Somebody to Love

Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! When the truth is found to be lies And all the joy within you dies Don't you want somebody to love, don't you Need somebody to love, wouldn't you Love somebody to love, you better Find somebody to love When the garden flowers baby are dead, yes and Your mind, your mind is so full of red Don't you want somebody to love, don't you ... Anybody, anywhere, anybody, find me somebody to love Love, love, love, love Find me, find me, find me, yeah Submit Corrections. Thanks to shadyfan, Luke Bridges, Julia Brown, Jake, Šnikurš for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): Freddie Mercury. This song was written by Freddie Mercury at the piano. About Somebody to Love 'Somebody to Love' is a song by the British rock band Queen, written by the lead singer/pianist Freddie Mercury. It debuted on the band's 1976 album A Day at the Races and also appears on their 1981 compilation album Greatest Hits. Somebody to Love Lyrics: Can anybody find me / Somebody to love? / Ooh, each morning / I get up I die a little / Can barely stand on my feet / (Take a look at yourself in the mirror and cry ... Lord, somebody, somebody Can anybody find me somebody to love? (Can anybody find me someone to love?) Got no feel, I got no rhythm I just keep losing my beat (you just keep losing and losing) Somebody to Love was also covered on the television show Glee. Freddie's longtime roadie Peter (Ratty) Hince said that this song sounded even better live than the recorded version on Queen's album A Day at the Races. Denise from Richmond, Va This song is one of Freddie Mercury's great hits. I have him live from his concert at the mk bowl in ... 'Somebody to Love' is a song by British rock band Queen. Written by singer Freddie Mercury, the track featured on their 1976 album A Day at the Races, from which it was also released as the lead single.

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2020.09.23 14:52 some_random_pixel I am problably being monitorated and i need help

[warning: english isn't my native language]
TLDR: my dad loves controlling every device that i own (despite i living with my mom) and,seeing that my notebook is slow,wants to install a "lighter windows 10". does that really exist or he is probably installing something to monitor my notebook ?
Ok,so a little of backstory here:
My dad never liked me having passwords on my devices,and often request then,even if something that he never uses (or at least,not that i have seen him use) like my computer and cellphone (i'm 14,and don't live with him,i live with my mom who only ask for my passwords if she needs it). he is kinda intrusive and sees that he MUST control everything i do.
So,he knows that my notebook is really slow,and wants to install a "lighter windows 10 in my notebook." and since he really thinks that he controls me 100% of the time (even when i am on my mom's house) i am pretty suspicious that he is probably going to install something to monitor me outside his house. is my feeling right or there is no such thing as an "spy app" to monitor somebody ?
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2020.09.23 14:46 Faunstein My blind as can be Dark Souls 2 experience, entirely offline on the PS4 (5/6).

