, and her friends said it was extremely difficult to rouse her from sleep. Her testimony aligns with the content of the chat where Mr. Kim had filmed as he assaulted her and shared it with the other members. Lee's uncharacteristic loss of consciousness will also be further investigated for the possibility she was drugged at the party.
  • Multiple women came forward regarding a gathering at a resort in Hongcheon (January 2016). Five men were involved, which included Jung Joong Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and Mr. Kim (Burning Sun). Seungri did not attend but responded to chat conversations about what happened there. The women claim they lost consciousness after being served alcohol by the men. Again, the chatlogs and media shared indicate the women were sexually assaulted and recorded.
  • Seven women have come forward so far to file complaints in regards to being sexually assaulted by members of the Jung Joon Young chatrooms. The ones we know about in detail are listed above.
  • Informant Jeon (guard at Burning Sun):
    • Came forward with information about police being paid off during club inspections long before this whole scandal took off. Drugs were openly used in Burning Sun. He recalled an unconscious woman who his team was supposed to remove from the club, but looked like she had been drugged when he tried to wake her. The leader of Jeon's guard team was instructed to keep police out of the club.
    • Jeon was present when Kim Sang Kyo was assaulted. When Sang Kyo publicly stated he was seeking information about the club, Jeon contacted him, despite being threatened by his team leader.
    • Claimed he never saw sexual crimes himself, but that servers and guards would say he should go watch the CCTV for a (VIP?) room, and he assumed there were sex acts happening. He said it was almost always celebrities or chaebols who booked that room.
  • Another victim of Kim Hak Eui and Yoon Jung Cheon who was present at the Wonju Villa in 2008 came forward. Choi has medical and psychiatric treatment records that may be used to apply charges to the men. Her testimony was provided back in 2013, but she was never called in for further questioning/investigation at the time, further indicating the investigation was not handled responsibly. (The two victims more recently associated with this case are Choi and Lee/A.)

Indirect connections:

  • Seo Hyun Deok (nephew of Choi Soon Shil): VIP guest at Burning Sun. Confirmed first assailant against Kim Sang Kyo. Grabbed him by the hair. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault..
  • Kim Hak Eui (Former Vice Justice Minister: (Article linking KHE with multiple sex abuse cases). Arrested. There is not sufficient evidence to charge Kim Hak Eui specifically on sexual assault (he has other charges pending still). Yoon Jung Cheon had a 'mental damage' charge applied for assaulting 'Lee/A' three times and coercing her to be sexually involved with Kim Hak Eui.
  • Yoon Jung Cheon (building contractor):
    • Hosted sex parties at his villa in Wonju, where Kim Hak Eui is suspected to have drugged and raped women (between 2006-2007). With investigations re-opened and widened surrounded Kim, Yoon Jung Cheon was booked for fraud and misappropriating funds while head of a construction firm between November 2017 and May 2018.
    • Was transferred to Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor's Office. Prosecution is determining if they want to seek an arrest warrant for Yoon.
    • Arrested.
    • The Past Affairs Committee called for an investigation of the relationship between Yoon Jung Cheon and high-ranking prosecuters regarding bribery and unfair treatment (ex-Attorney General Han Sang Dae, ex-official Yoon Gap Geun, and ex-assistant prosecutor general Park). There is also the possibility that more videos exist aside from the well-known 'Kim Hak Eui video' taken by Yoon Jung Cheon, which he may have used to habitually blackmail five more victims.
  • SBS reported on Businessman Choi, who is being investigation for real estate fraud/embezzlement and involvement with Kim Hak Eui. Choi's two sons are the 2nd largest stockholders of Choi's company and are suspected of participating in the fraud. One son is the vocalist of JANNABI (a band). Choi claims his sons were never involved in management of the company
  • President Moon Jae In issued emergency orders to thoroughly investigate the scandals that have surfaced: Burning Sun, Jang Ja Yeon (actress who took her own life that was sexually abused, as facilitated by her agency), and Kim Hak Eui (former justice minister who was accused of taking sexual bribes, with at least one woman who did not consent). Their commonalities are in privileged individuals participating in criminal activity and sexual abuse while colluding with people in places of power (ie. police, politicians) to cover up and/or take part in said activities. Jang Ja Yeon's case was nearing the statute of limitations, but there was an official extension of two months to continue the investigation.
  • Shim Min Ji (Madame Shim): Founder and CEO of the luxury fashion brand L’inoui (Koreaboo article all about her connections to powerful figures and suspicious cases of suicide)
  • Madam Lin (Taiwanese investor): Signed investment contract for Burning Sun after meeting Seungri in 2017. Accused of laundering money through the club. (Koreaboo article all about her.) Forwarded to prosecution on charges of money laundering and embezzlement. (190625)
  • Madam Jung (Adult Entertainment Industry Businesswoman (?)):
    • Allegedly instructed through 'CEO Kim' of YGX and Yang Hyun Suk to bring 10 women entertainers to two events with YG Entertainment's foreign investors in July and October 2014. One was a dinner and one was a trip to Europe.
    • Instructed to send photos of 10 women to Yang Hyun Suk's friend. The friend paid her about $170,000 a week before the Europe trip, which may have been supplied by Jho Low. Yang Hyun Suk then personally gave Madam Jung directions on how to distribute the money to the women--half of the total to be divided between the women and the other half going to Madam Jung herself.
    • She decided to reveal this information on MBC's 'Straight' program after her frustration seeing Yang Hyun Suk claim he didn't know why Madam Jung brought the women for the trip when he was the one that gave the order.
    • Madam Jung has been questioned by police six times so far.
  • Hwang Hana:
    • Chaebol of Namyang Dairy Products (is also the ex-fiancée of Park Yoochun(JYJ)).
    • Arrested (190404). Trial will begin 190515.
    • Frequent visitor of Burning Sun. Drug-dealeuser, but has never been punished when caught due to preferential treatment from police (she may have bribed someone she used with, Cho/Jo, to take all the blame).
    • Friends with Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Moon Ho, Seungri, and Madam Lin.
    • May have distributed molka and used videos to threaten others/victims. A relative of Park Yoochun claimed Hana blackmailed him with nude photos of him she had taken while he slept.
    • Was known to host house-parties at high-class villas where wealthy friends would be invited to take drugs and 'play'. There are indications she provided drugs for her family and possibly for two employees in her father's company (or worked with them to attain drugs).
    • Indicted on additional charges of drug use. She was charged with using methamphetamine a total of 10 times, Her first trial will be on June 5th.
    • At her second hearing on June 19th she submitted a 14-page apology letter and admitted to all charges against her regarding use of methamphetamine except for one. She challenged a statement by Park Yoochun that they had used drugs together in March of this year (12th-13th). Hwang Hana claimed Park Yoochun took the drugs by himself. Her next hearing will be held on July 10th.
    • Was sentenced to 2 years probation and a fine of about $1,878 (2.2mil won). She was released from detention and made a public statement of apology, saying she would self-reflect. (190719)
  • Park Yoochun (JYJ, ex-TVXQ):
    • Ex-fiancé of Hwang Hana. While she was being questioned she claimed a celebrity friend coerced her into taking drugs. This friend was speculated to be Park Yoochun.
    • Police conducted a search and seizure of Park Yoochun's home, car, and phone, along with taking a hair sample for testing.
    • He tested positive for methamphetamine (Philopon) and confessed to seven(?) instances of using. Six times with Hwang Hana and once on his own since 2018.
    • His case was forwarded to prosecution on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act (190503).
    • CJeS, Yoochun's agency, terminated his exclusive contract. Yoochun cancelled all schedules and retired from the industry.
    • Park Yoochun's lawyer, Kwon Chang Beom, resigned from work on his case.
    • Officially indicted with detention after admitting to charges of drug use. His first hearing has been scheduled for June 14th.
    • References to Yoochun have mostly been removed from JYJ's social media accounts.
    • At his first hearing, he admitted to all charges of using methamphetamine (Philopon), six times between September and October 2018, and also for purchasing 1.5 grams of the drug three times with Hwang Hana between February and March 2019. Prosecutors asked for Yoochun to serve an 18-month prison sentence and pay a fine of approximately $1,180. His final trial is set for July 2nd.
    • After 68 days of detainment during his trials, Yoochun was sentenced to 2 years of probation. If he is found to be involved with any further criminal activity during that time, he will serve 10 months in prison. He was also sentenced to pay a fine of about $1,200. (190702)
  • B.I (iKON): Dispatch revealed Kakaotalk messages from 2016 where he attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD from Han Seo Hee. Departed from iKON. YG Entertainment terminated his exclusive contract with the company. Suwon District Prosecutor's second deputy director, Lee Soo Kwon, explained that prosecution would not continue investigating B.I. since there was no evidence of criminal activity beyond the Kakaotalk conversation and Han Seo Hee testified that she never gave drugs to B.I.(190618).
  • Han Seo Hee (aka. Informant A): Exchanged Kakaotalk messages with B.I relating to purchasing drugs. She was questioned once, but was too emotional for the questioning to be productive. She testified she did not deliver drugs to B.I. Han Seo Hee also claimed she was coerced into changing her testimony under threat by Yang Hyun Suk. There are suspicions about timing with her August 2016 drug case. Police had requested a drug test on her, but before the results had even been recieved, her case was forwarded to prosecution. However, a source from the prosecution team claimed there were no records of this early transfer to prosecution. Additionally, Dispatch reported Han Seo Hee was encouraged by Yang Hyun Suk to go overseas to the US in December 2016 during the lead up to Big Bang's promotional period. In her opinion this was to prevent any risk to TOP in relation to his marijuana use. She was further told by the company to stay longer in the US, which she believes was timed intentionally to wait until TOP had enlisted in the military. These allegations were all denied by Yang Hyun Suk in an official statement.
  • Kangin departed from Super Junior, apologizing for the problems he had caused in an Instagram announcement. (190710)
  • Kim Hyung Jun (SS501): Accused of sexually assaulting a bar employee in 2010 (the alleged victim came foward when seeing this whole scandal in the news). He denied the allegations.
  • SHAUN (solo artist and member of band The Koxx): Enlisted for his military service. He hasn't been accused of anything, but he was a resident DJ at Burning Sun, so received negative attention for the association.
  • Choi Jung Hoon (JANNABI vocalist and son of Businessman Choi) posted a public letter via Instagram (Soompi's article w/full translation). He stated his father's business failed in 2012 and the singer had been financially independent ever since. He allowed his father to use his name/good credit score to help rebuild the business, but had nothing to do with it otherwise. He also said he knew his father and Kim Hak Eui were friends before he was born, but has no other association. JANNABI's various scheduled appearances are being cancelled following the reports about Choi Jung Hoon's father.
  • A PD for the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night (2D1N) was implicated in a chat where gambling was discussed with Jung Joon Young. Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Joon Ho (members of the 2D1N cast) were also in the chat and are revealed to have gambled while playing golf (gambling is illegal in South Korea). They have both stepped down from all programs they are involved with. 2D1N is now on indefinite hiatus and unavailable for replay. The investigation over the gambling came to an end with no charges filed against either of them (190524).
  • BC Holdings (in Hong Kong) was founded in 2016 by Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and Ryu (head of a consulting firm). It is believed to be a shell corporation. It was apparently operating on $8.8 million of investments, but the initial investment of these men was only about $35. Hong Kong authorities are investigating for tax evasion. The BC Holdings Korean office and Ryu's consulting firm are both located at the Yuri Holdings office.
  • Robert Holley (Lawyer, TV personality): Arrested for possession and use of methamphetamine. Megathread compilation for articles related to him