There's a locked door here too down the end past the sad prisoners and under the stairs is a room full of chests. I can light a torch in here but I can't melt these things. Repair turns out to be helpful, warm and fuzzy. Up the stairs and is this a boss area? There's some crossbows here. What's hitting me? Invisible people? Run, running very fast. Well, ok. Maybe I'll go back to that first bonfire and go right this time. “Turn back. Aava is watching.” Yes mama. I wonder if Aava is something I have to stop first to make the boss fight through the fog easier? Oh well, a question for another time. Back to the invisible people. I can shoot Soul Spear over the gap to the other spear guy and he comes to get me. Nice that I can see that there is a way to get there. After dealing with him put on Ring of Whispers and take it very slow. Double hand the sword and off I go. Oh, they are easy to deal with. A lockstone? I wonder if I put on the Pharros mask will it let me through. Wait, first, it's frozen over but really, this is what I see whenever I see these things.
Inside the next little space I see the lever! Ah this brings up the stuff from before. I guess I can go through now. Proceed forward and I get a nice outside view again. To the right there's a door with a broken staircase, what's further along, a blank wall. Press X to climb. You're kidding me? Well...this is new. I can climb the wall. I wonder if this could have been done anywhere else? Splintered Lightning sounds like a Miracle. Yes it is. Can't use it. Down the stairs I jump and why didn't I see that soul a first time? Right, gotta go down the stairs. More warning words but I must proceed. To this fiery thing. Hmm, I think I'm remembering vague spoilers regarding this due to talk of the Profaned Flame in Dark Souls 3. What have these people done? Tried to recreate the Witch of Izalith's failed experiment? Door below it is locked. Up the top is...nothing? I'm standing right in front of this, is nothing here and it is just a lighthouse glow thing? Oh no, just at the head of it, bit odd. An eye. What is this gushing? Is the storm going away? Was this Aava, watching me? The eye says I see the unseen. Whatever that means. What is that? A guy. Is that a Dragon Tooth? Thankfully no, make short work of him, nice looking weapon though. Over here is more fog and screaming sounds. Definitely a boss fight. Use some hero souls to push myself over to level up.
Let's see that thing that the lever changed. Has the word Soul in it so it is probably a Sorcery, and yeah. Haven't tried it out but seems meh judging by its description. A ladder and some armour that increases spell length. All of it increases spell length? Well, eh. But there's a view of the entrance here and I don't think I would have used the view to take note of the existence of this little slot in the wall. Am curious. Back at the first bonfire and walk back. As I thought. I can't actually see where that is, even with binoculars. I can see other places I've been along the wall though. Wait, I can see a ladder now. Ah, that was where I climbed up the wall. Was the ladder always there or did they just slap a ladder there and make it invisible to make the trick work? No, wait, ah the eye makes me see, it was there all along. Anyway, back I go, hey, that guy I killed with the nice hammer is gone. Boss fog time with the screams... … … Dark Souls 2. You have a problem. There is no need. To put fog. IN FRONT OF BONFIRES. FUCK. Light it and off I go. There's a shaking person, are they an npc? They are shooting me, leave them be for the moment and through the other way I go. Oh, there's more, and there's a lot more frozen stuff too.
Did I have to go through that other fog in the first place? Because as it is there's a hell of a lot of space, no, the entire thing I'll be retreading just to deal with all this frozen stuff that's going to unfreeze. I can hear screaming on the far side but that's not cool to trick people like that. Hmmm, I have the Magic Shield don't I? WOW, spell parrying actually works! And it looks funny. I could do this all day. But I die. As I'm walking back, I'm thinking that well, that was jarring. DIE. Up these stairs and invaded. Invaded? CMW let's go and where are you? Behind me? Nope. Not ahead in the next room? I lure one guy out, deal with him and the others and there's more frozen stuff in here. Did the invader get trapped in ice? Ugh, what was that stuff about retreading I was thinking about ages ago? Up these stairs and I'm wondering where they are. Here's a chest that isn't a mimic, let's go. OH SHIT. Dead. Where were you? Invisible? ~11,000 souls, ugh. Make I go, this time I can't seem to lure down one of these guys at once and I die. Souls gone. Maybe I was getting lucky in that first room. Keep getting hit now and I still can't lure one down the stairs at once any more. Maybe the first time it was deliberate. What's up these last stairs? Some way out but not for now.
Ah, at a guess, the invader is a barrel, isn't he? Let's use the hammer! Up to the barrels and start swinging and I see one move. I'm not dealing much damage to him. Hammer was a bad idea, but I have a good one. No giant seeds on me? Time to go get one from Soldier's Rest bonfire and back we go. Still die at least once more getting to him, need that hollow ring back on to give me some health so I don't die in two hits. Clear first room, use the seed and leg it past the second one, up the stairs swinging my sword like a madman. Problem, I'm stuck against the back wall and there's no way out and the other way up is blocked. Wait, a gap and through I go back down and just shield up while going down the stairs and the enemies do all the work to the invader. I wonder if I can use the Dried Knuckle to bring more or if it only works on real people? Not testing that now. In the chest were Chameleon items. Well, they're funny with real people but utterly useless here, damn, lost all those souls for that. Finish everyone else off and up I go to a way out're shitting me. Just leads back here. Well. Now there's only one way to go and I guess I went the wrong way all along. But it is clear now. And there's something on the other end of the fog. What is it. Despite it being nice and clear I can't tell. A tiger. That uses Sorceries. You're Aava? And I'm dead just like that. So fast.
Try run back from the bonfire and a spear guy follows me and drops down but I can take care of him. Or not. I die. Souls gone. You idiot. That's the way in so to make matters worse the first bonfire is indeed faster and I didn't have to lose all those souls. Back to tiger for round two and why is the weather really bad again? It was clear as day the first time. Not liking this feeling that I'm being punished for not dealing with this first try. Don't have long to contemplate because yet again the tiger just instantly kills me. Magic shield time. And no I can't parry five crystals at once, that just leads to death. Try dragon shield for stamina regen and forget about blocking. The tiger has a bite grab that puts you in front of her and as you get up follows up with a super fast swing and if I roll right away to avoid it she holds back and just hits me with the other paw. Their behaviour seems a bit weird and sadly it can't jump backward off the edge by the looks of it. I see that it has an explosive blast that kills me once but maybe I can use that to my advantage. Another thing is it covers the ground around it in crystals that grow. I'm doing ok damage and sometimes at a distance the pounce will land short but this isn't a great time.
I'm starting to feel bad about finishing Sir Alonne so fast, at least him and the Fume Knight were enjoyable. This tiger is bullshit. Also I think slashing damage seemed to do more damage to him, so it wasn't like my weapon was all bad. Right let's try the hammer. That one, which hasn't really helped me do anything other than waste time and take away my chunks. Swinging away with that hammer and someone decided that it was time for me to join the Drangleic Space Program because as I'm hugging the tiger I go up in the air, easy fatal fall distance but I can still walk in my brief instant of flight. ARGH THE JANK. And then I land as if I never had been up there with no consequence. Died pretty soon after but WHAT?
Take some time elsewhere, check out the Bird. Oh wow, lots of stuff, well, five or so more things than last time. It's been a while. So many greatswords. A chime from that multi boss soul. What? A bit lame. Increases Faith, yeah but by how much? Let's try the Notched Whip on the tiger. Nope. This isn't going to be easy. A few more runs and let's check out if Straid is selling anything new. Not soul related but a forlorn Greatsword now. Ahh and a Pyromancy that's 45,000 souls. What. “Outcry”, yeah tell me about it. Back to tiger. Let's see if there are phantoms around and yeah, there are. Was the punching person using flaming stuff last time? Aava dead, and through I go. Another door that doesn't open from this side. Up to the castle and there's bonfire and a person to speak to. Wait, isn't she contradicting herself? The knights followed the king into Chaos but she says there are those waiting. Whatever that means. She shatters the way forward and the winds have died down. Aha, the chest behind me is no longer frozen that means...time to go back and do all that again I've already done that was covered in snow and ice. And hey, that was the last zone bonfire. There's some more around somewhere I don't have but that's it.
All those frozen chests I have walked past. I know one of the ones in this room is a mimic. Just kill it before it eats me, lucky. Pharros mask sadly does not free me of the need for these things. Durgo's Hat. I wonder if that stacks with the hawk ring? I'm right before the bonfire where I need to drop down and there's a way off here ahead. Torches opening a door. Huh. Those things? Here? And I spy a door in the wall. Yup. Ok kill this thing and it is behaving different to the other one I've seen but that's not a problem. A key at the end. What will you open? Near the first bonfire there's a long pathway with a gate I couldn't open earlier but now I can. Ah, a bonfire, here it is. Another one of these chests, sarcophagus, whatever. In I go and uuuuuuuhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. Ahahahah. Ha. Wow, this is...uhhhh this is difficult to see. Let's not hang around here. Back to bonfire and yeah it still says I can get in, I can get back at some point. Second bonfire, onwards!
There's stuff around here and manage to get under the area closer to the start. Dogs down here. There's this tower thing as well and this is how I get to it. I get invaded. She shoots little things and then bam powerful spell. Lucky I was expecting that. Backstab and down she goes. What's in this tower? A big knight sitting down. Oh they are standing up and they're going somewhere. “A knight of Eleum Loyce seeks Chaos.” That's odd. Now onto that next bonfire, near where barrel guy was. Giants. Ah, I know how these work, put a soul in and off they go. Clear room and kill the active one with great arrows. Hmm, sword not hurting this one much. Let's try hammer. Hammer good! Poisoned? Poison bad. Ugh, let's try a different weapon. Dragon tooth. Oh! It is waking up anyway...sort of? Well, back to great arrows at a distance. Upstairs where there's more. Lure out the two frozen ones and kill them. Last mage thing, them dying wakes up one of the three giants, deal with it with arrows. Awww, it is the back of the chest. Hammer time. Yeah, hammer is good here, just put on poisonbite ring +1 and wait it out. Sorcerer Twinblades. Cool, might be for me. Need Faith. UGH.
Through this now unfrozen space. More giants. UGH. Lure out the sword one and I can probably just, yeah, walk to evade the sorcery while smashing the two giants with the hammer. Then deal with that one. Find another one of those knights, same message. Let's have a look at that snow zone. The snow clears after a while and there's a circle, with three summons? Haven't seen that yet, only ever been two close together. This area must be something else. Some unknown person, Vengarl and some other new one. Yeah there's something off here. Weather gradually turns back to bad. Maybe I'll summon later. Let's just have a look around. And what is-WOW. A deer? No, a horse. Horse HURTS and I die. Die a few more times and decide to go for the building I can see. Get there, no problem. Ugh this weather. I can use prism stones to clearly mark my way even in the blizzards but they go when I die and I die a lot and I generally know where to go. Walk down the middle to the next building. Death by horse. Get intercepted on the way back by another one and lose souls. These things drop a lot of souls but I keep dying! Not good for soul memory. One dropped a dragon bone!
Right, now, these horses seem to spawn in the open when the weather is bad and if I take too long to kill one then another will spawn. Just getting spun around lures me into spawn spots for a second. And after hugging the left curve I make it to the second building! Pharros spot but seriously. By now I would think that most people would know that these ones just make poison wells that do nothing. Why even bother putting it here? For desperate people hoping it'd do something else. I'm not touching this one. There is a third building I see and guys walking around in the snow. Let's try down the middle. Two horses. I can't take two. I die. Die getting back to my souls over and over. Get back to second building try right hill. Two horses. Die. On the way back and for for some reason run into two horses where there should only be one. You know what? I'm starting to get disorientated. Like actual illness inducing disorientation from the snow and this isn't helping. More the problem with the possibility of summoning and some cheap death such as being shocked in place and then killed by the second horse. If I was a healer that could heal the help I'd be more inclined. I know for a fact due to the bonfire tab reveals that there's no bonfire in here. Time for something else.
Back where the weather is nice there's another one of these towers off in the distance but how do I get to it? From the starting bonfire by the looks of it but the bridge is broken too. Let's go back and check. Righto, so on my rerun I missed the fact that there's a building here that's open and hasn't been searched. A lift down. What are these? They roll, they hurt. I'm dead. That's a long way back. Die at one point super fast after the first building trying to get there so that's ~16,000 souls gone. Only like two runs worth though. Get all the way back down and the little buggers kill me AGAIN. Near where I first tried to parry properly I get my first proper riposte in the entire game. So they do exist. Walk alllll the way back. Equip the toughest armour and that door shield. Kill them, next. Maybe use arrows to lure them out. Ring of the Evil Eye +1 helping mitigate some small damage. Tree people mages? Get invaded. Hexmage. I'm nearly at max weight and this spell is pretty much gluing me in place. Still some how kill them. More of these little buggers. Arrows to lure them out. Those mages drop down but die fast. Door doesn't open from this side. How many IS this? A witch tree branch? Yeah found one of those ages ago and used it for ages.
Up the ladder and deal with the little buggers and the last mage. Now where to go. Am I hearing a bonfire in here? Up stairs and there's a phantom of sorts. They are following me but not attacking as I'm facing them with my shield up. I bet as soon as I turn around they will attack me. They're not leaving me alone so here I go. Ow they hurt. Oh no I'm dead. I have to do all this from the first bonfire. AGAIN. So off I go. Hoping I'm not going to get invaded there again. Nope, just take it slow and ignore that building. Here's the bonfire. If only I'd taken a look around some more. Oh well, level up time. Grab that chest and back to phantom guy with a vengeance, or not, because he runs away and can't seem to climb ladders. Open the giant gate and through I go, almost, phantom skewers me. Get souls and proceed. Not bothering with him. Yet. Massive thing. Ew. Run past it nabbing the loot. More of these little things. Kill them and I suppose I had better deal with the big thing before going any further. Die a few times getting squished but eventually kill it for a ring. Got a few new rings recently. Haven't really tried them out. New shield too that says it increases stats. “Gain surprises” on this other ring. Lol.
A door leading out and that's to near the bonfire and this other place looks nice. Giants though. And more of these little things that get me. Use the new shortcut, clear out everything and that took a while. A lift taking me up. Ah, on the other side of the bridge now where a knight should be up here. First deal with the multi weapon foes at the bridge. Running out of spells. Lure the ones off the end of the bridge to me as best I can. Need to retreat down the lift then back up though to split them up. Staff of some guy who sounds familiar. Limits spell uses? Start walking up the snowy slope and there's more of them and oh no, little things. No spells. Up, wait, I can use an item. A lesser one. Don't need much. Nearly dead, I can hear my pulse. One roll will kill me and if I swing at it I'll die. And it rolls off the edge! Whew. Do NOT want to have to do all this again and I have ~40,000 souls I don't want to lose. Careful around the corners. Another one of those little things, ohh they're testing me. Here's a body but around that corner is a big thing. Now these spear guys have quite the range, gotta be careful. Thankfully they are easy backstab targets. That corpse is so close to the edge! I get it but really not worth the risk for this stuff. Nice view and some more snow. There's a snowball. I'm suspicious. Let's get back to that. Am I hearing more of those little things? Open door and I can still hear those little things but there's nothing in the room so free the knight. So that's the third one now. Is there a fourth? Wait, is the noises of those little things just in the ambient wind sound too? That's messed up.
Now. Snowball. Put on cat ring in case I fall off and approach. Can't interact with it but I'll swing and aha. Look at it go and get massive! Awww, that would have saved me from killing those three earlier. But now I can get to the other side by walking over the massive ball. For no reason. It is trying to get me to go back myself by walking but I could die. No thanks. Use the feather instead. I know that near the bonfire with all the screams there's this upper space but I have no idea how to get to it. I see these walkways but there's no way across. Shoot the enemy and they just drop down, sadly they don't walk around and help me figure out how to get there and in fact there are two of these curious drop down spaces. One close to the bonfire and another in the room with the three giants but there's no way to get to either of those places that I can see. Can't get down from the cat boss fight anywhere. Might have to have a better look around but at the same time if the way opened in the castle doubles back underneath I'm just wasting my time searching for something that doesn't exist. Three knights seems like an odd number though and talking to the woman again seems to imply that they're on my side.
🔥 🔥 🔥 - BONFIRE HERE - 🔥 🔥 🔥 7
Aldia has a theme? I'm sure that I would have had to kill Aldia eventually but really youtube? Maybe I'll try Chameleon to see if it fools the horses and only move when the weather is good, although the weather does get semi bad at some points and horses turn up then as well. I'm convinced there's no way to actually stop them spawning and I can be just outside a building, which seem to be safe spaces, and have one spawn in the distance and home in on me. I wonder if the Invisibility spell is in this game? Actually, let's just try ignoring them and looking for the way inside the bridge. I still can't find it. Maybe it is down where the path was opened but first, use Effigy and let's have a look at summoning all three if I can. Go to the blizzard area and yes I can and dried knuckle still can't be used, guess it really is online only. Off we go and yes, much, much easier. Even get past some bow guy and polearm guy to the next building, there's a spear guy inside but that's easy backstabbing. Ohh, where to go from here though? The weather is consistently pretty bad and hugging edges only sometimes worked but it looks like there's this giant mound of snow down below, head for that. There's stuff here and a horse. Too close to the edge! Vengarl gets knocked off. Damn. Kill horse. Ring of the Living? I wonder what that does? Another horse. But I see a bridge. Time to go down and ah, some fog. Here we go.
A black tiger. Yeah, right, so I'm still dealing rather good damage despite having two phantoms along. This fight, no, this entire area was made for multiplayer. Trying not to die and wait, what? A second bar? Another cat? What did I just say about multiplayer? Doing not bad (so hard to see the health bars though!) but I get squished. That's ~30,000 souls. What to do what to do? Go see old man? Nah but I'll die probably. The thing is that my health bar is big enough to not feel like using an Effigy because I tend to use them every once in a while to top up my health. Ahhgg use one anyway and off we go. Do it all again but this time Vengarl is here. Get double pounced by the tiger in the first 5 seconds and die. Souls gone. Try again. THREE HORSES? Uhhh trouble. I make it but everyone is damaged. I don't do too well. Nope, just...nope. ~30,000 souls gone and ~25,000 now on the ground but not doing that again. Let's talk to the old man and give him an Effigy. Get the speech again and pick the first place I went to under the King's Gate. Have light this time. I forgot how ominous and disturbing this music was. A harvel, eh, I'll get to backstabbing him but I'm really worried about being knocked into the water and what's that? A second one. AHHH it's like that fight from before and he's stabbing so fast. So super dead. Well let's not bother with that.
Let's see what's under that person that they opened up. Fog. Umm, ah, and four knights. Didn't I only get three? So there was one there all along. Through fog and oh, down down down, why is my camera stuck and WOAH. The Old Chaos. What is this place meant to be? Here are the knights too. Three doors. Enemies coming. I put up a good defence but there's too many. Let's do that again. Keep dying. I'd be so much more stuffed without the knights. Hollow ring back on. Try hammer. I die. Well, I expected that to happen. Change back to sword. Soul Vortex can have really bad damage but it staggers these guys super easy. I am wearing the Stone Ring though. I wonder if it works for all kinds of hits? Wait why is there ice appearing over here? Never mind, I'm dead. One of the knights doing something. Yup, another run and they are sacrificing themselves to close off the portal. That means I'm getting progress in the fight. Die. Again and again. Get to the second knight sacrificing themselves but I just keep dying. The pyromancy one is using the snake flame by the looks of it. Sometimes it will just miss me and other times it will hit me. There's so much going on. Thinking about the other boss. To be fair it is my fault for simply not rolling backwards in both instances of getting pounced on. There's two knocked over chairs in the room with the knights. How many cats are there? Two. Thinking, thinking. Also thinking that maybe they ran out of time to render some of these spells properly that's why they come out as little balls, some of the simplest visuals out there.
The knights are dropping their armour and some souls. Says I can't do anything with them but the person up stairs can. Right. That's enough death. Summon time let's see. Some bell guy with a bow and Lucatiel. What happened to her? Down we all go. Wouldn't it be weird if the phantom's didn't survive the fall? Well here we go, really, really well. Doors one, two and three all shut. Phantoms are a little weak in the remaining health department and I'm on the lower end of Estus than I'd like. One knight remains. MASSIVE PORTAL. Oh this is going to be something big, something massive. Waiting, waiting. Nope, tiny little thing, in comparison. Burnt Iron King? No, Burnt Ivory King. Yeah, he's not that tiny. I mean...even without phantoms this fight would be boring. Even Sir Alonne with phantoms was fun but this guy is just a swinging stat stick who is easy to roll. The lone knight dies. Sorry sir knight :( Then the boss buffs his sword into this long white beam. He's been making this noise that I've just realised is him saying something over and over. Thought he was painfully grunting. Can't hear it properly. Lucateil goes down in some pretty brutal smash attack. Ahh! Those swings hurt. More than half my health. That's the usual though. He's saying 'die!'? Oh, 'fly!'. Make space and breathe and swig. Just realised those are great arrows sticking out of him. He has so much health, but he's so easy to roll. So easy. Kill him, bell guy still there till the end. Crown of the Ivory King is mine. Yes, and warmth still comes from it like all the others. I'm looking around at all this and I'm just so underwhelmed. That's a lot of souls, nearly 100,000.
Let's put on the crown. Hey! Red arrows. I wonder what they mean? This light takes me back to the top. Talk to her. Ahh, she was a Child of Dark. Here's the Manus spiel in a round about way. Not specific though. I guess a certain somebody goes into greater detail somewhere if I can get her to talk about it. Let's look more closely at this crown. Shift the screen info to see stats, compare to other helmets and wait-what. WHAT? Why...are helmets...SLIGHTLY CHANGING MY STATS? What? They all do this in some way. So the Sunken Crown does something in that it increases casting speed by 2. That's nothing. NOTHING. I guess the point is to juuuuuuust get you past some hard stat markers if you need them, but this is...I've almost gone through the whole game without knowing this. Chestpieces don't do this. Why is it here at all? Level up and now that I'm still human. Tiger time. One last time. You can do this! A lot of running around the boss arena. A lot of screaming. One is defeated and the other powers up with a similar glow that Sir Alonne's armour had. I'm out of spells. Still get it. Two souls and that's it. That's it? Looking at the souls. Seven pets? Then who are the other four? There were four knights...hmmm. Aava's soul says something similar doesn't it? Ah. That is a bit sad, the Child of Dark thinks that she was kept at a distance but is seems the king loved her after all. But this wasn't what I was expecting, ending this third area. It seems that all left was open air, yet there's no atmosphere.
Speak to cat for some prism stones. Let's look at the covenants. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. I'm missing one. I have a scale but where is this dragon? I know it's not the dragon in the aerie. Go to the dragon up the aerie AGAIN anyway and still nothing. Ring of whispers yet again telling me there's an enemy nearby but where? I'm sure the dragon and the knights have the potential to turn hostile but if that's not what they are in their natural state then they shouldn't be marked as such by this ring. Running around a little with the King's Ring on. Only one thing to do left. But I've been thinking. If Aldia has a theme then most likely Nashandra isn't the final boss then? Anyway, time to gather some souls to level up this armour. Warlock hat uses regular titanate, nice, still not going to use chunks. Use a fair bit of twinkling titanate on the grave guy's armour I got for that super nice curse resistance. Not all the way though. And the Pursuer's Shield says it defends against curses but in 3 the same shield says it does the same thing but actually does nothing at all. Now we have the shield. The first soul item I've brought in the entire game. Ok, yeah, it uses dragon bones but I'm not wasting them on this. The Rebel's Shield is just straight up better. It could just be that the shield's slightly higher than average curse resistance of 65% is what it is referring to. At least Straid's equipment trading is cheap.
Through I go. Path of Want. Oh it has been a long, long time since I was last here. More than what, 70 hours? While I'm human I may as well summon. Forgot to change my spells. Oops. Huh, no intro. Oh yeah, that was only the second time around. I'm doing ok damage for about five seconds before she scythes me dead. Wow, fast. I know this armour isn't the greatest but I forgot to put my shield up. Back we go and ah, now I know what repeatedly being cursed does, it rips off max health. Let's avoid that. But Nashandra is slow, constantly using ranged beam attacks that offer safe moments to chug and just like that she dies. A giant light. A huge amount of souls, yet again. There's a tonne of giants around here, I've just noticed. There's fog I can't interact with so I can't walk back.
“Proceed to Throne?” Ummm ok? So I guess there's more? Why am I vaguely recalling, no, am actually recalling seeing this mound from a distance? Where have I seen this? Is this the end after all? Nah. Wait, what's this? Cinematic. Oh god I look stupid. What are with these coffee bean doors and shields of the like on those axe hammer shield guys? Giants locking together. It's not over, it's not ending. There's a throne in here. I look really stupid and the horns clip through the throne. Doors are closing? Now what? Where am I going?


??? Oh-ohhh. That...this is it! That's all there was! Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. The game just drops off. The momentum's gone and the game just ends. You don't link the fire or anything? Well the credits theme is nice. Hey, it's got the English voice talent for...three people. Aldia, Vendrick and Little Shanalotte? Never saw her. Ugh, memories, people talking about chameleon or invisibility in regards to Ocelotte in 3 and that Ocelotte's invisibility being because Shanalotte had a similar power. Not sure how to actually reveal her though. But I wonder why this game has the English talent and the others don't? Emi Evans for the vocals here, very nice. Oh here's the base game credits. English voices too. In a bit of a stupor over the abruptness of the ending. Got some time to think. I guess I've wasted all the stuff I missed. The cast is pretty sizable, really. Oh, loading screen. And back to the Far Fire. Nobody seems to know that I've done anything. How do I even get to the next playthrough? I mean, I'm happy that it is giving me this chance to go back, but at the same time, this is really odd. Level up and then go back to the bonfire and ah, there we go, playthrough 2, but not for now.
Now that I still have a tonne of health, let's put on flame resistant armour, use flashsweat, and try get that stuff on the ground in the Iron Keep. Hey, this guys sells fume knight armour now. Guy has a feeling that Benhart's sword is a fake. I mean I can't tell him that. I'm doing fine now. Get the stuff under the bonfire easy and the stuff jumping across the fire down the bridge and over the other side by jumping over. Why didn't I do this earlier? None of the stuff is interesting though. Up the ladder is one of these pharros doorways but come on, there have already been these in this area. They just add water but don't do anything else. No reason for it to be here.
Where else to go? The castle? No idea where this giant eye throne room is under the castle. The ghost seems to know I killed the lord of the giants. Get some stuff. What is the point of the throne room? Sweep pretty much everywhere and I see a tab with a missing bonfire. Can't seem to get to where the queen was. Portrait still trying to curse me. Go back to Nashandra's boss room. The giants are back to where they were before, there's nothing here. That wooden door under the castle. I can talk to that singing person who thanks me a few times and gives me some stuff. Take a while killing the dragonrider but STILL won't open. I can see a big item in there. May as well keep walking through. Here's the way to the undead crypt. The narrative was that we were chasing the king, I thought, who had run through here. I hear singing? Kill the petrify frogs and up I go to the bonfire. Oh! I missed this door. Forgot about it. Renewed vigour! A swamp pyromancer? Great arrows for a distance deal with him. Inside is another one of these singers. She gives me stuff too? Gimmie a key, gimmie a key. No. I can pray at this fire. What am I praying to? A hollow and something, both tangled and writhing in the fire. “Alas, nothing happened.” Uhhhhg. Downstairs. Shoot this guy with arrows but ow he has a twin. Get one, get the other. There's something in here and why does this go out here? A chest? Manslayer. There is it. Do I need to be holding a torch to pray? No difference. So this area is something but also nothing.
Where else haven't I been? Starting zone with the old women maybe? Wow, 6 Effigy. And talk to the other woman and ladle. Ladle? “If you value your life, keep this in the kitchen.” Is this trying to tell me that if I put this somewhere it unlocks something? Can't remember any other kitchens. Try Vendrick. I just noticed that there are upside down statues on the ceiling of the room leading up to the boss room. Well that's odd. Wow Vendrick has more dialogue for me. Successive amounts of it. Who would have known to come back here consecutively? He's talking about the DLC crowns too. “Flame...dear flame.” You're shitting me. Is...McDuff..? He does kind of look...I mean, I suppose it could be so long that he's forgotten entirely. Still no Shanalotte around here? As I walk back I see something for just a brief moment waiting outside. Is that a knight, or the queen? Let's try the other areas like this that are withered. Keep getting invaded by Forlorn. Would be fine if I was ready for it. Through the giant. Ok, so there's some stuff in this area I've missed. Go splat several times. And WHAT? The wall next to the bonfire can be exploded as a shortcut! Went through the whole game without knowing. A soul of a giant was in the memory all along. Next one with the Lord Giant. It is still making that annoying ringing. But there's nothing in here.
Missing “Vendrick's Homestead” aren't I? I've heard of it. Thought that would have been its own area. I still don't know what those souls of the chaos knights do. All the Child of Dark says is that the prays for their deliverance. Do I have to go back down there? And also, Vendrick seems like a nice guy, but there's many references of him going insane, mad, or changing in personality. McDuff is certainly abrasive to begin with. I feel bad not doing well in the abyss areas because I was lucky enough to discover how to get there myself so I shouldn't waste the opportunity. There's no telling what actually happens to the king. He just vanishes. That can be fine. Little fragments of the whole story lost to time, that's ok. Suddenly realising that the English cast is there most likely because there's no Japanese voice option. I wonder if that last circling giant is Yhorm? Maybe Little Shanalotte in Vendrick's memory and for Shanalotte to appear I needed to use chameleon? But if she was credited in the expac stuff maybe she's in there somewhere. Entirely possible that they take me back in time themselves.
“Are you going to go see the Old Ones?” The cat said that a long time ago and after all that who were they? One was gone, one was already fightable and eventually became dead and the last one was taken by the flames of Chaos and at least I fought that one but the point is that there was only one king with a crown who was fought over for it. Who was the Rotten again? I really need to find that bonfire in that poison area. That is a problem, isn't it. One of those tabs could just be a bonfire with nothing else or could point to an entire little area that I've missed and I don't know which.
🔥 🔥 🔥 - BONFIRE HERE - 🔥 🔥 🔥 8
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2020.09.23 14:43 Faunstein My blind as can be Dark Souls 2 experience, entirely offline on the PS4 (4/6).

Go to the king's gate bonfire and hear this really weird noise that sounds like the old man breathing. I hope he's not dead. Clear out the room and um, damn I forgot to attune Light. Just use the bonfire to light a torch and down I go. Ah, it was one of those things that hates fire. Kill it and this is where the Farram armour set is. And there's two paths? Ah a bonfire. Don't mind if I do and through the portal. It is dark in here, I walk backwards into water. No problem there, I'll just walk around and...fall to my death, what the fuck. Ok...ok.
Ok, so now that portal is shut. Is this a one and done? How can I get my souls back? No. Maybe, oh wait, what if I wasn't supposed to light the bonfire there? Damn, what if that was it? Light, dark, maybe. Die and lose all my souls. Great. What if I go see the younger guy near the other bonfire. But was getting to him from Mejula closer? I think it was. Down I go, past miracle woman. “Crushed eye orb shaking.” O...k? Where did I even get that again? Walk out of the room, equip the orb. Nope. Walk back into room and aha. AND AHA. Knew it. Those shockwaves hurt and the healing is annoying but I get her eventually. And her stuff. I still have the orb for some reason. And after all the guy still wants to be left alone, okiedokie.
Portal still down. Maybe I have to wear the ring? Oh, this is the hex covenant. I have like 5 Faith. Let's check the first place I met the old man in the forest. Nope, this is down too. Maybe I'll just talk to the old guy and offer an Effigy. Oh, here we go. I simply lost my freebie. Offer one up and away I go. New area. Seeing fall traps and I get this weird blue tint close to the edges, very odd. And hello, three people, or two and one...transparent scarecrow T-posing thing. Why is it T-posing, WHY? And it shoots lightning. And it's getting closer oh no, this thing is disturbing me oh no oh no. And it is a ghost it might not take damage. THREE HITS WITH THE SWORD, YA DEAD. Ok, two left and one's an archer. The sword guy staggers me in place and I die. Really now, having those areas needing a near finite resource AND having fall traps is just evil. Thinking about it now, wasn't there a faith item near where I got the crushed orb? I've lost the ability to buy miracles or anything else from her now too. And why didn't I use poison? Huh. Oh well.
Time to check out that fog. And I know that sword! Didn't think the boss fight would look like this. The Fume Knight is skinny, thought he'd be more massive, like the giant statues laying around him honestly. Doing some ok damage with crystal magic weapon, 600 to his back, which is a lot but notably it doesn't look like a lot compared to how much health he has. He's tough and he's swinging in an odd way. I need a moment to heal please. Papa Fume Knight says No Chugging! I have one other problem in that yes, he can be healed by the one thing I couldn't get rid of. I already have 10 of them! Guess it isn't enough to make a whole. Maybe after the boss I get another. Boss arena cut honestly more than in half, I just have this little strip on the right to work with because any closer to the middle and he might jump backwards and get healed.
His big sword seems to be buffed because the fiery glowing goes away after a while. Doesn't actually make a difference as to it being able to kill me or not. Hey, this guy will actually go into a blocking stance, great! That give me time to-PAPA FUME KNIGHT SAYS NO CHUGGING! Honestly though, I worked out that some of his wide swings are so wide that I can stand right in front of him and chug. Let's use an effigy and see what we get. That punching person again and heh, that old wizard guy. This is problematic, because I can't control where they go and he's so fast turning around to slash with the little sword and swing backwards with the big one that there's nowhere safe and he's rather unpredictable in this way. He also has this double chop to anyone standing roughly at his back left side. Something else about this boss fight. It is really hard to see the progress of the boss health bar. I die. Starting to notice phantoms drop off in usefulness. Was this a template for 3? This one might have to be a solo effort too. Baiting the smaller sword swings to have him swing the bigger sword gets easier but sometimes there's a follow up swing, and sometimes there isn't and I get caught out not rolling and getting hit by the smaller sword.
Get him down to nearly half and oh, here we go. Rolling with a dragon shield for stamina recovery but yeah, his buff. It is tough. Here's the real fight. In this state he also uses a blast that kills me instantly and it also seems to cover the entire arena then turns into little balls. If I can't roll this then what can I do? If I have to run to the other side of the arena that puts me where I don't want him to be. More than once though I don't even roll, just walk through the sword swing as it misses me. What? At one point I roll visually clear of the overhead downward smash then teleport backwards to stand up in the death animation. What. Take a moment at the bonfire to muck around with Darkdrift. You really can't see the blade, almost. Ok so there's odd stuff in this fight. The roll but still dead thing keeps happening and the sword is part of the health bar. And after some attacks in begins to glow for some reason. I'm sure that's doing something, not sure what. Also I was right, those balls can hurt you. Damage is pretty high too even when blocked.
Hmmm, let's upgrade this mage staff with twinkling titanate. It uses so much, ouch. Huh, forgot some things only went up to +5. I'm mainly using Crystal Magic Weapon too and I'm not sure if it is increasing the damage of it. Not sure that it effected those spells in the other games. Turns out the damage is going up, slightly. Not a massive increase however. Nearly getting there but that overhead upper left to lower right swing in boss mode gets me over and over. Use an Effigy and maybe I'll only summon one of you. Old wizard first. And hey, it goes pretty well. Doing good damage. I still died but I think things are getting easier. And I am 100% sure that bosses can be staggered. Can't seem to riposte them but that's absolutely the Fume Knight staggering. Don't seem to be getting more damage off it either. Free hits are free hits but if you're not giving yourself the stamina to use afterwards then what's the point cause you'll just die. With the +1 dragoncrest ring CMW lasts for a while, but it varies how much use of it I get before it runs off. Sometimes I'm well into second phase, it still hasn't run off and I die. Other times I'm not even there yet and it runs off. I really, REALLY would like to use the whole arena. I'm just hoping that the big one in the throne room would have rained fire down below or something like that to make it all worthwhile because I'd love to have the whole arena to use. I don't want to run to create space, have him use the jump attack and then plant himself next to the healer for several seconds.
More runs, more death, more pain. Ok, let's try the other phantom. And yeah, she staggers the boss and also does fairly well but when CMW runs off, yikes. Gotta be careful of those back swings. End up chugging from the other side of the arena and found out his jump can catch me. Oh well, good to know. I keep getting close and sometimes I swear I'm outside of the range of the regular overhead swing but it still hits me. Trying to bait certain moves so I can get free hits. Turns out, that slow horizontal flaming sword swing that I thought can't hit me as it ends, can in fact hit me as it ends. If it isn't rolled, the attack is still active until it registers that something has passed through it, so walking behind the boss isn't safe if the swing wasn't rolled. Good to know. Try old wizard again and this time things go very badly. He gets stuck at the fog and the boss won't turn around. Really annoying place as I only have half the space around him to manoeuvre and I can't roll in front of him if he's facing the wall. Don't even take 50% off before the phantom kicks the bucket and sure I at least try but nope, wasn't going to happen.
Slowly getting better at getting to the real boss fight better, actually enough to be able to practice rolling his stuff. Overall I've got him down to 20% a few times and dying has come down to not rolling through the horizontal sweep correctly for some reason. Tried resin just to see but neither fire or lightning did more than either magic weapon. Dark maybe, but I can't buy dark resin to test it. Hey, the dragon I killed did drop a soul after all. Why is it placed before the boss I had to kill to get to it? For a change of pace went back to last expac into the lair of the incomplete to just make sure there was nothing through here. The entire zone is the dragon's den and the surrounds so it could be absolutely anywhere. Looking up from the watery spot I can see where I walked down and the back of the temple but I'm not sure where this last one might be. Oh well, back to the knight. Summon old wizard again and maybe that first time was a fluke because he's not lasting very long and even if I'm the target some of those swings just hurt everybody.
I'm entertaining the thought of the Ring of Thorns but that was around 30 damage to the boss whoever they were last time I used it and whole key here is not to get hit because if I get hit once and don't chug then something else might hit me and I lose time waiting for an opening to chug. Staying extremely low is dangerous because in the first bit the sword has a damaging shockwave around it and in the second phase the fire also does a small amount of damage even if rolled. Of course I can be on full and have some of these hits one shot me anyway but the amount of times that brief sword swish with the smaller sword hits me while I'm rolling is just, not even funny.
Try that again. Summon the puncher. No good. Runs and runs later, summon the old wizard. No good. After a while a greater suspicion grows in me. Up until then, I had been using CMW immediately, the switched to GMW when it ran out late in the second phase, but I want to kill him quicker in this phase so what if I...switched the two around? Also get rid of the extra armour ring for a greater equip load ring. Wait. I'm rolling at the minimum encumbrance now aren't I? Ahh, that's making a difference, but let's try other armour. Slowing rolling but more armour not good enough. Go back to what I was using before for some solid invincibility when rolling. A few more close scrapes here and there and I can judge the forward thrust distance in stage two enough that I can mostly stand at some distance in front and just not get hit while I chug.
Doing a lazy run laying on my bed and I'm getting him further, getting him further. Not laying down any more. Nearly there. He's so close and OH I'm out of estus. He's so weak. Get off one more hit, avoid the damage. One more will do it! But he's gonna swing! Running in there, he's about to swing. Heavy attack and GOT HIM! Wow oh wow that one overstayed his welcome. Two souls? Another piece of that one and down the pit I go and here's the crown. Huh, this isn't a boss after all. Damn and no Smelting Iron, that means I'm missing one. Just one. Somewhere. But again that message about the crown. Go back to increase Intelligence more then return to the top level throne room and put on the crown, walk around a bit. No, wearing the crown does not count as a Smelting Iron. Hugging the edge outside the boss chamber and this weird thing happens as if I've been targeted by a miracle. Did the statue do something to me because I'm wearing this? It's pretty far away on the other side of the structure though.
Go to the armour and here we go, the armour is going even further beyond and so must I. I guess Sir Alonne is through here. A memory? Well this is odd, wasn't expecting this. Oh god so many of these things. I don't know how much time I have so I'm trying to rush through. After many more attempts than I would like to admit and after sweeping the levels I see fog. Ah, here you are. I've seen a screenshot of this. I don't think I'm alive even five seconds after he gets up. Well then. Fuck. It took me so long to get here and he just nopes me. A few more runs and I see he has a stabby grab that seems to charge his sword up but he seems to be doing different things when it is and that's not all bad. He also has this dark double wave projectile, easy to roll to the sides of but not through. This was what the Old Dragonslayer fight was supposed to be, wasn't it? It even makes sense to have black armour as if it has been charred. I wonder what kind of lore reason there is for Sir Alonne to be fought in a memory of the Old Iron King? So odd. And you know, it is rather telling that every encounter of these lizards after them in the fort ruins room has been them as static obstacles and not have them moving around. I wonder why that might be?
Hey, time to try that ring that reduces backstabs! Might get me running past those knights faster. And what the fuck is that on my back? Well that's unsettling. But lol that's almost NO damage from an Alonne knight stab that normally takes off half my health. I know the ring weighs 10 but I can live with that. This is almost busted and I can deal with the unsettling thing I guess. There's gotta be something else....Sir Alonne's death sweep hits me in the back once and: “Gower's Ring of Protection Broken.” WELL OK THEN. And Sir Alonne is just like “lol nice save bro” and hits me a second time and I die instantly. Righto then. I seriously doubt this but let's try summon time. Not sure about in a memory, might be wasting an Effigy here. And hey, I can summon. Oh, it's you two, who I didn't need after all from the blue smelter fight. Let's see how we go. Turns out, REALLY well and I've got plenty of time here to actually see what Sir Alonne can do. Not well enough to live, that 20% remaining was tough but I reckon I could retry it, maybe even with both. Few more runs and I seriously think I'm right on the Old Dragonslayer thing. Alonne's even got a jumping stomp reminiscent of a certain somebody. I wonder if the low poison value on the Sanctum hammer refers to how much poison damage it deals when inflicted or if this just indicates how much of the poison bar it fills and all the poison is the same? That's really confusing me now. What determines what?
Woah those knights are disappearing fast! I'm not quite sure that getting pwned by Sir Alonne over and over within 10 seconds should really be reducing the amount of enemies so fast when they're not the problem. I mean they're part of the problem but at least I'm making observations about them that Sir Alonne share, such as increased damage from the back. So with that I wonder if he can be poisoned. Takes several hits with the Broadsword to poison the knights but they die fairly fast when it kicks in. Alonne's multi eyed helmet is reminding me of the Channellers from the original. I really don't want to see this guy breaking out in dance like the Yoshimitsu style spinning breakdance bullshit though. Actually, he should, that'd be an awesome fight! That would almost make sense considering those not quite Heide knights do something like that. his behaviour changing? Maybe I got super unlucky the first 10 or so runs where he did nothing else other than the closing sweep, back jump into skewer and the grab.
Ok, walking right up to him is more preferable to letting him come to you at the start and every jump backwards must be assumed to be immediately followed up with his stab. The hammer is far too unwieldy alone but maybe if I summon again it might be ok. I really need to look in game into poison more and I wish there was somewhere to buy resin. I do have some poison gems though. Hmmm. Need to look into that on the hammer, or maybe not. The reason I went all the way with it was because of the damage to begin with. Well I'll see if the downgrade is severe or not. Maybe try bleed too. Bleeding reduces max hp but I wonder what the value on that is? Could be potent on bosses but really, it was never impressive in the other two as an option if another existed. Doing over 700 using CMW with the Bastard Sword when I hit him in the back. Not really up for summoning one guy and having them getting butchered. I can bring the damage here but getting hit hurts. And Flynn's Ring is looking like utter crap. Do more testing. Is utter crap. Alonne's theme is starting to grow on me now that I'm hearing more of it than 20 seconds. And what is this weird clunking noise I'm hearing as I get close to the door? Is that the boss breathing? Time to look at adding poison onto that hammer. Wait. Raw does WHAT? More damage and more poison? Sure not as much poison as the poison titanate but I can deal with that. In practice it isn't making much difference.
Still swinging way too slow. I can get him down to a solid two thirds but something always gets me. And after having the last two so quickly be a little bit of running around then smashing my head against the boss, I really want to do some more exploring. And I still don't know where that last Smelting Iron is. If it isn't in here then I'm wasting my time by not scouring the Iron Kingdom for it. Maybe I could look into those Abyss areas some more to give myself a break but I want to do that later. Turns out Sir Alonne has a parry. I found this out by hitting him with a swing as I ran past, TELEPORTED half a screen length backwards to then be skewered to the ground. Of course I died. I'm not even mad...I just...ok, ok. A few more runs and it's time to say bye bye. Use Effigy, summon those two and off I go and there we go. Was rather easy then after I had worked him out more than the last time to some degree, bit anticlimactic. “Very good!” lol. Ah, here it is, there's a wedge in here after all, but nothing else, I guess that weird clinking noise was just noise after all. Grab that last piece of a soul and I guess that's the zone. She is no more. Ok. Interesting take and the soul says interesting stuff. Discovered that the shining gold light when wearing the Crown of the Iron King happens every once in a while and I have no idea what. Why didn't the first one do anything?
Level up and off I go. What does the Shrine of Winter have for me, something dark and brooding like the Painted World? WOAH. Did not expect that. So much snow! And the sky is so blue! “This message is being sent from somewhere far away.” What is with these? I'm looking around so much I'm only half paying attention to the massive gust of wind and the tentacles bursting out of the gate. Two directions, left or right? Let's go right. Probably the wrong direction. Frozen hollows that shoot things and a thing blocked off, guess that's for later. Torch goes out? That says something. Now the weather is bad. Someone sitting on the ground. Or maybe not a someone. This is a long, long way to go. Starting to find frozen things and snow mounds I can't get through and there's more of these things sitting down. Can't light the torch outside, can I? Nope. Go inside this house thing and there's some enemies behind boxes, I see you. Deal with the one I left alive outside, back inside, carefully open the door, is that a bonfire? No. Still no? Anyway, whip out my bow, ehhhh Fire arrows I guess. Shoot one, he jumps over the boxes to get to me. Deal with him, shoot the next one but he brings a friend, keep shooting, switch to sword. All gone? Nope. Dog. Kill dog and through this door. Using a few lifegems here to keep myself topped up.
I now have a path with two buildings. The left doesn't look to go to anything else but there are more buildings to the right. So let's go left. Probably a bonfire in this one. Some boxes and a hole in the wall, let's distance ourselves and use a firebomb to clear them. Through we go. This is a really long way from that first bonfire. Clear out one enemy, start beating the other. “Broadsword +10 at risk!” What the fuck? Ummmm, shoot arrows! Still got the bow and he's almost dead. Get him at near point blank range. Let's have a look. 5 durability left!? Oof. Repair powder now. Onwards to the end of the cliff. Bell Helm, seems funny. Says it has good defence but those numbers, eh. Well, time for the other room. Ah, what? There's the bonfire all along but there's no way back up if I go down. Down I go and light it. Outside and doesn't this area look familiar? Just a little but this is a different place. Take this slowly up the slope. More things I can't get to. Haven't died in a long time, this feels good. Big guy on the other side, he's not so hard. Door is locked but I can open this one. Wait? One shot of the flask left? Impossible! Oh wait, I didn't actually rest at that last bonfire, did I? Long left pathway or to the right? Go right deal with this one and I have a lot of souls I don't want to lose. Level up and I've been using some repair powder so I equip a +1 give me more slots ring and attune Repair. Do this again, get invaded by Forlorn. Seriously, what is with that guy and scythe? Switch to poison Broadsword which might have been a bad idea. I die. I miss the +10 Fire Bastard Sword that turned him into paste.
🔥 🔥 🔥 - BONFIRE HERE - 🔥 🔥 🔥 6
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2020.09.23 14:37 johncoffeenz Auckland, New Zealand - Donor available