Further investigations:

  • While investigating Burning Sun, Police seized 58 phones.
  • Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a press conference and revealed the following in relation to the club scandals: 103 people have been booked, 13 people have been arrested/imprisoned. 53 people were booked for drug-related charges (15 booked and 4 arrested for using/distributing drugs at Burning Sun), 9 booked and 1 arrested for distributing GHB.
  • Another Gangnam club (not named) owned by Mr. Kang was found to have allowed minors to enter in December 2017. Broker Bae bribed two police officers, Lieutenant C/Yeom and Sergeant D, to cover it up. All three were booked. Lieutenant C/Yeom admitted to accepting bribes and was arrested. The arrest warrant request for Sergeant D was denied.
  • A program aired on MBC called 'Straight', which dug into some staggeringly evil stuff. A number of Gangnam clubs including Arena and Burning Sun set up officetel rooms for VVIP customers. There are indications of drug use, human trafficking, underage prostitution, rape, torture, illegal filming, and the presence of a professional team to destroy all evidence of what goes on there.
  • 17 women were booked for prostitution or prostitution mediation. It is believed they are all linked to Seungri's parties.
  • In a press conference on April 29th ('19), the SMPA Commissioner stated action had been taken against 23 suspects in relation to drug use, distribution of molka, and sexual assault. 7 people total were booked related to embezzlement at Burning Sun including: Lee and Choi (Jeonwon Enterprise chairman and CEO), Burning Sun's two CEOs, Yoo In Suk (Yuri Holdings), Ahn (Madam Lin's guide), and Seungri. The SMPA stated their next focus for investigation will be police corruption and collusion at Burning Sun and related cases.
  • From earlier reporting, there was a chatroom with 200 members, mostly reporters and directors, who were sharing media from all of these investigations--molka, pornographic material, and private information related to the sexual assault victims. SMPA's cyber crime team launched an investigation into this chatroom and its members, along with three more chatrooms that have similar material being shared.
  • Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office performed a search and seizure on Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) relating to prostitution night club crack-downs. The investigation focuses on a 'Lieutenant Park' who allegedly took bribes in exchange for secret information and possibly running prostitution businesses. This is indirectly related to the Burning Sun c ases, but the raid was performed on the same day the Burning Sun investigations were wrapped up and findings announced. Many found the timing suspicious.
  • Investigations into possible collusion between Burning Sun and the local police (Yeoksam Patrol Division) were concluded. 72 cell phones of the officers, call histories of 706 club staff members, and bank records of 36 higher-ranked staff members were analyzed. It was determined there was not evidence of collusion between the club and police.
  • Regarding Jung Joon Young's old August 2016 sexual assault case, SMPA forwarded 'Lieutenant A' to prosecution for abandonment of duty and falsifying documents as well as accomplice 'Lawyer B' (Jung Joon Young's lawyer) for hiding evidence. Together, they are suspected to have hidden Jung Joon Young's cell phone at the time, claiming it disappeared, keeping the evidence of his molka videos a secret. Lieutenant A also attempted to coerce the digital forensics company to put on record that the cell phone data could not be recovered, which the company refused to do. When the company said the data recovery would take less than 24 hours, Lieutenant A told his superiors it would take 2-3 months. Lawyer B is also suspected of trying to reset Jung Joon Young's phone before handing it over to police in the more recent case, March 2019.
  • SMPA's Intellectual Crime Division stated that Seungri, Yoo In Suk, Madam Lin, and Burning Sun co-CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho are suspected of embezzling more money from the club than previously reported ($451,000). The new total of embezzled funds is reported to be approximately $1.5 million, of which $850,000 was embezzled by Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and Madam Lin. The remaining funds were allegedly embezzled by the co-CEOs. There are no plans to request additional warrants against those involved based on the changed amount of embezzled funds. (190619)

People on the case:

  • Oh Hyuk Jin and Noh Seung Il (Choi Soon Sil case): Political journalist and assistant, reported Burning Sun.
  • Lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun: Received chats from informant. Sent to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (as opposed to the police). Shared them with Kang Kyung Yoon.
  • Kang Kyung Yoon: Reported Kakaotalk chats of Seungri and Jung Joon Young. Received chats from lawyer Bang (as requested by informant). Investigating Seungri since 2015. In communication with molka victims. (Watch her interview where she describes her process with the case)
  • Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA)
  • Metropolitan/Provincial Special Detective Division
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2019.03.13 15:05 ordinaryguy92 New tvN shows this week: "Korean Hostel in Spain", "Mafia Game in Prison" & "The Great Escape 2"

Korean Hostel in Spain (스페인 하숙)

Mafia Game in Prison (호구들의 감빵생활)

The Great Escape 2 (대탈출 2)
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2018.12.29 17:08 ordinaryguy92 Lee Young Ja win daesang for MBC Entertainment Awards 2018