I have a child of my own and they are so precious to me. I’d love to help somebody achieve that joy too.
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2020.09.23 14:35 GianniRivera10 [James Horncastle for Athletic] Inside AC Milan: Waking a sleeping giant - Words of Gazidis, Maldini, Moncada, Pioli and Theo

When AC Milan’s executives go to work on a morning it’s hard to miss the entrance to the museum on the ground floor of Casa Milan, the club’s futuristic headquarters in the Portello district of Milan. Encased in the sloped walls of the pantheon-style trophy room are all the major honours of yesteryear. The centrepiece is a giant replica of the Champions League trophy that Milan have won seven times.
Over an espresso in the boardroom on the fourth floor, chief executive Ivan Gazidis expresses his ambition to “help the club re-establish itself with weight in the game again”. He calls it “a magical opportunity” and has spent the last 18 months “working out how we strengthen it, how we create a new Milan. But one that has all the values in it, all the feeling of Milan. The Milan we all love and know through the mythology of football.” This season marks 10 years since Milan last won the Scudetto. They have been absent from the Champions League, a competition they dominated, since 2014. Paolo Maldini lifted that trophy in three different decades as a player. The Milan icon now sits on the club’s executive team as technical director flanked by head of football operations Hendrik Almstadt, sporting director Ricky Massara, 33-year-old chief scout Geoffrey Moncada and a presence from ownership, the hedge fund, Elliott Management.
“Football teams have cycles,” Maldini tells The Athletic. “We’re lucky that our cycle lasted 25 years, reaching incredible heights during (Silvio) Berlusconi’s time as president. Every club has them. It’s the same for Manchester United, Real Madrid. All these big clubs put super teams together that won everything but they also experienced difficulty at one stage or another in their history.”
The power of the Milan name endures. “These things don’t disappear,” Gazidis explains. “They’re human relationships that go through generations.” Incarnated in the Maldini family dynasty. “Cesare, my papa, was captain and the first Italian to lift that trophy,” Paolo says, without having to specify the European Cup. The association of Milan and the Maldinis with that competition is implicit.
Milan have bounced back before. Perhaps there aren’t enough people around to remember the title drought between 1907 and 1951 or the relegations of the early 1980s when Franco Baresi went down with the team. They are confident of coming back again. “We’ve seen that with Liverpool,” Gazidis says. “They went through a very long and challenging period but the connection with the club remained there ready to be brought back.”

In the past, Milan resumed their place at the top of the game by getting creative. Throughout history the club has a habit of appearing at the vanguard of change in football. From the catenaccio of Nereo Rocco to the pressing and zonal-marking concepts of Arrigo Sacchi, ideas hatched at this club helped football take a great leap forward, transforming it forever.

“One memory stands out,” first-team coach Stefano Pioli says, harking back to his playing days. “It was Milan-Verona.” Pioli was on the opposing side that day and has never forgotten the experience. “We managed to come away with a draw but I don’t think we crossed the halfway line once. That was Sacchi’s Milan. We didn’t have a clue what was going on. I don’t know how many times they hit the woodwork. They played twice as fast as anyone else did at the time with great skill and intensity. It was innovative.”

MilanLab figured as another example of the club’s place at the forefront of the game’s evolution, prolonging legendary careers like Maldini’s into his 40s with trailblazing sports science. The landscape has changed since he came onto the scene. Maldini is aware of that. Reflecting on his first European Cup in 1989, he says: “The English clubs were banned at the time and if you wanted the best player in the world you could go and sign him no problem. Now there’s huge competition from the German, French, English and Spanish clubs.”

Finding an edge is as important as ever.

When Milan prepared their last tilt at European glory after losing to Liverpool in 2005, exacting revenge in Athens two years later, the club ranked fifth in the Deloitte Money League. They made just €53.5 million less than the highest earners, Real Madrid. Now Milan find themselves 21st in the same rich list. They turned over €6 million more than Leicester City in the last rankings and the gap between their revenues and the wealthiest team on the planet, Barcelona, is €634.5 million. Premier League business savvy and huge TV contracts started to outstrip their own, Bundesliga clubs rebuilt their infrastructure ahead of the 2006 World Cup and a golden generation of Spanish players, turbocharged by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the genius of Pep Guardiola, emerged to usher in a new era of dominance. Serie A fell behind. The scale of the task is sheer. “Stripping away the emotions, anybody that looks at Milan and Italian football can see the challenges,” Gazidis confides. “But what I have found is surprises in terms of the opportunities.” Maximise them and Milan will be restored to their former glory. “We know the roadmap,” he says. “We’re not Steve Jobs inventing a new product.”

This is how they’re going about it…Recruitment
When Elliott Management Corporation repossessed Milan from the Chinese entrepreneur Li Yonghong in July 2018 the situation the hedge fund walked into was precarious.
Previous administrations had swung for the fences with huge net transfer spends in 2015 and 2017 without gaining access to the riches of Champions League. “The financial position was such that we ultimately had to accept a ban on European competition,” Gazidis says in reference to Milan’s failure to fulfil the break-even requirement of financial fair play (FFP). After Elliott injected €50 million in emergency financing to stabilise Milan’s balance sheet, the new executive team set to work on turning the club around. “All the money we were losing was primarily driven by player salaries and transfer fees which were very high and not reflected in team performance,” Gazidis says. The wage bill was the second-highest in Serie A and where had it got them? The team Elliott acquired finished sixth.
“This is the big challenge on the football side,” Gazidis elaborates, “We need to be much more efficient in how we use the money we have and we need to improve team performance.”

The former MLS and Arsenal executive formed a technical committee that bears some resemblance to the one at Liverpool. Maldini, Massara, Almstadt, Moncada were all appointed to it, with Elliott also having a representative at the table. Gazidis began to lay out his vision for the technical direction of the club. “Our strategy has to be based first of all on progressive football,” he reiterates. “It has to be football which is modern.” The aim behind it was to seize the initiative on and off the pitch. “I did not want our player identification to be reactive and led by agents,” Gazidis insists. “This had to be a proactive strategy.”
Processes were put in place to mitigate risk and give the club greater confidence in recruitment. “I wanted to have the right kind of support and collaboration for our directors and that meant having a world-class scouting operation, particularly focused on young players because that was going to be the heart of our strategy. It also meant having a world-class analytical operation which is increasingly and extremely important.” Milan brought Moncada in to set up and lead a global scouting network. As a kid he was a big Monaco fan. “I was crazy for the team that had David Trezeguet, Christian Panucci, Marco Simone,” he says, excitedly. “There were a number of Italians.”