List of Awards Winner
Award Winner Program
Grand Prize Lee Young Ja Omniscient Interfering View
Top Excellence Awards in Variety (Male) Lee Si Eon I Live Alone
Cha In Pyo Folly Husband
Top Excellence Awards in Variety (Female) Song Eun-yi Omniscient Interfering View
Han Hye Jin I Live Alone
Top Excellence Awards in Music/Talk Show Yoon Jong Shin Radio Star
Top Excellence Awards (Radio) Kim Shin-Young
Entertainer of the Year Jun Hyun Moo I Live Alone
Park Na Rae I Live Alone
Kim Gu Ra Radio Star
Lee Young Ja Omniscient Interfering View
Excellence Awards in Variety (Male) Park Sung-Kwang Omniscient Interfering View
Kian84 I Live Alone
Excellence Awards in Variety (Female) Kim Jae Hwa Real Men 300
Excellence Awards in Music/Talk Show (Male) Cha Tae Hyun Radio Star
Excellence Awards in Music/Talk Show (Female) Kim So Hyun Under Nineteen
Excellence Awards (Radio) Kim Je Dong
Jung Sun-hee
Program of the Year I Live Alone
Popularity Award Yoo Kyu Sun Omniscient Interfering View
Song Sung Ho Omniscient Interfering View
Im Song Omniscient Interfering View
Kang Hyun Seok Omniscient Interfering View
Producer Award Real Men 300
Best Entertainer (Variety) Sung Hoon I Live Alone
Yoo Byung Jae Omniscient Interfering View
Best Entertainer (Music/Talk Show) Lee Sang Min Section TV
Best Entertainer (Sitcom) Kwon Yuri Dae Jang-Gum is Watching
Shin Dong Wook Dae Jang-Gum is Watching
Best MC Kim Seong-joo King of Masked Singer
Best Teamwork Folly Husband
Best Couple Im Song & Park Sung Kwang Omniscient Interfering View
Special Award Lee Chul Yong Let's Go Video Travel
Lee Jin MBC Live Tonight
Shin Chae Yi
Jang Yong
Special Award Welcome, First Time in Korea?
Best Rookie (Variety) Kang Daniel It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets
Hwasa I Live Alone
GAMST Real Men 300
Best Rookie (Music/Talk show) Seungkwan King of Masked Singer, Unexpected Q
Mina Show Music Core
Best Rookie (Radio) Ahn Young Mi
Choi Wook
Yang Yo-seob
Writer of the Year Kim Se-yoon
Yeo Yeon Jeon Omniscient Interfering View
Lifetime Achievement Award Republic of Korea Army
Korea District Heating Corporation

Source: Naver
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2018.12.22 09:31 Yonneveneration 2018 Award Shows Preview (KBS, MBC, SBS)


2018 KBS Entertainment Awards (2018 KBS 연예대상)
2018 SBS Entertainment Awards (2018 SBS 연예대상)
2018 MBC Entertainment Awards (2018 MBC 방송연예대상)


2018 SBS Music Awards (2018 SBS 가요대전)
  • Tue. December 25 @ 17:30
  • MC: Jo Bo Ah, Jun Hyun Moo
2018 KBS Song Festival (2018 KBS 가요대축제)
  • Fri. December 28 @ 20:30
  • MC: Chanyeol (EXO), Jin (BTS), Dahyun (TWICE)
  • Line Up: BTS, Wanna One, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, BTOB, Apink, Hwang Chi Yeol, Sunmi, Chungha, Norazo, Oh My Girl, (G)I-DLE, EXO, TWICE, AOA, VIXX, NU’EST W, GOT7, MONSTA X, NCT 127, Highlight’s Yong Junhyung, 10cm, Roy Kim, Lovelyz, MOMOLAND, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Kim Yeon Ja, Celeb Five
2018 MBC Song Festival (MBC 가요대제전 : The LIVE)
  • Sun. December 31 @ 20:45
  • MC: Noh Hong Chul, Yoona (SNSD), Minho (SHINee), Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO)
  • Line Up: Apink, BTOB, BTS, EXO, GOT7, MONSTA X, NCT DREAM, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, Wanna One, WINNER, gugudan, TVXQ, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, MOMOLAND, SEVENTEEN, Sunmi, GFRIEND, Baek Ji-young, Bolbbalgan4, Sunwoo JungA, Hong Jin Young, Hwanhee, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy; iKON, Golden Child, NORAZO, MAMAMOO, VIBE, BEN, VIXX, (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl, and WJSN


2018 MBC Drama Awards (2018 MBC 연기대상)
  • Sat. December 30 @ 20:45
  • MC: Seohyun (SNSD), Kim Yong Man
    Daesang Nominees Drama
    Kim Sun Ah Children of Nobody
    So Ji Sub Terius Behind Me
    Shin Ha Kyun Less Than Evil
    Lee Yoo Ri Hide And Seek
    Jung Jae Young Partners For Justice
    Chae Si Ra Goodbye to Goodbye
  • Update: Winners Post
2018 SBS Drama Awards (2018 SBS 연기대상)
  • Sun. December 31 @ 20:55
  • MC: Shin Dong Yup, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Je Hoon
    Daesang Nominees Drama(s)
    Kam Woo Sung Should We Kiss First?
    Kim Sun Ah Should We Kiss First?
    Park Jin Hee Return
    Kim Yun Jin Ms. Ma, Nemesis
    Jang Na Ra The Last Empress
    Shin Sung Rok Return; The Last Empress
2018 KBS Drama Awards (2018 KBS 연기대상)
  • Sun. December 31 @ 20:55
  • MC: UEE, Jun Hyun Moo
  • Daesang Nominees: TBA
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2018.12.13 10:14 ordinaryguy92 Lee Byung Hun voted as Drama Actor of the Year 2018

Gallup Korea ran a poll from November 7 to 30, asking 1,700 people above the age of 13 from all over South Korea (except Jeju Island) to vote two actors who they believed was the best drama actor who shined in 2018.
Top 20 Drama Actors 2018
No Actor PR (%) Representative work
1 Lee Byung Hun 12.9
2 Kim Tae Ri 9.0
3 Jung Hae In 8.7
4 Park Bo Gum 6.1
5 Son Ye Jin 5.3
6 Jang Mi Hee 5.0
7 Seo Hyun Jin 4.5
8 Choi Soo Jung 4.3
9 Yoo Dong Geun 3.9
10 Gong Yoo 3.7 2016-17
11 So Ji Sub 3.6
12 Park Seo Joon 2.9
13 UEE 2.7
14 Ji Sung 2.3
14 Kim Hee Sun 2.3
14 Go Doo Shim 2.3
17 Lee Min Ki 2.2
17 Song Hye Kyo 2.2
19 Cha Tae Hyun 2.0
19 Song Joong Ki 2.0 2016
*PR: Preference Rating

The rising of Non-terrestrial, After and , there is no mega-hit drama.
From 2007 to 2017, the representative works of "Actor of the Year" were all terrestrial dramas, but 2018 is from a non-terrestrial channel, tvN. It is noteworthy that the main characters of the drama take the lead. In the monthly survey of 'Favorite TV Programs' by Gallup Korea, the terrestrial morning and evening daily shows and weekend enjoyed by the elderly are steadily rising in 2017. However, this year show changes when non-terrestrial dramas show a remarkable progress in terms of topicality.
The non-terrestrial drama among monthly "Favorite TV program" in 2017 was only one, which is , but there are nine dramas from January to November 2018: (January), (April), (June), Mr. Sunshine (September), Familiar Wife (September), <100 Days My Prince>(October), (March), (April) and (November).

Source: Gallup Korea

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2018.10.07 21:11 MyIifeisG Knowing Bros E148 181006 Park Joo-mi, Park Sung-kwang

Knowing Bros is a school-themed variety program that invites guests (or "transfer students") into their class for a day. The transfer students asks the class questions about themselves and challenge the class to compete in something they're confident in. The cast members joke about everything and does not hold back much.
The second part of the show is filled with either a improv skit, some form of competition or a physical education class.



SNS: Instagrams
Bonus Clip: BTS/Selfcam
Quality Release Magnet
360p 360p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:85BB37CB4BEEC09DD335BB3AC04BFF6E7C961423
720p 720p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:582F2B9ACFCED7E22151F7733516CD533A3677DE
1080p 1080p-NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DB4F60031FF4BD7D27ABF18C5B32B5A8456B024B
Stream Subs Note
VIU Here Available Now
VIU is a licensed free-to-stream website, which locks their newest content for 72 hours for premium users. All their content is available for free after 72 hours. VIU is available in Singapore, with some of its content also available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & India.

Upcoming Episodes

Oct 13, 2018 E149 Hong Jin Kyung, Nam Chang He, Kim In Seok, Yun Sung Ho Preview

Older Episodes & More @ Knowing Bros Wiki

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2018.09.17 09:24 Yonneveneration Upcoming Shows (Week 38)

tvN Sound of Grazing Grass - Autumn (풀 뜯어먹는 소리 - 가을편)
FashionN Follow Me 10 (팔로우 미 10)
JTBC4 My Mad Beauty 2 (마이 매드 뷰티 2)
KBS2 Jam Live Quiz Room (꿀잼 퀴즈방)
MBC Talk Nomad (토크 노마드 - 아낌없이 주도록)
tvN Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge 3 (알쓸신잡 알아두면 쓸데없는 신비한 잡학사전 시즌3)
MBC Real Men 300 (진짜 사나이 300)
Channel A Sales King TV (팔아야 귀국)
Upcoming Shows (Week 37) Shows of the Week 2018 - Week 38
Edit: added Jam Live Quiz Room
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2018.09.01 10:44 Yonneveneration Upcoming Shows (Week 36)

Mnet Show Me The Money 777 (쇼미더머니 트리플세븐)
KBS2 Dancing High (댄싱하이)
SBS Eat In Style (폼나게 먹자)
KBS2 대화의 희열 (literal translation: The Joy of Conversation)
tvN 4 Wheeled Restaurant - China (현지에서 먹힐까? 중국편)
KBS2 Urban Legend (도시전설)
Shows of the Week 2018 - Week 36
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2018.07.28 17:47 AZUR3WRATH Edited

Chinese translations credited to /yatzyt
JYP Entertainment's earliest known trainees that did not debut within the company. From 2001 to miss A's debut with Bad But Good [2010.07.01].