Moncada was really no different to you and I in school. He collected Panini stickers, watched the World Cup with his grandparents, and had a crack at making it as a player. His passion led him to Sophia Antipolis, the French version of Silicon Valley where he started working for a Wyscout equivalent. After a few years he tried to get in at Monaco and was taken on by Tor-Kristian Karlsen. The team was in Ligue 2 at the time with Claudio Ranieri in the dugout at the Stade Louis II. “Tor-Kristian called to tell me Ranieri needed a video analyst,” he remembers. “Ranieri was completely mad for video. Everyone talks about Marcelo Bielsa but Claudio was mad for it. He wanted opposition analysis, opposition player analysis, analysis of our own players.”

Monaco quickly returned to Ligue 1 and when Riccardo Pecini replaced Karlsen, Moncada’s remit widened. “Riccardo said he needed a scouting coordinator and a video analyst. I had no life,” Moncada laughs. “I worked all week. I was dead. I had a girlfriend but it was impossible to find time to talk to her. I’d work on our opposition in the morning and then go scouting in the afternoon.” Living the dream wouldn’t be an entirely accurate description even if Moncada loves this game. “It’s not the good life everyone thinks it is,” he insists. “When my mates are out for dinner, I’m in Belgium, France or Brazil. That’s great. But I’m there to watch games.” And network. Intelligence gathering is as much a part of the job as assessing a performance and judging potential. “I’ve seen us described as 007 in the press and to be honest it is a bit like that,” Moncada says. “You have to get there first or at least try to. All the big clubs, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, for instance, do an incredible job of scouting at youth level.”

When Monaco changed tack and moved away from paying the big fees invested in Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez, the emphasis shifted instead to spotting talent earlier and finding players like Bernardo Silva and Tiemoue Bakayoko. Instead of going backwards, the team broke new ground wresting the crown of French champions away from PSG and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2017. The ability to assess a player’s “scope for improvement” is what Moncada looks for in his scouts. “If a 20-year-old player has a terrible game, gets a four out of 10 in the ratings, but has great potential, that’s more important to me. I like it when a scout looks at it that way and says to me: ‘Look, he didn’t have a good game today, but he’s gifted’. We keep tracking him and watch him again.”
And that’s not all.
“I don’t need a scout who only goes to games,” Moncada explains. “I need one who watches training, talks to the parents, the academy directors. It’s too easy to go see a game, write your report and be done with it. We can do that from the office. We have to have the intel — the contract situation, what’s the family like, the small details make the difference. Human relations make the difference.”
Moncada and his team follow players from under-17 level up. “In the space of two years they’re either reserves or first-team players. By that time we’ve already been watching them a couple of years. I want to know the story behind them, their background.” Old school scouts tend to be sceptical of and in some cases hostile towards data, rolling their eyes when metrics like PPDA (passes per defensive action) and “xG throw-in” come up in conversation. But Milan’s analytics department, which is staffed by a small group of bright 20-something analysts and uses StatsBomb data, has the optimum level of synergy with Moncada while working independently of each other to avoid biases.

“In the end we have a comprehensive report with all the info and the statistics,” Moncada says.
The Frenchman then reports to Maldini and shares his expertise with the technical committee as they go through potential targets.
“All of these things; the clear vision, the clear strategy, the clear philosophy backed by strong processes give us confidence in the decisions we make collaboratively and collectively with Paolo Maldini as the reference point,” Gazidis explains.

It’s 11 years since Maldini called an end to one of the most illustrious playing careers in the history of the game. The urge to lace up his boots doesn’t come to him when he stands on the sidelines and watches the team warm-up these days. “After 25 years as a pro that chapter was over,” he says. “Even though I was mentally prepared for retirement, I remember two things happening. I was in Miami, pre-season started and I thought to myself: ‘I’m not there. I have to go train’. I missed it a little but I think it did me some good because I didn’t have the stress.

“Then there was the time I went back to San Siro for the first time. It was Milan-Inter, week two of the season, and perhaps what you miss most along with the time you spend in the dressing room with your team-mates is the atmosphere in the stadium on nights like that. It happened when Milan played Barcelona in the Champions League too. Let’s say three times and that’s it.”
Rather than follow his father or his team-mates — Andrea Pirlo, Gattuso, Andriy Shevchenko and Sandro Nesta — into the coaching game, the 52-year-old wanted an active role as a director of the club he loves. Listening to each of them describe their own career transition is a fascinating exercise. They all sleep less than they did before and say the principle difference is thinking about a squad of 23 players rather than just themselves.

“In my role you have to think about 200,” Maldini laughs. “As a footballer, you only have to think about yourself but when you’re a captain you are responsible for other things outside your sphere too. The truth is, as a player, you train, play and go home. It’s hard work but it’s condensed into a short space of time. Coaching in particular has changed in the last 15 years. There was a time when the manager would turn up an hour before training and leave with the players. Now if there’s a session at five o’clock, he gets in at nine in the morning, prepares everything and goes home at nine at night.
“A technical director has two roles,” Maldini says. “I work at the office. The transfer window is open all year round. You meet agents and people who work in the game. Then there’s the sporting side to it all. You go watch training. We’re in close contact with the team. Then you go to the game.”
As a job it is all-consuming but then so is his passion for Milan. To Maldini, this is more than a profession. It’s personal. How could it not be given the family’s past and present with the club. “I’ve had eight days’ holiday this year,” he says without complaint. It’s the nature of the game. “I was at the beach but our phones are the tools of our trade and you can always be reached. I tried to say for a few days: ‘I’ll come back to that. I’ll come back to that’. But then there’s this feeling inside.” Maldini can’t leave it alone try as he might. It’s his team, his life. As a one-club man, the transfer window was extraneous to Maldini, an abstract concept. It did not concern him and distracted from what he felt really mattered. “I always hated it,” he smiles. “My interest was on the game itself.” Maldini had an agent, Beppe Bonetto, but used to take Milan’s former chief executive Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida, the sporting director, at their word. The premise of every negotiation was always the same. “I don’t want to leave and I don’t think you want to get rid of me. I practically did the last three or four contract negotiations on my own,” Maldini recalls. “I’d warn my agent. It was still Beppe. I’d tell him I was going in for talks. I did one on crutches after the last Champions League we won (in Athens in 2007). I showed up for the meeting on crutches but they accepted the terms and conditions I asked for.”
While the thrill of a deal still doesn’t quite compare to the buzz of playing a big game — “Unfortunately you can’t reproduce the adrenaline you feel out on the pitch,” Maldini says — the perception he formed of the transfer market has changed in his two years as Milan’s technical director. “It’s part of the game, a fundamental component, and you know what, I’ve started to like it. What you’re trying to do is put a team together to reach certain objectives. It’s very exciting.”
We speak on the morning of Sandro Tonali’s move to Milan. The 20-year-old midfielder is one of the brightest talents in Serie A and joins the team he supported as a boy. In the afternoon he is due to meet Maldini in the boardroom and put his signature on a five-year deal. Leaning on the financial expertise of the transfer committee, the structuring of the deal itself (€10 million loan fee, €15 million option to buy, €10 million bonus) enabled Milan to get Tonali at a price that was right for them amid crosstown competition from Inter in a challenging market conditioned by COVID-19. The transfer is symbolic of the new Milan in a way. Last summer’s €20 million acquisition of Theo Hernandez from Real Madrid was also indicative of how they now operate. On that occasion Maldini flew out personally to close the deal. It’s a day the 22-year-old Hernandez, who has a legitimate shot at becoming the best left-back in the world, will never forget. Coming to recruit him was arguably the greatest player ever to play his position.
“Paolo called me up one day and said he wanted to talk. We were in Ibiza and the conversation we had when he said he wanted to sign me was incredible. He showed faith in me and persuaded me this could be my home. I knew him to be a legend and a true great. He gave me lots of advice during that meeting and still now, he tells me things to improve and how I can become more complete as a left-back. To have that insight from For Gazidis this is a fine illustration of the collective and collaborative approach he aspired to create when he became CEO. “To sit Paolo down next to Theo with the benefits of strong scouting and somebody he trusts in Geoffrey Moncada, the benefit of strong analytics and somebody who knows the function of sporting director in the Italian market intricately like Ricky Massara, the benefit of a chief executive who also knows football and has 26 years of experience not just the financial direction, but also the strategic direction we have to go in. Once we are aligned, once all these elements are aligned, and we get these green lights, there is nobody like Paolo Maldini when he believes something to convince a player to come to Milan and to grow his career in football at this great club. And behind all of that you’ve still got the power of the Milan name, which still means something in football.”
Hernandez never had any doubt about it. He didn’t think twice about committing. Only 10 at the time Milan were last on top of the world, the prestige of the club remains intact. “It was easy for me,” he says, “It is the club that has won the second-highest number of Champions Leagues. It is Milan! I didn’t have to think very long at all. I spoke with my family and representatives but when I heard about the interest, I instinctively knew it was a great place to drive my career forward. Even my grandfather, too, when I told him about the move to Milan, he was very happy and very proud as he has great memories (of Milan teams).”a guy like Maldini is incredible.”
To be clear, Milan’s recruitment has not always been plain sailing. When Elliott assumed control of the club in 2018 it was a summer when the transfer window closed on August 17, leaving the new executive team little time to assemble and prepare the team for the upcoming season. Gazidis arrived in December, Leonardo then left his role as sporting director to return to Paris Saint-German the following summer. Massara joined from Roma as his replacement that off-season along with a new chief football officer Zvonimir Boban. But that didn’t work out and Milan terminated the Croat’s contract in March.

“This type of change in thinking and methodology is not easy,” Gazidis says. “It involves some learning on both sides. It involves some dislocation and some disruption but in the end, when we look at the results of this we begin to see what I was saying back in December 2018, which is a Milan that’s now one of the youngest in Serie A with some really exciting young talents who perhaps are not at the peak of their power yet. But I think Milan fans are intelligent enough to see that there is a football project being built here with a very clear direction.

“This narrative of an internal battle. It’s just not the way I see things. There is only Milan. Milan is above everybody. It’s above every kind of internal interest. The success of Milan is the outcome. There’s no fight about that. The results are better when we have debates. When we have disagreements we bring different skills and different perspectives to the table because we have all of these challenges. We’ve got the financial challenges. We’ve got the challenges of progressing on the football side.
“What have the results been? The results have been very interesting.”
The men’s team
Pioli enters the clubhouse at Milanello after lunch and conversation quickly turns to the recent European champions. “I started following Bayern closely from January onwards,” Pioli says. “I told my assistants that they’re the team playing the best football in Europe right now. It’s a very intense and aggressive style. All teams at a certain level these days try to press their opponents high and offer the fans attacking football with quick, gifted players. That’s the direction we’re heading in.”

Bayern had a perfect record in the Bundesliga after lockdown ended. Milan almost matched them. The only other side in Europe’s top five leagues with a better points-per-game record than Pioli’s was Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid. On the afternoon we sit down to talk, Milan are preparing for the first of their Europa League preliminaries against Shamrock Rovers. In the end it was no sweat. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the reborn Hakan Calhanoglu took care of business in Tallaght extending Milan’s unbeaten run in all competitions to 14 games. The Swede struck again in Milan’s Serie A opener on Monday night, heading in a cross from Hernandez and sweeping home another goal from the penalty spot in a 2-0 win over Bologna that prolonged their invincible streak. It’s the longest the team has been on since the good old days under Carlo Ancelotti in 2008 and represents quite the turnaround from last Christmas when they went into the winter break on the back of a 5-0 defeat by Atalanta.
By way of explanation, Pioli says: ”It’s definitely down to the work we put in. The players believed in themselves and the scenarios we put to them. I also needed to get to know them and what our identity and philosophy was going to be. By working at it day-in, day-out we were able to reap what we sowed and managed to get some great results.”
In the event Pioli did not fulfil Milan’s vision for the team, Ralf Rangnick was considered an option for this coming season. But the former Lazio and Fiorentina coach did exactly that and was rewarded with a contract extension. When the rumours about Rangnick whipped up in March, Gazidis spoke to Pioli and reassured him no decision about his future had been taken. He would be judged on the season as a whole and the club appreciated not only the results he achieved but how he put Milan’s interests above his own, focusing on the job in a challenging media environment.

“The club was always fair with me,” he said. “Ivan came to the training ground more often than in the past and always showed his regard for me.”

Milan had already shown signs of coming together as a team. Ante Rebic clicked in January and couldn’t stop scoring. Calhanoglu started to hit form in a way he had never done before at Milan. Hernandez and Ismael Bennacer came into their own and the defence solidified.

“The January window strengthened us with Ibra, Simon Kjaer and Alexis Saelemaekers,” Pioli explains. “In terms of leadership and character they gave us real presence on the pitch. All these factors helped the team grow in confidence and conviction. The talent was already there and we were able to draw it out at the right time.”
The decision to add experience to the youngest team in Serie A was made by the transfer committee as a whole. It was not a defeat for a pro-youth-anti-experience faction. One simply doesn’t exist. Even if the core of the sporting project is based around assembling a rejuvenated squad with upside, red lines on signing veteran players have never been drawn. The impact of Kjaer but particularly Zlatan goes beyond the 11 goals he scored in 20 appearances last season. “A lot of us are quite young and he knows how to guide and encourage us too,” Hernandez says. “He supports and helps us. In training and games, he still does things that are truly incredible.”

“We got what we expected,” Maldini adds. “The team is very young and while it’s confident in some respects, it’s a bit insecure in others. His presence raised the level of competition at Milanello. In football there are things that evolve over time but some things are as true now as they were in the past. Competitiveness in training and its importance is one of these. It’s the only way to raise the general standard of performance in games and it’ll always be like that.”
Zlatan is a master at it,” Maldini continues. “He never wants to lose, not even at cards. I was like that too. My wife used to make fun of me because when I played ping-pong with my kids instead of lose I’d… honestly it doesn’t matter what or who you’re playing. You have to be competitive. It’s your nature as a professional athlete.”
Even with Zlatan’s arrival from LA Galaxy, the average age of the team last season was 24.9. Bringing that down and cutting the wage bill while experiencing an uptick rather than a downturn in performance is especially encouraging. Now the likes of Gigio Donnarumma, captain Alessio Romagnoli, Rebic, Bennacer, Hernandez, Rafael Leao and Saelemakers are being been bolstered by the arrivals of Emil Roback, Tonali, former France Under-17 captain Pierre Kalulu, and Brahim Diaz (21) as Gazidis and the club’s executive team continues the strategy initiated 18 months ago.