Yoon Doo-joon (윤두준)
Lee Gi-kwang (이기광)
Son Dong-woon (손동운)
Yang Yo-seob (양요섭)
"Crossfire / Ship Ja Hwa (십자화)"
Im Dae-hun (임대헌) / Kevin (케빈)
Lee Min (이민)
Li Shi Qi (李诗琦) (리스치)
KilliAN / JL (安祐德) / Yang Fan (楊凡 / 杨凡) / Yang Bum (양범) / Umi (从前)
Seo Min-hyung (서민형)
"AA.B (더블A.B) / In Asia Absolute Music Boy six"
Dong-ha (동하) / Kim Hyung-kyu (김형규)
Lee Kyu-min (이규민)
Jeong Dae-ryong (정대룡) / Zheng Da Long (郑大龙) / Big D
Jeong So-ryong (정소룡) / Zheng Xiao Long (郑小龙) / Little D
Julius Liu / Lui Wei (刘维) (료웨이)
He has a V-shaped face suited for being on camera, likes to dye his hair, and full of confidence. If you compliment him, he'll accept it immediately, and tell you "that's what I think as well". He has the qualifications though, when he just won the 2nd My Talents My Show (Wo Xing Wo Xiu) in 2005, he was sent to JYPE by his company to become a trainee. The car that picked him up was luxurious, with a TV and DVD set inside. "Goodness, I'm going to become an international star!" This is the first time 19-year-old Liu Wei experienced what it feels like to live in a TV drama.
Classtime is usually 45 min to 1 hour, and "the instructors wouldn't prolong class", Liu Wei said. The Korean practice is, instructors would give a goal and a deadline, and then check the results. All the pressure was on the students themselves. ...... European and American singers are often who the students learned from, such as names. The instructors told Liu Wei, you want to be like them, including the portamento and breathing. This troubled Liu Wei, since he was the 1st place from Wo Xing Wo Xiu, and emphasized himself. "It's not like in China when all the kids come out, you can sing however you want. In Korea, it's not like that, you have to learn exactly how to do something, and show that you've learned how to do that. It has to be the same."
Once, he had to imitate a singer, and when he performed that, the portamento was different. When that happened, the instructor immediately hit him on the back. He made 10 mistakes, so he was hit 10 times. He thought to himself, why does it have to be the same? The feel of humiliation and the loneliness of being alone in a foreign country made him cry. But eventually, he figured it out, this is the same as the Korean "imitate and learn from, then create" style. In later the practice sessions, he started to accept the imitation. "After you learn these techniques, and use it in your own songs, you'll realize it's become your own stuff." .... Liu Wei has cavities. The instructors told him "How can you be an idol if you have cavities?" .... Liu Wei loves to socialize, so his way of dealing with the loneliness was to hang out with fans. Located in Cheongdam-dong, JYP often had eager fans waiting outside its doors. Some fans with lots of information would know the statuses of trainees and would start a convo when the trainees were at the doors. Lots of Chinese students were fans of Liu Wei, so they would wait at JPY's door, wait for Liu Wei to finish training to go hang out with him. Liu Wei loved this - he really wanted to speak Chinese.
As a result, Dongdaemun and Myeong-dong were some of the places Liu Wei was familiar with in the early days. He only became more familiar with Seoul when he became the host of a travel program. ... After less than a year in Korea, Liu Wei found an opportunity to debut. He originally signed with Universal, so he didn't have to train for too long at JYP, but JYP kept him there. Korean entertainment companies' standards are 1 girl band and 1 boy band, the maturing time is 5-7 years per band. After a band matures, the girls has past their best time, and the boys have to enlist. Then the company brings out new bands.
JYP fancies Liu Wei a lot, CEO J. Y. Park even ordered a single just for him. The company decided the song, "the instructor has decided, told you this is the song, there's no choice." JY Park sent a demo sung by himself, and told Liu Wei to imitate it fully, just like a trainee, with the same portamento and breathing as the demo.
3 days before entering the studio, to protect his throat, he was not allowed to speak anymore, and had to use pen and paper to communicate. An artist about to come out with an album is a highly protected target. "You're in everyone's eyes." Liu Wei's written Korean was poor, so it was hard for him to communicate what he thought. He tried speaking, "I was scolded heavily."
In the studio, Liu Wei broke down from all the pressure. He cried, and went back to singing after the crying. JY Park represented the standard of the company. "If he takes the time to create something for you, he must have high standards. He won't allow you to waste his time because you're not feeling it." Once he succeeded, he cried again.
Due to Korean etiquette and the development of bands as a training model, individuality and personal feelings had to give way to the benefit of the group, freedom was not granted. "In China, being an artist (music/dance) is a long term job, and it's a personal job, but in Korea, it's a company job," said Liu Wei, "These are the rules. The company is greater than any of you. Doesn't matter how hot you are, the company is hotter than you."
Liu Wei wanted to stay, but Universal didn't come to terms with JYP. He doesn't know the details, other than it's related to "money". After recording that song from JY Park, Liu Wei returned to China. He missed out on the boy band called 2PM, the current hot JYP band.
After Liu Wei returned to China, a new champion for Wo Xing Wo Xiu has been chosen, and the show business has been refreshing quickly. "I never knew when an artist debuted, there were problems. I thought that all artists would become popular when they debuted, I didn't know some wouldn't," he said.
Lee Hwan (이환)
Shin Soo-hyun (신수현)
Jo Young-min (조영민)
Jo Kwang-min (조광민)
Kim Se-yong (김세용)
Shownu (셔누) / Son Hyun-woo (손현우)