“I’m as excited about the group behind them,” he says. “Let us not forget what is under our nose. We’ve got Lorenzo Colombo and Daniel Maldini coming through our Primavera.”
The dynasty is moving into a third generation. Daniel already made his top-flight debut in February and scored in the friendly against Monza a fortnight ago. After going viral for the tackle he made on Clarence Seedorf as a boy, the 18-year-old has broken with tradition and plays as a 10 or on the wing.
It’s about time,” Maldini laughs. “Our family has spent a lifetime chasing after other players. Now we have someone who they’re going to have to chase. I can assure you that it’s harder running after the ball than to be chased with it. When you push up like I used to as a full-back you don’t feel anything. But when you have to track back…”

Managing expectation and protecting the privacy of his kids isn’t easy. “Look,” he said, “we need to be clear about one thing. Mistakes are definitely going to be made and that goes for their papa too. What you try to do is give them the benefit of your experience. It’s quite similar to what they’re going through now but mistakes will be made. You just try to make as few as possible.

“I went through it before with my oldest son Christian who got into our under-19s. I remember his first game when he was eight years old. All the television cameras were there. I know this doesn’t do a kid any good. I also know my boys have always been very at peace with the choices they’ve made. It’s their decision to become footballers. It’s not something that’s been imposed on them.

I remember being at peace with that decision too (when I was a boy). However I do remember burning up inside when I heard some of the things people said, making allusions to nepotism. These kinds of things should never be part of a young person’s development. Daniel seems very mature to me. He was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with me at Milanello and San Siro. He isn’t a stranger to this world, but he’s discovering the hard part, the sacrifices you have to make.”
As with Milan’s other talented young players, it is helpful that Zlatan is around to take up so much of the attention. Turning 39 in a few weeks’ time, the Swede’s return to the club and the manner in which the team flourished in the second half of last season is generating cautious optimism.
“We have made good signings recently,” Hernandez says. “Last season, we started really badly and ended really well. This season, we need to start well and finish well!”
Monday’s win bore his signature and Zlatan’s unmistakable one too. On Twitter he compared himself not for the first time to Benjamin Button and insisted he would have scored four if he were still 20. “We would have won the Scudetto if I’d got here at the start of the season,” the Swede said with typical bravado in July. Belief in the Diavolo having what it takes to lift a trophy is beginning to percolate but it’s the project as a whole that convinces. The same can be said for Milan’s women’s team.
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2020.09.23 13:09 unoriginalotaku Favorite and Least Favorites of 80's Degrassi? (Don't click if you haven't seen it!)

So I just finished binging Degrassi Junior High and its sequel, and I've gotta say it blew me away! I really enjoyed the plotlines and the characters. I couldn't help but get a little attached at the end of it and I tried to watch the DNG pilot with new eyes (I didn't understand the whole reunion plot first watch and was a bit peeved by it years ago) but instead of being annoyed with it, I was annoyed with Emma's plot? I used to be so passionate about Emma's era so it was a strange feeling for me lol.
So this is for anybody that has seen 80's Degrassi or has been binging it during quarantine: Who were your favorite characters? Favorite episodes? And who was your least favorite characters? Episodes? Plotlines? Stories and messages you wish were explored more? Decisions that made you scratch your head? Share! And it doesn't have to be as in-depth as mine.
By the way, I have nothing against the writers! It's just with some of the decisions they make and the sketchy things they do...
Favorite characters (Not in order)
Steph - I know that many in the youtube comments didn't like her, but I understood her character and she reminded me of a more tamer Manny. I thought it was realistic and hilarious to see her want to go back to her old self- and then CHANGE her mind after Alexa wears her clothes. XD At first I wish she stayed a little longer but thought her storyline ended for the best.
Melanie - My underrated queen! She had so much potential for more great storylines, And the way she pronounced words like 'makeup' is so wholesome to me but it was sad to see her fade into the background during the sequel. And her little 'will they won't they' plot with Snake was to die for! T_T
Caitlyn - She's one of the more well-developed characters on the show, she had all of her positive and negative personality traits reflected onscreen. There was one thing I always found weird about her though? She had a token friend that she would always hang around with and it struck as odd to me? But that's just me being nitpicky.
Yick - I hope this doesn't come off as racist, but I was actually shocked to see him have not only one storyline but much more than that! As a WOC/POC, I'm well aware that Degrassi doesn't do well with minority representation (Hazel, Jimmy, Liberty, Kendra, Winston, etc). So seeing him there was absolutely refreshing! We don't see his family though Yick was very relatable: He wanted to grow taller, He's afraid of being rejected by his crush, He helps his friends, He doesn't feel smart enough, and he wants to be interesting during a family tree report. While yes he did have plots based on race, but not all of them really were. Unfortunately, Degrassi has selective amnesia and has him faded in the background with a new attitude. I wanted to see how and why, but it's realistic to come back to school after the summer break and see a classmate who doesn't dress or act the same as they did last semester. I just wish it was told from his eyes instead of Arthur's.
Arthur - The "hayyy' in the Junior High theme song. He's likable enough as a character, nothing bad to say about him. Both his and Yick's Plot B episodes were always fun to watch in JH and it was sad to see them drift apart, but that's the reality of JH and HS. To be honest, though, I felt like the writer didn't know what to do with him in S3 of JH. Like what was the point of everybody knowing he was rich? There wasn't any conclusion or anything.
Rick - The 80s Sean. Such a sweet bean, I wish he stayed on longer.
Lucy - Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. I really liked her a lot and found similarities with her that I saw in friends from my school days (they weren't wealthy, but they were lonely latchkey kids). Sure there were times where I disliked her (ditching her friends for a boy, stealing, the infamous suicide episode) but it's consistent with her sheltered personality- not trying to excuse it. When I saw the DNG pilot, I almost cried because of the effects that Wheels had done to what used to be a vibrant and lively girl, but got better when I still saw that livelyness
Snake - I was happy to see him here. At first, I never understood why he was the only teacher to have so many storylines and episodes in TNG and now I understand why! He's a legend! He was the second person I liked in Zit Remedy because he was always very cautious and stood as the voice of reason for the other two boys. And I love how he thought that he had bad luck with girls when some of the female characters loved him to bits! He was sweet and considerate, although a bit passive. It broke my heart to see that he was the first to discover Claude and how it affected him for the entire time he was on Degrassi. That shit never leaves you. His little storyline with Melanie was the cutest thing ever! I thought he and Michelle were a bit rushed but that's just me.
Heather & Erica - The iconic twins! I wish they had more identical twins on Degrassi Let's just say that I like both of them equally. It's kind of hard not to, they're mostly together. At first, I couldn't tell who was who, but the more I watched the more their differences became apparent. Erica was more impulsive, while Heather was cautious, and it went from there!
Wheels- This may be seen as controversial? >< I really loved Wheels. His character development is top-tier for me. At first, he was just this normal kid in a junior high band, with good parents, average grades, etc. He was one of those characters that I thought I didn't need to know because I was familiar with kids like him in school, they were average anime protagonists: good-natured and chill for the most part. This 'normal' kid who would serve as a foil to the other characters' chaotic lives and personalities. Again, Degrassi proves me WRONG. I was beyond shocked when he had his own episode featuring a personal matter pertaining to him. I was ignorant to think that there shouldn't be more to him because everything was fine, but his story was a bit sad but relatable and alright. He was still the same person he was before the reveal. Cool. But the more storylines he had, the more I liked him in a sense? He was fleshing out before my eyes and then... tragedy strikes and he turns into a wreck. I went through so many emotions watching everything unfold, hoping that he would turn out fine and was a mess at the end of the movie. I was mad about it at first and none of the youtube comments about him being 'annoying' didn't help either. But I remembered that good character development doesn't mean having the character become the best versions of themselves, but the worst as well. I read this manhwa called 'Lookism' where a side character is bullied for his short stature and becomes prejudiced towards attractive people, and it gets so bad that he puts a friend in the hospital and is sent to a detention center. As a result, he turns into a vile and disgusting bully within the center. And I remember that being fun yet frightening to read, but I was on the edge of my seat either way. It intrigued me because I never saw it coming, and that's the same as it was for Wheels. He was this normal kid who had a pleasant life and because of how he was raised (with what little we know of his home life, I just assumed he was maybe a bit spoiled?), he dealt with it in the only way he could even if it was not dealing at all. In a way, I thought it was intricate, complex, and tragic. I still don't like him for what he did to Lucy and the other family though !
Tessa - She's not at all my favorite, but her story was similar to Wheels' in a minor way and as a fan of stories, she fits here: A normal kid whose journey you NEVER expected. I wish her storyline wasn't so rushed though, we should know a lot more about her before the movie. She was like a YA novel protagonist with love triangles and the like.
Dwayne - One of the more complex characters that I like. I liked him when he first appeared on the screen, but then again maybe it's because I strongly dislike Joey. He had every right to be an ass to Joey! His big storyline was good too. While I liked it, I've always wondered why Degrassi 'humbles' it's antagonistic characters with storylines featuring illness or abuse as if to try to make them nicer? That's just my nitpick though. His short-lived friendship with Scooter was adorable! But screw Scooter.
Spike - Miss. Spiky hair in the background waiting for a plot! Wish we knew her more before the pregnancy, but she's a good character, after all, youtube comments be damned! Her friendship with Liz is cute, however it feels like the writers made them friends because they both had obscure 80s hairstyles. xD Her relationship with Shane was a favorite of mine as well since they were both teenagers and now parents! I was annoyed when they didn't show her reactions after Shane's accident or her own expulsion, or never made it it's own episodes. Degrassi has gotten a little better with its POVs (with the exception the JT and Liberty pregnancy, where it showed more of how JT was dealing with it instead of... you guessed it, the mother!) but that's an understatement. Seeing her navigate JH and HS was one of my favorite episodes to see.
Shane - My first exposure to Shane was the season 3 or 4 special when Emma tracks down her father. It was upsetting to see him try so hard to interact with Emma and infiltrate her personal life. So seeing him on the show answered a lot of confusing questions for me. I was surprised that he wanted to be a father, most teenage boys don't even have that on their mind (Or maybe they do? I don't know, I'm not a guy so lol). It was a bit annoying to see Spike push him away, but I could understand why she did.
Alexa - I couldn't stand her at first, but she grew on me! Both her and Simon! A very funny and charismatic character.
Least Favorite Characters (not in order, maybe for Joey)
Joey - Gosh, this character aggravates me to the core. I know I might get flamed for this, seeing that he's the fandom and franchise favorite but my goodness, what an asshat! I feel like everything always goes right for him, sure there are a few major exceptions to that but those just aren't enough compared to the happy endings he ends up getting! Let me start off by saying, I have a lot in common with Joey: We were little assholes at first (me in preschool) but grew out of it, we both have learning disabilities, we were both held back, both in a version of special ed in school, both were ashamed of that, and it ends there. What I don't like about him is that he gets away with everything and sometimes he doesn't even learn his lesson. Not only that, OTHER characters won't let him learn his lesson! He kept calling Dwayne insulting names and while it was nice to see that he KNEW he deserved a beatdown, OTHER characters such as SCOOTER reward him at the end of the episode. And in the sequel, he does it again! And don't get me started on the suicide episode. Just insensitive and the worst! Lucy gets flack for her comments on it but not him, never Joey! In fact, that episode made me hate him even more. While he isn't the worst-written character, he certainly wasn't the best imo. I'm honestly surprised the writers didn't 'humble' him as they did Dwayne, Paige, Kathleen, etc. And sure he had tremendous development, but I still can't stand him (And I know somebody might say the same thing for Wheels, fair).
Liz - The reason she fought with Erica, nuff said.
Bacon Lettuce Tomato - The first fully-black Degrassi character who was great at first but the writers tarnished him. Good job! According to interviews the actors and writers got hatemail over his and Michelle's relationship and I feel like his 360 turn as a character was submitting to the hatemail. EVEN WORSE, in the worst way possible!
Scooter & Bartholomew - I feel like they were supposed to be a second-generation Yick and Arthur but nothing really came of them. I don't like Scooter because of the Joey thing and Bartholomew is kind of bland. Regardless they had a cute friendship.
Kathleen - The Wicked Witch of Degrassi. She said something slick in every episode she was in and it was getting kind of old. "Don't worry," The writers said, "We'll fix her up real quick!" Like with Dwayne, they humbled her and it reminded me of Paige's storyline with that one guy and it was just gross...
Dwayne's Friends - The girl was okay in the end, but not the boy.
Dorothy - The expositional Winter episode.
submitted by unoriginalotaku to Degrassi [link] [comments]

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2020.09.23 12:21 DevotedToSuccess I tried to double my income in 30 days (from $10k to $20k/month)