"JYP's *Gifted Development Project 99% Challenge*"
[Maeng Ji-na (맹지나)]
Jang Seo-hee (장서희)
Goo Seul-gi (구슬기)
MAYDONI (메이다니) / Kim Doni May (김메이다니)
Lee Sang-ji (이상지)
[Song Lee-Rang (송이랑)]()
Zhang Sha Sha (张沙沙) (장샤샤)
Choi Han-won (한원) / Cui Hanwen (崔瀚文)
Mao Ni (毛妮) / Máo Nī Zhuō Mǎ (毛妮卓玛) / Nina
Zhang Li Xin (张立昕) (장리신)
Wang Ya Xin (王雅欣)
[Kimberley Chen (陈芳语)]()
"JYP Sisters (Sisters组合)"
Sarah (사라) (申慧志) / Shin Hye-ji (신혜지)
Cynthia / Efay / Xiao Fei / Huang Yi Fei (黄以霏) (황이페이) / Xinya Hwang (黄歆雅)
Panita (파니타) / Panita Thanasottanakron (ปณิตา ธนโชติธรากร)
[Kim Sun-Ah (김선아)]()
Kim Jae-kyung (김재경)
CL / Lee Chaelin (이채린)
G.NA (지나) / Gina Choi (최지나)
Na Hae-ryung (나해령)
Park Jeong-hwa (박정화)
Kim Hye-rin (김혜린) / Kim Ri-ha (김리하)
"Little Big Mama"
Song Ji-eun (송지은)
Hyolyn (효린) / Kim Hyo-jung (김효정)
Uji (유지) / Jung Yu-ji (정유지)
Hani (하니) / Ahn Hee-yeon (안희연)
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2018.06.10 06:17 Yonneveneration Variety Shows Venture New Formats

Amid a flood of cookie-cutter copies of similar reality shows either on cooking or travel that could cause fatigue for many viewers, public TV stations are trying to make breakthroughs with fresh formats.
MBC launched a new "unreal variety" show "Dunia: Into a new world," Sunday. The heavily publicized show, based on Nexen's popular mobile game "Durango: Wild Lands," is an experimental one where, for the first time, a TV variety show is collaborating with a mobile game.
Meanwhile, KBS will launch a new variety show "Celebrity PD," where celebrities have all the responsibility of planning and producing a show. Instead of entertainment, KBS's news and current affairs is in charge of the show's production. The broadcaster also plans to premiere "Trick & True," a "science-magic" converged variety show.
Note: Trick & True already finished last year, the writer may be referring to a rumored Season 2
In "Dunia," 10 cast members, including TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, Ghanaian television personality Sam Okyere, Kwon Hyun-bin from "Produce 101 Season 2" and Luda from K-pop girl group "Cosmic Girls," land on a virtual reality world called "Dunia" through a time warp, perform missions and try to survive in the wild.
As opposed to reality shows that have thrived for the past decade, in "Dunia" cast members face fake and intended situations but the ways in which they face the situation and solve the mission are real.
In the first episode, the show's subtitles revealed that the cast members were acting in a situation where they had to obtain objects such as fish or fruit, and the TV screen showed instantly their scores earned as seen on game screens. Subtitles also reflected the game players' words, ignoring grammar and spelling.
Above all, the way it engages the participation of its viewers is most interesting. In the situation where two cast members' opinions collide after hearing suspicious sounds outside, viewers were asked to choose between two choices ― to go outside and check or to hide and discuss the situation ― in a one-minute long real-time text message with votes, the scenes were shown accordingly. The scenes shot under choices that were not selected by viewers will be released via Naver TV.
Dunia Episode 1 (180603): Alternative choice
"The text messaging voting is our signature and it will appear in each of our episodes," said show producer Park Jin-kyung, whose previous works include MBC's "My Little Television" which enjoyed great popularity by being an interactive TV show featuring personal internet broadcasting.
Culture critic Jung Duk-hyun called it a "mutant variety show" and said, "Everything is so fresh to the point that it can be received as foreign." Viewers' responses have been mixed. Many said the game-like show looked "fresh" but others said they were uncomfortable with its format and language.
KBS, which ran a pilot program "Celebrity PD" last month, plans to launch the same-named show where celebrities, instead of producers, plan, cast and shoot each episode on subjects they are interested in.
Celeb PD Pilot Episode 1 (180504) (KBS WORLD)
"The program started from the idea of the curiosity that non-professionals end up with when they get to helm a production. We figured that they will get to approach it in a way from textbook production methods and that might be fresh to viewers," said show producer Kim Min-hee.
The current formats tried by major broadcasters' TV shows have been closely related to leadership changes at public broadcasters KBS and MBC. Their politically-biased former presidents, who flexed their muscles on news coverage, were dismissed and the two companies are undergoing an array of changes.
MBC's new president Choi Seung-ho who was appointed in December last year is encouraging staff to come up with fresh ideas by allowing the "freedom to fail." He previously expressed his determination to invest more in production to improve content quality this year, even if it means as much as a 70 billion won deficit to the company's bottom line.
Source: Park Jin-hai (The Korea Times)
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2018.05.04 16:44 Yonneveneration 54th Baeksang Awards - Winners: Hyori's Bed & Breakfast, Seo Jang Hoon & Song Eun Yi