This is a summary of my 30-day challenge where I tried to double my income from $10 000 to $20 000.
If you want to watch the entire challenge in all it's a detail you can find the Youtube videos all the way at the end of this post.
Short introduction
5 months ago I quit my 9-5 job to pursue the life being my own boss after using 4 years and 4 months building up my side-hustle, a digital marketing agency.
That is also the way I'm going to build upon this challenge, getting more marketing clients.
Here are some points on what I define as the key takeaways from the challenge:
1. You're "why" is the most important
You need a reason to move forwards in life. The "why" can motivate you at the darkest times and bring you the most joy when you achieve your goals.
My reason for this challenge was to give my wife the ability to quit her job if she wants to.
She has a very demanding job, helping youth kids struggling all their life (neglected by their parents, drugs, and much worse).
It's a very demanding job. And I want just at least to allow her the opportunity to either come work with me in my company if she wants or quit and take a less paying job and not have to take a job because we need the money financially.
2. Be adaptable
I took some preparation for the challenge, finding leads, and getting a freelancer to find the contact information. In the past, I've had great results from cold email outreach, and that was my main plan at first, but in the end, picking up the phone became the key player.
Also, in the past summertime has been a better time to get a hold of CEOs and decision-makers. Still, this year (maybe because of the COVID situation?), almost everybody wanted to look/hear what I had to say after their vacation time.
3. You should be well paid
For a long time now, I've been relatively cheap on my services, but seeing over time the revenue increase of the services I provide, I started to increase the prices to the point I want them to tell me it's too expensive, then go down.
That way, the market can tell me what's the sweet spot for my pricing.
I also believe that if you can bring a lot of value to the marketplace, you should be well-paid.
  1. Diversify and don't be romantic
One of the key takeaways from the challenge was that the strategies I relied the most on (and that has worked the best in the past) gave me the least results.
And actually, an error in an email outreach gave me a reason to follow up with "sorry for the mistake in the last email," and that got a lovely response rate and resulted in 1 new client.
5. Is there something as being too nice in the business world?
I wanted to talk to business owners on the phone. I spent quite a lot of time analyzing their websites and writing down some of the significant website errors (like not being in conjunction with GPDR or that their site gave me a 404 error), but also smaller conversion rate optimization tips and things that I would be grateful if somebody pointed out to my business.
At first, this somewhat backfired; many business owners are so tired of being called and sold to that they are insanely skeptical when you try to help them and give free insight.
So with a little adjustment to my intro when cold calling, it set the right tone that I was giving them great insight and that I could offer them something in the end.
6. Value, Value, Value
What has always worked the best getting new clients is to overdeliver, already on the outreach.
And in this challenge, it was no exception. I analyze and show them firsthand what results they are missing out on based on statistics and experience (especially if they're in the same niche and I can use years of data).
I always go into a conversation with the mindset "Are they a great fit for us?" and "Can we increase their revenue significantly" if I answer "no" to either of the questions during a call with the prospect, I will happily tell them and thank them for their time.
So what were the results of the challenge?
- My biggest paying customer to date (3.5k/month)
- Increased the company revenue by 7200$, making a so I could pay myself around 16k/month in income. BUT as you will read by the update underneath, I decided not to pay myself more, and instead reinvest it in the company.
Update 2 months after the challenge:
The challenge inspired me to go bigger and decided to get two extra people on the team to scale the business.
We set the goal of achieving 25k/month in revenue this year, but we are just a few $ from achieving that already.
The goal for 2021 is to hit 100k/month revenue.
Youtube videos of the challenge:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4 (ending):
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2020.09.23 12:02 Melistryingto_sing My sister keeps copying the way I act and how I am personally and it’s getting really annoying... What do I do?

Since I was a really young age, my little sister has been copying exactly everything that I do. At first, I thought it was just her looking up to me but then eventually it kept increasing and getting weird. My other sister would confront her about it and she still wouldn’t change her behavior. I would have to hide my favorite hobbies and pretend that I like other things so she wouldn’t try to steal anything from me or pretended to be me. She would copy the way I talk, walk, dress, and even things like grades and stuff like that. When I was around eight years old I was sexually abused and it caused severe depression. I had nothing to cope with so I started watching anime. I really really loved anime and I was scared of my sister “stealing” that from me. I kind of let her take everything but this was something that I wouldn’t allow. This sounds really dumb and immature but if it was you being treated like this, you would probably understand what I mean. I really loved it and I would buy stuff and cosplay. I spent all my money on anime. Than she found that I liked it. She ruined it. Anime was the reason I didn’t commit suicide and she took that. I am thinking of ending my life and now I really have jotting to help me cope with my PTSD and nightmares of my assault. She kinda took that away and I now have nothing. Anyways, nobody wants to get her to stop. So, I kinda just want to die. This sounds so dumb but there’s nothing left for me. Anime was all I had and now I hate it all because of her. She ruin everything for me and she doesn’t even realize it. I just wish somebody would tell her to stop.
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2020.09.23 11:54 Littlesissygirl07 The birth of a Sissy - The journey and concerning questions for all of you out here.

Hey fellow sissies, i hope you all are having a great time. So, the last and the first Q&A session went very well yesterday and i'm glad about it. Today, what i'm gonna talk about is something serious and i expect all of you to be honest about it over here. This time, i may not be interested in hearing your fantasised stories, i only expect truth.
So, in the last Q&A session, i got a very interesting question, which i'm not going to mention as it will reveal her identity. But, it just raised a very basic yet an important question in my mind. Some of you may ignore it, while some of you may find it deep or while most of them just pass it ahead.
So, the birth of a sissy it is about! How one becomes a Sissy? How suddenly most of them who thought or were straight became unexpectedly a Sissy girl, they never imagined. So many of you are sissy but yet not want to be with men but love your time with dildo. Some of us like women, while others are just purely into men. I feel a hefty amount of sissies stay in closet, that includes mee too and love it, while others get adventrous and go out to suck men.
Now, from my understanding, i feel porn plays a crucial and major role in turning one into towards this. So, at your teens, you start watching straight porn, loving all these big men who are fucking those busty women. You thought to do the same but get no one, while all the guys around you, are bringing girls down to their knees. Then, a habit of watching porn often grows in you and Vanilla sex starts to appear boring, doesn't get your little one excited. You move to rough one and get introduced to BDSM. Then, after some time, you think of men getting the same kind of treatment. So, you move to the category where men are being dominated. There, you find dom trans hot women, you start loving them as they are so hot with their dicks hanging around. So, you imagine, fucking them. Then, one day, you see a porn where trans women fucking men, suddenly, you like that idea and find it better than the previous one to get you off well.
After jerking an year to that, you stumble upon videos where women making man forcefully wear their clothes to humilate them more. It just explodes your dick as you thought there is nothing that can be more depriving and humilating than this. But, it was merely a start and you find yourself wearing bra's and panties of women of the house to jerk. And at last, one day, sissy porn pops up on your window and boom you get blown away. They tell you to look at your body and package and you realise yes that is me. As time passes by, you start to find items, accessories and objects in the house to put on and use when alone. Result, you end up becoming a Sissy unknowingly. The final nail in the coffin hammered by the Internet when accidently Sissy hypnos shows up in your life and then you understand what you are and it's almost a deep hole. You try to escape but you can't as you are addicted now and loving it atleast before cum spurs out.
Hence, you are now everywhere present as a Sissy - reddit, facebook, Insta, fetlife, omegle. Talking to men, helping them in getting off and you forget that once you were the one who used to jerk at all those things. Now, instead of jerking, you are on the other side in lingerie, chastitied, riding a dildo for those men.
I'm not saying it must have happened with everyone the same way but i think for most of the Sissies the journey must have been sort of similiar.
Now, some of you have Gf's, wives, and a lot of other problems in which, i don't want to get into. But, tell me, if the internet didn't push then you ended up becoming a Sissy?
Second, i don't feel there is any escape, if some of you are still in a dillema. Then, what is the problem in acceptance?
Third, if you feel that you made a mistake but now that mistake can't be corrected and this mistake is making you feel relaxed and giving a peice of both the worlds then what's the rush to stress your brain?
Fourth, can you ever feel like a full blow man again even if you will go back? After all those things we have done! We even know how cum smells and tastes. And i'm not saying it in Kinky way.
Fifth, if you are a sissy and not causing any sort of harm to this world in any way or to yourself even, then what's the problem being one?
Last thing, which i don't like about many Sissies. When somebody with a mental pressure comes to you and ask about Sissy life, a man who is straight and feeling anxious and depressed about this Sissy thing he got himself into. Despite knowing deep down in you heart, that even you made a mistake by slipping into it and it's not one of the great things to be in the world but now we love it and that's fine too. Then, rather than encouraging them to be one, why don't we tell them the real picture and let them choose or preferabbly hint them to go away from this?
Now, reality check, by doing that, you are hurting the world and i'm serious this time.
Looking forward to have a great discussion on this. Let me clarify at last, i'm a Sissy and i have no problem in being one anymore as i have accepted the fact. Xoxo Sissies ❤❤❤ love and peace❤❤❤
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In old ages its believed that people sometime used to knit/crochet some secret messages on things in some cultures.
This lovely Kilim motifs on it has a message from old ages saying : wishing love and abundance in life for somebody.
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2020.09.23 11:27 2869205015020 I’m afraid my bf is gonna cheat on me

I’ve 19F been dating my Bf 20 for 4 months and he is honestly the best bf I’ve ever had he is always there for me and cares about me often dropping little notes and sweets into my room when I’m upset he’s done it 3 times so far and I love him so much and I know I’m a bit clingy and worry that I’ll annoy cause I’m often calling him
Before I dated my bf I was in an emotionally abusive relationship like my ex cheated on me with two of my friends and then managed to make me feel horrible and unworthy of love by anyone so he kept cheating on me until he dumped me at an event in front of all my friends along with announcing all my insecurities and insulting the lot of them some of the things he said left me with a bad reputation after that most guys there didn’t want anything to do with due to a series of rumors my ex spread about me leaving me in a really sad and miserable state
Until I met my bf about 8 months ago he’s isn’t from the country and he didn’t give crap about the rumors getting to know me becoming my best friend before I told him how I feel about him and we started dating
What I’m afraid of is that he’ll find somebody better cause he can do so much better than my annoying ass with all my fears and then dump me in the same way my ex did
what doesn’t help my fears is that I know one of his best friends is a serial cheater having cheated on his girlfriend so many times and my bf often covering for him to the extent that he’ll photoshop images of the two of them together to fool his friends gf and I’m worried that his friend will influence him to do it
What he does for his friend leaves me kinda upset because I’ve experienced that first hand but on the other hand it shows that he’s a very loyal and true friend I’ve mentioned this to him before and he says he knows what his friend does is wrong but he will not under any circumstance expose his friend or refuse to cover for him he also mentioned that for him trust and loyalty is everything in life
Any advice/help how I can stop these fears
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2020.09.23 10:05 DickolasTheThird Trade system for Clash Royale and some other improvements

Okay so we all know CR needs a little overhaul.. What do you guys think k about adding a trading system for cards where there would be a market and we could freely choose the best option for our needs and wouldn't rely on clan mates and that useless trader that tries pranking you every other day with the same cards.
Some other ideas
Also regarding the broken Clan wars: add draft and tripple draft to daily battles and leave the rest 2 battles with our decks. Meaning people would ACTUALLY need only 2 decks not 4. It's a win win both for players and Supercell.
Regarding the Ladder than nobody plays: double or tripple the coin rewards for chests so people who want to spend time playing the game earn more coins.
I would love this to be a huge discussion so maybe somebody from supercell actually takes notes of these ideas. Feel free to discuss in the comments.
submitted by DickolasTheThird to ClashRoyale [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 09:56 Elegant_Aioli2888 I'm walking on eggshells around one unpredictable person in my friend group. How do I deal with this?

I'm in high school. I have social anxiety and basically everyone in the group can relate. We're all very introverted people, except one person. He's the word glue that keeps the conversation going. I don't really understand him though. He's always calling out tiny mistakes. When I say something 'clumsy' for example, something most people would just let go, he calls it out. Everyone else in the group gets that sometimes stuff is phrased wrongly but he makes a deal out of it. He is hypocritical and he says one thing one day and another the next but nobody ever calls him out on that. I think it all in my head but there's no way I could ever say it out loud. I don't think it's personal because he does it to most of us but 90% of the time I'm the target because the rest is very quiet and doesn't really open their mouth in the first place. Also, he switches so fast. If I've come home crying because of something he said (haven't cried in front of him yet lol) I'll come to school the next day and be greeted with a wave and a smile by him.
I have no clue how to deal with him as an anxious and extremely sensitive person. I'm very intimidated by him because of his directness. Many occasions I have come home from school crying because of him. On the other hand I know I don't have to care this much. I really don't know what to do and at this point I'm just walking on eggshells around him in an attempt not to be the target of his unpredictable outbursts. I don't know how to stop taking this personally and if I ever will.
There's another part of the story. He's been diagnosed with autism. He's literally (if he actually meant it literally is something else) said that he doesn't really care how people feel. He doesn't think it's his problem when he's made someone cry. He has a point there I guess, he doesn't say things to make people cry and like he would never ever bully somebody. But sometimes I don't know if he realises that it might hurt people or isn't really necessary. I feel like he's pretty clueless but masks it with fake confidence or something. For this reason I don't think I could ever really get close to him. I need to have an idea of how somebody's gonna respond to something I say and I just don't
I don't really know if approaching this proactively as in directly talking to him about this is going to be possible. I feel this is something I can work on. It makes it hard that there is no other friend group at school, the what eight of us are literally the entire class. And I love everybody else, I just don't know how to deal with him.
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2020.09.23 09:46 lesbianhide I've been in love with my friend for over seven years

I've liked a friend for over seven years, which is just a little under half of my life. I don't know how many years have I've been in love, I feel like I have always loved her. She's incredibly smart, she's fun, she's caring, she's a great friend. I have a dozen reasons for liking her this much. She's an amazing person.
I don't think I'll ever tell her all this. There's too many things to consider. There's always the possibility that she doesn't feel the same and things will become awkward after I tell her, and I don't want to risk that. I also don't want her to think that I'm her friend just because I like her, I don't want to make her uncomfortable. This friendship means so much to me as I know it does to her, so I don't want to risk ruining this nor losing her. I've come to terms with this I think, with never telling her and keep on being friends. Being friends is great and more than enough for me.
But I still like her so much. We joke a lot about how life would be if we were girlfriends, about the things we would do as a couple if we lived together. She treats me so sweetly. Sometimes I can't help but think about how things would be if we really were girlfriends. Sometimes she does things that make me wonder if there's a chance that she likes me too, but it honestly seems unlikely, so I would never risk it.
I thought that with the years it would fade, that it was just a crush, but we've grown up together and I only love her more every day. I wish I could tell her, I wish she knew how much I love her. But I also love our friendship and love being her friend, and I feel like wanting more from a relationship this good is selfish and not worth it.
I can't talk about this with anyone. I'm too scared of her finding out somehow and feeling uncomfortable. I also think there's really no advice that could help me in this situation. I just wanted to tell somebody, if I'll never be able to tell her.
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2020.09.23 09:38 BriefLife03 I'm so happy being a Loser :)