The star-studded 54th Baeksang Arts Awards celebrated some of the best in Korean film and television!
On the evening of May 3, the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards were held in Seoul and hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum.
Best Entertainment Program
Best Entertainment Program - Awards Video
Best Entertainment Program - Nominations Video
Best Variety Performer – Male
Best Variety Performer – Male - Awards Video
Best Variety Performer – Female
Best Variety Performer – Female - Awards Video
Best Variety Performer - Nominations Video
Check out the full list of winners below!
Film categories:
Grand Prize (Daesang): “1987” Best Film: “The Fortress” Best Director: Kim Yong Hwa (“Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds”) Best Actor: Kim Yoon Suk (“1987”) Best Actress: Na Moon Hee (“I Can Speak”) Best Supporting Actor: Park Hee Soon (“1987”) Best Supporting Actress: Lee Soo Kyung (“Heart Blackened”) Best New Actor: Ku Gyo Hwan (“Jane”) Best New Actress: Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist from Colony”) Best New Director: Kang Yoon Sung (“The Outlaws”) Best Script: Kim Kyung Chan (“1987”) Art Award: Jin Jong Hyun (“Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds”)
Television categories:
Grand Prize (Daesang): “Stranger” Best Drama: “Mother” Best Variety Show: “Hyori’s Homestay” Best Cultural Program: “Dance Sports Girls” Best Director: Kim Yoon Chul (“Woman of Dignity”) Best Actor: Cho Seung Woo (“Stranger”) Best Actress: Kim Nam Joo (“Misty”) Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho San (“Prison Playbook”) Best Supporting Actress: Ye Ji Won (“Should We Kiss First“) Best New Actor: Yang Se Jong (“Degree of Love“) Best New Actress: Heo Yool (“Mother”) Best Male Variety Star: Seo Jang Hoon (“Ask Us Anything,” “Same Bed Different Dreams 2”) Best Female Variety Star: Song Eun Yi (“Omniscient Interference Time”) Best Script: Lee Soo Yeon (“Stranger”) Art Award: Choi Sung Woo (“Pilgrimage”) Star Century Popularity Award: Jung Hae In, Suzy Bazaar Icon Award: After School’s Nana
How were they nominated?
This year, Baeksang Art Awards expanded its boundaries and reflected the opinions of a wider range of people in the broadcast and film industry. The final nominees were selected by a total of 14 judges based on the questionnaires of the preliminary candidate evaluation team, consisting of 40 people including producing directors, writers, directors, and production company representatives. (Soompi)
How did they win?
Refer to last year's final voting breakdown here
Update: 54th Baeksang Final Voting Breakdown
  • 8 Judges as selected by expert panel
  • Each judge "rated" the nominees, Awarding 5 votes for the top nominee and 1 vote for the lowest
Best Entertainment Program
Nominees Votes
Hyori's Bed & Breakfast 36
I Live Alone 33
Youn's Kitchen 2 20
Welcome, First Time in Korea? 17
City Fisherman 14
Best Variety Performer - Male
Nominees Votes
Seo Jang-hoon 34
Jun Hyun-moo 32
Yoo Byung-jae 21
Kwon Hyuk-soo 18
Lee Sang-min 15
Best Variety Performer - Female
Nominees Votes
Song Eun-yi 35
Park Na-rae 29
Kim Sook 24
Kang Yu-mi 17
Lee Soo-ji 15
(Isplus, May 8th 2018)
Sources: Soompi, isplus
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Park Hae Jin 朴海鎮 박해진 (MV No.41) - Hyururi Hyururi - YouTube Park Jin-Hee - YouTube War Of Money - Money's Warfare / Mambo Sequence Park Jin Hee bellrin8888 - YouTube Park Jin Hee, 'If I Die Here, Can You Handle That?' [Return Ep 23] Park Hae Jin朴海鎮 박해진【MV】You're so beautiful 你是多麼美麗 park jin hee 2

Park Hae Jin decides to not participate in a Chinese New ...

  1. Park Hae Jin 朴海鎮 박해진 (MV No.41) - Hyururi Hyururi - YouTube
  2. Park Jin-Hee - YouTube
  3. War Of Money - Money's Warfare / Mambo Sequence
  4. Park Jin Hee
  5. bellrin8888 - YouTube
  6. Park Jin Hee, 'If I Die Here, Can You Handle That?' [Return Ep 23]
  7. Park Hae Jin朴海鎮 박해진【MV】You're so beautiful 你是多麼美麗
  8. park jin hee 2
  9. Park Jin-hee : Court drama heroine serves as judge
  10. 「MIX」Geum Nara ✘ Seo Joo Hee ✘ Lee GangMo Once

Skip navigation Sign in. Search Park Jin-hee : Court drama heroine serves as judge..... korea movie 宮女 hp : 【Awards】SBS Drama Awards 2004 Park Shin Yang 박신양 ; Kim Jung Eun 김정은 ; Lee Dong Gun 이동건 (cut) - Duration: 28:40. All about Park ... Produced by Pig Pig Giant mv Lee Bum Soo Park Jin hee - Duration: 5:06. Munkhbolor Chinbat 137,679 views. 5:06 [HIT] 이범수, 윤아를 찾으러 클럽에 가다! 총리와 나.20140113 - Duration: 3:20. Park Hae Jin朴海鎮 박해진【MV】You're so beautiful (Lotte Duty Free) 樂天廣告: Park Hae Jin- Lotte duty free music video Listen to the beautiful voice of Hae Jin! Cr: Lotte duty free. Fragmento de la serie en que Geum Na Ra (Park Shin Yang) y Seo Joo Hee (Park Jin Hee) bailan 'Mambo', aparece parte del elenco de la serie. Park Jin Hee Missing Her Dead Daughter [Return Ep 24] - Duration: 3:58. KOCOWA TV 3,869 views. 3:58. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Hi friends!!! I love to write and post songs! I hope you guys like them! True Man Show, Park Jin-hee(2) #04, 트루맨쇼, 박진희(2) 20121029 - Duration: 5:02. MBCentertainment 54,237 views. 5:02. Park Jinhee gave birth looking at Yu Jaeseok?