I don't want to make somebody feel like a loser because i have succeed now, because the idea of success is to be ahead of somebody, to feel more important.
and how many people are suffering unworthiness . i don't want it to continue.
I dont want use people for my own satisfaction.
Yes i'm human and i have my own needs, but
If i want sex i can make some money, it's hell of easy lol. but i don't want anybody for my own satisfaction. because all i see about relationship is: I give u something, you give me something.
I don't know what love is, for me it's only compassion. people with hard life and crying people attracts me. i want to help them.
I don't want to be winner anymore, i don't want to prove anything to anybody.
Honesty, i'm not lying, it's not coming from my pain. I feel good :)
first time ever, i don't want anything from anybody. i feel so happy :) i hope someday you will understand it too <3
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2020.09.23 09:21 sirangai A college student stuck in two dumb problems

Hello all,
I am in some extreme confusion and pain.
  1. I'm dating a person1 (of 3 years, started dating in high school) who cheated on me three times, and is trying to make it work. (Let me note that it is kind of a mess. The first time (which I guess I consider cheating) is when person1 said they wanted to hook up with this person (person2) if they meet us in college, even though I was still dating them. Person1 admitted to cheating on me two more times with person2 while we were together (Its kind of mess. If you want me to spill the tea on that, let me know). However, they still want to be friends with person2, which makes me extremely insecure, and I let them know that. Person1's excuse for still wanting to be friends with person2 is that person2 is "really in love with some other person", that person1 and person2 have known each other longer than I have known/dated person1, and that person1 cares ("and has sacrificed") so much for person2. Person2 is even a known cheater: they cheated on their past two ex's. I don't have it in me to break up with person1 because: I am/kind of in love with them still after that, I'm scared of what will happen to them if I do, and I'm very hopeful that things might work out. But they have recently done nothing for me. I don't feel loved by them. Plus, its long distance now because they switched colleges. I'm also very, very scared of being alone. My problem is trying to find it in myself to do so because its going to take a lot for me to do it. Do I even try to break up with them?
  2. There is a friend who I've been talking to for years now, of whom I met my freshman year in college. I think I've recently started to fall in love with them - or maybe I did a long time ago and have started to admit it to myself. I know they are way way out of my league. At the very least I believe we are good friends. We talk a lot, we hang out a bunch, and we have a great time together. But its just different with them. I even weirdly remember everything I do with them, and enjoy all of it. Especially the first time I saw them :this is a guess because our face was covered, but it was like time slowed down, it was snowing, we had our scarfs covering our face, and I just saw their eyes, but something about them just radiated at me, and my heart skipped a beat. That is just so weird, that never happens. I've just been putting all this aside because I'm currently in a relationship. With them I can't even imagine being able to date, let a lone be in a relationship, with them. But its just like... what if? What if it can work out? What if they would go on a date with me? I know damn well I would actually be so damn happy. With this, though, would come the sacrifice with my current relationship.
If both fail... I would just be stuck in this pit of loneliness that I don't have the strength to get out of. I sacrificed my support system (some of my friends and family relationships) for the person I am dating right now (person1). I sacrificed so much for them. I don't want to lose them. For asking out my friend who I like: what if I just completely ruin my relationship with them by doing so.
Just know I'm no cheater. I refused to think about doing anything of the sort, but I have only recently started feeling things for my friend when I learned that person1 had cheated on me. Am I cheating? I hate myself for even thinking about it.
TL;DR; 1. I am figuring out if/how I should break up with a cheater (person1) who wants things to work out, even though they want to stay friends with the person (person2) they cheated on me with. 2. I am falling in love with somebody who I think I have no chance with. Is it worth throwing away my current relationship (which I am trying to figure out myself) for them?
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2020.09.23 09:17 PokingDogSnouts 30 [M4F] New Jersey — A wish. 🌟

I'd like to find somebody thoughtful, someone who isn't superficial. Somebody who appreciates the rich vastness of our cultural past, and freely follows her curiosity in exploring it. Somebody who is trying her best to adhere to the guidance of her inner moral compass, and isn't so easily fooled by the distractions and illusions of the world.
I'd also love it if she were artistic. Writing, sketching, painting, singing, composing, creating. Someone who is trying to nurture their talents and passions. I know it can be difficult...
Lastly, somebody on a quest for truth. There are spiritual layers to existence—I have no doubt in my mind about that. The answers aren't easy, and aren't going to be given to you in just one book—maybe not even in just one lifetime. But I would love it if I could find somebody who shares this mode of thinking.
As for me, well... I adore music. Mostly voices from the past, because I find them to be humbler and more from the heart. If you go back to early 1920s country music... (Here's an aside: a lot of what people think of as "country" today is a long cry from what the genre is actually like, historically. If you are into folk music—Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan—it is indelibly linked to "country", and if you'd like a popular example of a song that originated within the genre, look no further than the universally recognized "You Are My Sunshine", from 1939!) Anyway. If you go back to that early period, where undiscovered niches of music were still sought out and first put to tape... a lot of those artists had no idea about anything to do with recording—no ego, no attempt to sound "cool". What came through instead was a bare expression of the life that had been lived—the inner beauty of their own personhood, and I love hearing that. It's so honest. A vulnerable and piercing expression.
My favorite band are the Beach Boys. In the 1960s, they created some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Right now, among others, I'm working on being able to play a faithful version of "God Only Knows".
I also happen to be a fan of the music from video games. The most precious works of the 1990s and early 2000s—to my ears—come from that domain. My singing is versatile enough to be able to sing many of them, too! Actually, one of my major goals for my singing is for it to be able to sound like a violin.
These are just a few other things that might shed a little light onto who I am.
Thank you very much for reading.
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2020.09.23 08:12 christyjbreedlove Are Debut Authors Getting Publishing Deals?

I found this question in a thread in one of my writing groups. (I love this group--they really hit on the pertinent subjects). There were a lot of answers, but I noticed that the majority of them answered by saying that there were big six and seven-figure deals that had currently been made, and they cited the names of the authors. I think I saw a total of three. Obviously, these posters and the OP were thinking about the Big-5 houses since you rarely see any advances in the small and independent presses. I know that my agent has had to go after my small press deals with a knife in one hand and a money bag in the other. Most small presses won't bend for an advance, but some will, depending upon how badly they want your book. If the agent doesn't get the amount they're looking for they usually write-in much higher royalty rates and retain more rights. My agent is a magician when it comes to amending or rewriting contracts in our favor.
I only have the free addition of Publisher's Market Place, which does list recent deals, and some of them include debut authors. Yet I continually see the deals announced as "New Your Times Best Seller List" and "USA Best-Selling Author" inks deal with so and so for this much, repped by big-name agent. I do not see that many debut deals announced. I sure haven't seen tons in the past three years or so, or especially recently in the past six months as a result of this pandemic. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, and the posters were correct in answering in the positive. But I know for sure it's happening less and less.
This was my answer:
I just know that all my small press and independent publishers are suffering. Many authors are without sales or reviews--they're not even on the boards. Myself and a few others are doing better but we're in poor shape compared to what we used to do. Really poor shape. Yet I will support my small press publishers with my last dying breath. Their task is a labor of love, with a wish that they can stay alive and profitable so they can bring new talent and great books to the masses.
I still believe the Big-5 are ambulance chasers when they seek out and buy debut authors. Wool, Twilight, 50 Shades had huge appeal and readers before the big houses woke up and smelt the coffee. New authors might be grabbing the golden tickets, but you have to admit that they are far, few and in between. More than ever, I'm researching these huge author deals and discovering the histories of these authors and these books. In one form or another, they have appeal with some kind of track record or platform behind them. Suzy ala The Hunger Games, was already connected up in the industry before she hit it big--and yes, admittedly a great book/series. Look at the story behind The Martian.
It's not the editors or CEO of the publishing house who determines a purchase. It's the marketing department, and they nearly, singularly run the entire show. The exception would be a totally breakout novel sold by an A-list agent, where the author had no credits, no fan base, virtually no footprint or platform in the industry. A book that gets six and seven figure deals without that type of support is an extreme outlier. Or all the galaxies are inline in their favor!
My agent is having difficulty getting responses from the Big 5, and it's been one of her, and her fellow agents, biggest complaints. A-list and celebrity authors are dominating and filling the slots, especially with on-going series that seem to have no end. Those are marketing department decisions--strictly business. Admittedly, there are a hell of a lot of goofs with lofty advances and tepid sales, but the vast majority of the "in-house" best-sellers keep the lights on. Again, marketing. Again, business. Which = math and numbers, sell-through, production costs, advertising and distribution.
These debut block-busting authors MUST appeal in some way (other than a great tome)--they have something else going for them, because the authors themselves are a selling point. That's why name branding is so important. Age, gender, race, religion, topical/political stance and such things, all play into the package. Case in point--Eragon. Heavens! Christopher was More marketable than the book! If that book had NO campaign (launched by the help of his parents BTW) do you think that book would have ever had a chance or gotten the deal that it did? Marketing saw that one coming like a freight train. Kid writes epic fantasy, dresses up the part and visits schools to do readings! The AP wires caught on fire. Marketing (of big name publishing house) realized that half of their job had already been done. It was only necessary to shove the kid and his book to the moon--he was already in the stratosphere.
The (cited) article mentions an uptick in reading and increased sales. Oh yeah? Maybe for Random House, and maybe for certain categories and genres, but how about a huge poll that involves all other publishers great and small? Lets include all trad publishers other than the monsters and see how they stand on that issue. She (CEO Random House) says that people are tiring of Netflix and resorting to books, whereas I see the opposite across the wider spectrum. Huge movie and game-streaming. Are people really reading more now?
Not to be a Danny Downer here; just saying that there is so, so much more in bringing a book to break-out/best-seller status than just exceptional words on a page. Whenever I hear the old adage, "Write a great book that everyone will want to read and it will sell", I cringe. And I believe this forum knows what I'm talking about more than any other. Our true masterpieces, our hard-gained brilliance, even, has been squashed so many times it's a wonder we haven't all had massive strokes from elevated blood pressure. When they say that this business is 99.999% rejection, they had us in mind.
That was my contribution to the discussion. That was my take on what I was seeing. I really hadn't said anything new.
Slots are also filled seasonally. Although there are no strict adherence guidelines, you can just about guess which season a debut author who writes like King or Cartland might end up in.
Fall: August or September through November. Winter: December through March. Spring/Summer: April through July or August.
Liz S, Editor-in-Chief at Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan, states:
"The Obvious (with a few caveats): This is all about promotional opportunities surrounding holidays and other special events. Books about Back to School and Halloween should pub in the Fall season, right? Not so fast – most retailers want those books to ship in July, so they’re in stock for promotions that now begin in August (school) and September (Halloween). Books about Christmas can pub in the Fall months, but no later than October so they are in-store and on promotion early in the season. Black History Month and Presidents Day should pub no later than December (Winter season); ditto Valentine’s Day."
There is also the difficulty in pushing a new/debut author into and under the limelight. Whereas a standard brand-name author has a solid fan base already installed, a newbie is going to need a publicity campaign bordering on the size of a presidential election. This can make the PR people run for the Tums and anti-depressant meds.It is no small task: literally making somebody out of nobody. I know that for my first major TV appearances, I had to be groomed, tailored and tutored by a Disney PR person, no less.
So is there any wonder why there are not as many debut authors as we'd like to think? The ones we see are huge media grabbers, and they are meant to appear that way. And just between you and me, nearly all claims of these huge dollar figure advances are over-inflated or outright bogus. The true declarations will pan out--read about King, Rowling and Rice for some accurate advances and deals.
So how do you up your chances to become one of the elite authors who make the big time? A couple of suggestions: if you are a self-published author, write terrific books and develop a huge fan base. Get viral. The ambulance chasers will come skidding up to your door. For the traditional or "legacy" route, get yourself a top-gun agent that has more pull than a locomotive. It doesn't hurt if your galaxies are aligned, either.
Red-shifting outta here...
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2020.09.23 08:12 SuperCooper2000 Just finished the first season—Wow!

My mom loves this show, and she finally wore me down enough to get me to watch it, and I have to say, it’s fantastic.
It seemed like a generic drama with a stupid gimmick at first, but as it neared the end I really started to love it, and it nearly made me cry in some spots. The acting was excellent, the choreography was fantastic, and the final scene was amazing! That’s one of the longest single cuts I have ever seen.
I will say that as I look back, I’m surprised that Zoey somehow didn’t burn her bridges with both Max and Simon, but especially Simon. I would instantly lose attraction to somebody who tells me to just move on from what Simon went through, even if she was as cute as Jane Levy. I certainly don’t have Simon’s patience and understanding, at least not yet. Speaking of, I’m absolutely team Simon. Him and Zoey seemed to have way more chemistry than Zoey and Max did, and it kind of reminded me of Jim and Pam from the office with the whole breaking up an engagement thing, and it seems to be worth it this time around, just like in the office.
Overall, excellent show. Solid 9/10, and I can’t wait for the second season, whenever it drops.
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Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (HQ) - YouTube Queen - somebody to love - YouTube Somebody To Love - YouTube Queen - Somebody to Love [High Definition] - YouTube Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love - YouTube Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (Audio) - YouTube Queen & George Michael - Somebody to Love (The Freddie ... OneRepublic - Somebody To Love (Lyric Video) - YouTube

Somebody to Love Lyrics

  1. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (HQ) - YouTube
  2. Queen - somebody to love - YouTube
  3. Somebody To Love - YouTube
  4. Queen - Somebody to Love [High Definition] - YouTube
  5. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love - YouTube
  6. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (Audio) - YouTube
  7. Queen & George Michael - Somebody to Love (The Freddie ...
  8. OneRepublic - Somebody To Love (Lyric Video) - YouTube Watch on Amazon: DVD: B... Queen - somebody to love live in Montreal Somebody To Love - Kacey Musgraves Pageant Material Is Out Now! Surrealistic Pillow: Buy/Listen -!ytstl About the album: Surrealistic Pillow is American rock band Jefferson Airplane's sec... Listen to 'Somebody To Love' from NBC’s Songland, out now: Shop OneRepublic: Sign up for email updates: ht... Jefferson Airplane - Sombody to love with a clip made with extracts of fear and loathing in Las Vegas. PLEASE VISIT: THANKS! When the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies don't you want somebody to love don't you need somebody to love wouldn't you love somebody...